First college experience made easier

The thought of entering college had always come across very confusing to me. I never quite knew what to expect, or exactly what to do after I had graduated high school. Being that I just had broken up with my girlfriend of three years just before enrollment to college, I was focused on just getting my education and going to work. It never really entered my mind about trying to find someone again to spend my time with. I had no idea that I was going to find someone like that when I got to college….but I did.
So here I am, 17 years old and beginning a new life at a new school. My semester was packed with all sorts of classes that I had not really wanted to take, but it was necessary in order for me to move to higher standards. My last class of the week was on a Friday at 8:30 in the morning. I dreaded going to this class as I walked up to the door of the room, realizing I was going to be there for three hours that day. And also realizing that I had to work later that night until about 11:30. All my thoughts, and all my horrible feelings about the class had simply vanished as I walked into the classroom and noticed ,what seemed to be another student, who was sitting at the front of the room. This was my professor!?!? A woman who stood about 5’7″, 125lbs, green eyes and shorter blonde/brown hair greeted me at the door. “Hello, how are you? May I have your name?”. I replied with a shaky voice, “umm, Jonathan Silvoy”. “Nice to meet you Jonathan, I am Jenna and will be teaching this class for you this semester, please have a seat and we will begin.” This was too good to be true. I had never seen someone who was that beautiful and who taught a class I was taking.
After a few short hours of lecture, the class had come to an end and everyone began to pile out in groups. I was amongst one of the last to leave and as I had almost reached the door a voice called out my name, “Hey Jonathan, can you come here for a second.” As I approached Jenna’s desk, I noticed that she had the most amazing legs as she was sitting with them crossed and exposed from underneath her desk. “Yes Jenna, what’s up?”. “Well, it shows here that I am going to not only be your Professor, but also your advisor for the year”. This seemed to be like someone telling me I had just won a million dollars, because it felt like I was dreaming. “Wow, that is great. I had no idea I who it was, but I am glad I know now.” As I said that, I felt I had already given away that she intrigued me so very much. “Well Jonathan, if you need anything here is my number in my office, as well as at home. Call anytime you feel the need.” I grabbed the paper and left.
A few weeks had gone by, and considering I only had her class one time a week, midterms came up quite quickly. Being new to the school, I began to panic and felt the need of some outside assistance to guide me in taking this midterm. I didn’t want to call anyone from class, because I would have been embarrassed if I had not been up to par with the rest of them. So, I had no other alternative but to call Jenna. First, I called and got no answer in her office and then persisted to call her home. Not realizing that she might have a husband, I became nervous but then slowly calmed down as I hadn’t noticed a ring on her finger over the semester. An answer on the phone, “Hello?” “Hey Jenna, it..its Jonathan from class”. “Oh, hey Jonathan how are you hun!” “I’m doing good, just a little stressed out about midterms next week.” “Oh, don’t you worry, I can help you if you’d like”. Now, this is exactly the response I had been looking for. I mean, I figured I had no chance of doing anything sexual with her, but I hadn’t ruled it out either. “Im not bothering you am I? I didn’t want to call at home, but you weren’t in your office”. “Oh nonsense Jonathan, Im not busy at all. I just got out of the shower, so I am sorry it took so long to get the phone.” MMMM, just the thought of her in the shower was enough to make me feel an incredible sensation in my body and began to make me get erect. “Well, that sounds relaxing. I bet it felt good”. “Oh, more than you know. And it feels really good to just be able to walk around the apartment with no care in the world. Free as a bird!”. By this time, I didn’t know whether she was seducing me, or just feeling comfortable enough talking to me to say these things. But nonetheless, I just assumed it was ok to be talking this way. We were both adults, and neither of us seemed to realize we were a teacher/student relationship at the time. “So, tell me Jenna, why a beautiful girl like you isn’t sharing the company of someone?” “Well, its actually a quite simple. I got married when I was 25, and he cheated on me. So, now I am living the single life for 2 years now.” So now I know she’s 27, and she shared the same situation as me. So as we talked, I opened up to her about my past and the things I went through coming into college. By the end of the conversation, we had arranged a time to get together for a possible dinner and some chat.
