father fucks the babysitter at the wife's anger

“You’ve been fucking the babysitter haven’t you” My wife said.

“No, i haven’t”. The babysitter was right there but being quiet

“Yeah right. come on admit, you’ve been fucking her and fucking her good.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” The babysitter was nice especially since she was in a cheerleader outfit and had almost nothing on.

“Here, I’ll prove it”, she said. She then pulled down my pants and took the babysitter and put my cock in the babysitter’s mouth. “Yeah, you like that, you little slut”

“What are you doing.”

“I’m proving that you’ve been fucking her” My wife shoved the cock down her throat. I got so turned on by it that I eventually grabbed the babysitters head and made her bang it back and forth.

“O yes, suck it, suck it harder,” I said. She swalled all the cum that came out.

“Ha, now I’ve proved it. I want to prove it even more though. Kiss her.”


“kiss her or we won’t fuck any more”. I gently kissed the girl on the lips. “No, like this”, she said. She then passionately kissed me and our tongues wrestled. She was awesome at it and it was amazing.

“Ok. babysitter slut. Take off your outfit or no pay.” She took off her top and revealed very nice tits. She took off her skirt to reveal an awesome pussy. “Now, you like these tits, don’t you.” My wife then grabbed by head and buried my face in the babysitter’s tits. The tits were awesome. I licked and sucked them until they were hard. “yes, yes, yes.” the babysitter said.

“Ok. you like that. Now go all the way and fuck her in her pussy.” i took my cock and shoved it back and forth into the tight pussy of the babysitter. Her pussy was nice and she was moaning the whole time “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

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father fucks the babysitter at the wife's anger, 4.9 out of 10 based on 9 ratings

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  1. not that sexy

    hey, you’re story does not seem to be very interesting.improve it.

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  2. Alan4361

    This story lacked focus. How did the wife find out her husband was fucking the babysitter? why didn’t you finish the scene? where is the aftermath? You need these elements for this story to be really interesting. Read one of my stories and contact me if you would like to discuss this.

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