Extra Credit

It was the last day of school, I had just finished my mid-term. I walked up to my teacher, Mr.Young, he was busy grading papers. I lay my paper on the stack, as I walked away I saw him glance up. He stared intently at my young, tight ass as I walked away. The rest of the class period I spent,off in another world, reading one of my newest novels. At noon the bell ring and summer was here, this was my sophmore year, but now I was officially a junior. I raise from my chair ready to race off, after all I was walking home and it was a long walk. Mr.Young called me back to his desk just as I was walking out the door. I walked back toward him quickly.

“Yes” I answered, in a rushed tone.

“Do me a favor, stay help me grade some papers. I really need to get this done and over with tonight” he stated pledingly.

He was a rough handsome looking man, early thirties, he had dark brown eyes, and dark brown hair.

“But…” I started out “Im walking home and its a long walk!”

“Well, I can give you ride home, come on Ill raise your exam grade 10 points for helping…” he waited for a response.

“Not like Ill need it” I said jokingly. “Sure Ill help”

He laughed. I pulled up a chair and proceeded to take a pen and start to grade. An hour later, I pulled out my cell phone and called my mom telling her where I was and Id be home late. She said sure, ok and I went back to grading.

By the time we finished it had gotten dark. We had been flirting back and forth all evening, once he reached over to take and paper and his hand brushed my erect nipple. He apologized quickly, but kept glancing at my chest.

Soon it was time to leave,I got up and started to collect my things.

“Wait”, Mr.Young said, pulling the items from my hand.

He started toward me, backing me agianst a wall. “I want to thank you for helping me tonight”, he said quietly “But theres one more thing I want….”

“What?” I replied


“What? Me? What do you mean” I said stunned

He slid his hand up my thigh and under the grey skirt I was wearing. I quickly shoved his hand away. As I shifted my self from agianst the wall, both of his hands gripped firmly on my shoulders and flung me to the floor. He mounted me, ripping my white button up shirt from my body. He reached down and tore my skirt from me also.

His fingers found my wet mound and he knew how horny I was getting. He slipped the panties aside, and shoved 4 fingers into me. I let out a scream. I was sure someone would come to help, but no one.

With that scream he pulled my underwear off, and began to unzip his pants, he dropped them and his boxers to the floor. Straddling me he told me to unbutton his shirt. After I slipped the shirt from him, his arms extended around me unsnapping the strapless black lace bra I wore on my 36B cup breasts.

His hands roamed over my body, massaging my breasts, I fought to push him off but his powerful frame pinned me to the floor.

His massive 10″ in cock had stiffened, he rubbed the head of cock at the opening of my cunt, just as I tried to raise up he rammed into to me hard. He continued ravishing my tiny body, with each rough forceful blow… the pleasure was increasing. I began to moan, and scream in pure ectasy. He got faster and faster as I felt him release the same moment I did.

I collasped back onto the floor, with his cock still in me we lay there for a few minutes…

Just as I began to raise up the door of the classroom swung open and in walked a classmate of mine, Mike.

To Be Continued….

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