The week went by so quickly, and without a care in the world. By the time Friday had come, I walked into the class with confidence, as Jenna greeted me at the door with nothing but an intriguing smile. The class had ended, and I went off to go to work. Work went just about the same as my week, very quickly. I called Jenna on my cell phone and asked her if we were still on for tonight and began to follow her directions on the phone to her appartment. As I reached the front of it, I began to get butterflies. Wondering what the night had in store for me, I walked in the door and found her wearing a little bit less than what she had on during class. She changed from a pair of black, soft pants and blouse top to a mini-skirt and silk blue shirt with only one button on the collar left closed. “My my my, don’t you look gorgeous tonight. All for me?” “Of course, I wouldn’t want you thinking anything else Jon.” We sat for at late dinner and just glanced into eachother’s eyes as we both realized what we wanted out of this night. After we had eaten, we began to clear the table and move into the kitchen. She went to put a dish in the bottom of her dishwasher as I looked at her perfectly shaped ass and let my feelings come right out. “Jenna, I just have to say how amazing your body is. Any guy would have been an asshole to have left such an amazing woman”. She stood up, leaned foward and hugged me..whispering in my ear, “Well, I know the good ones when I see them”. With that, I looked at her innocently as she leaned in and began to kiss me hard. What was I doing?? What would everyone say if they found out? But how would they find out? So, knowing that this was as much of a secret for me as it was for her, I began to undress her sleek body. I began by removing her top and exposing her perfectly round breasts, which weren’t held up by a bra that night. I had her pinned up against the bar top as she felt how hard I was through my pants. She started to caress it ever so soft, and began to unzip my pants as I kissed her and touched her. “Oh Jon, don’t stop, no matter what.” I started to lift up her skirt as my pants were fully unzipped and unbuttoned. She had the softest legs, and the most amazing hips I have ever seen on a woman. As I propped her up on the bar top, I had fully exposed her satin panties and smooth legs. I commented in her ear how badly I wanted to make love to her tonight. She agreed and began to pull down her panties, exposing her smoothly shaven pussy. I kept my mouth on hers, and started to softly caress her pussy with my right hand, noticing how wet she had gotten from everything we had been doing. She then grabbed my hand, and pushed it toward her allowing me to insert two fingers in her deep, wet pussy. As she moaned loud, I moved my mouth from hers and began making my way down her perfect body. From her round breasts, to her stomach, and down to her thighs. I started to kiss her inner right thy, as I could smell the juices flowing from her. I went in with my mouth and began to flick her clit with my tongue. She tasted so amazing, and so untouched. I could tell she had wanted this for so long as she thrusted her hips toward my mouth, burrying my tongue deep inside her pussy. As I was eating her out, she pulled me up and began to kiss me hard, tasting herself on my tongue. “MMM, I love that”, she said as she hopped down from the table and led me from the kitchen to her room.
We entered her room as I smelled a mix of her perfume and a candle that had been lit for a while now. She insisted we kept the lights on, so that we could study eachother’s every move and every expression. I agreed, and continued to kiss her. She pulled me to her bed, as she sat on the edge of it. By this time she had already removed her skirt. I stood in front of her, with my pants still unzipped and unbuttoned but still on. She grabbed a hold of the belt loop and pulled me into her so that my knees were pressed up against the bed. She began to pull down my pants and boxers, exposing my hard cock. “Mmm, you are the perfect size, mind if I explore?”. With that said, she began to take the tip of her tongue and slowly move in circles around the head of my cock. I just looked down at her pretty mouth as she took in about 3 inches of my cock, and flicked the head inside her mouth with her tongue. After that she began to take the whole thing in and nurse it like her favorite flavored lollipop. She then backed herself up to her pillows, and layed on her back as she pulled me on top of her, thrusting her hips into my hardness. I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to be inside of her. I lowered my hips as she guided my cock inside her wetness. The feeling of her shaved pussy felt so amazing as I thrusted deeper and deeper inside of her, as she screamed out “Oh my GOD Jonathan, fuck me harder, I need you so bad so deep”. With a little while of me being on top, I had to pull out and explore her even more. “Are you up for anything tonight Jenna?”. “Oh my God YES, do whatever you want to me, I am yours!!” I turned her then on her stomach and raised her ass in the air. I had never done this, but had always wanted to try for the longest time. I started out by licking her warm, wet pussy and then went on to tease her ass with my tongue. I inserted just the tip of it as I continued to finger her pussy. “Ohhh, that feels SO amazing Jonathan, don’t stop. I never felt this good before!” So I then inserted my tongue deeper, as I felt how tight she was. While doing this, she had reached over to her dresser drawer and pulled out what I thought was going to be a condom. Instead she pulled out a large, about 10″ blue vibrator. “I want you to use this on me too Jonathan, I want to feel what it is like to have both you and it inside of me”. I grabbed the vibrator and began to massage her ass with it. As I got up on both knees and inserted my hard cock back into her pussy, I continued to tease her ass with the vibrator. She then reached around and gave a little force to it and inserted the tip into her ass. “OHHHH GOD!!!!” I then took hold of it and started to go deeper and deeper as her juices kept flowing. I started fucking her asshole in and out, in and out. Pushing deeper with each thrust of my cock in her pussy. By this time there had to at least have been 6″ inside her ass, and my whole cock inside her pussy. She began to tremble and twitch as she came for the third time since we started. I then pulled the vibrator from her ass and inserted my cock in it, wanting to go all the way until I came. Not knowing if she could get pregnant I asked her where I should cum. “Mmmm, I want you to come all over my mouth”. I continued to fuck her so deep, and felt close as I pulled out of her ass and she turned into me. “Ohhh, Jenna, Im cumming!!!!” I let it all out, covering most of her mouth and a little bit on her chin and cheek. She licked her lips and then milked me until I was completely done. “Mmm, you taste so good, and you felt so amazing.” We layed down on the bed together, as I slowly massaged her body and her pussy ever so softly. Just finishing the situation with a little softness. Her pussy was pulsating and so hot. “Mmm, Jonathan, you were the best lover I have ever had. Please tell me this doesn’t have to stop ever.” “All I know is, that I will never forget this moment, and I want it to continue for as long as possible Jenna.”
The next few weeks, we both would find ourselves looking at eachother during class. I did have to take my midterm, and not have any grade that I didn’t deserve. To this day, I have remained single, only to find myself being with her ever so often. We still have nights like this. But nothing could compare to that first time I made love to her.

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