Fooling Around in the Library

One day i went to the park with my friend Jessica, but what she didnt tell me is that she wuz gonna bring her older brother and his friends Trent,& Alex.Trent was sweet, sexy, nice and very muscular. Everytime Trent came by me he would give me a smile with his beautiful smile. ‘Krissy’,Jessica whisperd, ‘Yeah’ I replied back to her. ‘me and Alex are gonna go to the library and….. you know’ she whispered again. ‘no i dont know!’ I whispered loadly at her. ‘Fuck’ she said loader. I winked at her and patted her back softly. ‘Have fun’ i whispered with a grin. Finally it was just me and Tret, because Jessica’s Brother had left with a girl. Trent came and sta next to me on the bench. I looked back and Jessica was staring back winking at me. I looked at Trent and suductivly said, ‘ Im thinking about something’, he said back to me, I think i know’.then he kissed me and scooped me up in his arms. He held me and walked all the way to the library, Once we walked in we could here Jessica moaning. Trent looked at me, ‘ I guess there having funn… maybe we can have the same’ he whispered. We ran into one of the isles and he layed me down and instantly grabbed my pussy and rubbed it still with my jeans on. i slid of my top and then he slid off his pants, he grabbed my g-string and i wiggled out of it.(now i was completly naked as was he) He gave his extra long cock a 5 strokes then instucted me to suck, after about five minutes of sucking i whispered ‘fuck me hard baby’. he grabbed his dick then slowly moved it in to my wet,pink pussy. After a while we were going fast and hard,and i moaned load finallly we changed positions to doggy know he was holding on to my ass and going nice and hard. at the end he grabbed my faces stuck his tongue in my mouth and layed it across the roof of my mouth and we made out. then he felt he forgot soething layed me down again and stuck his tongue in my pussy and then massaged it. then after we were FINALLY finished Jessica was fully dressed as was I. ‘Man! that was wonderful’,Jessica said pushing her long brunette hair ove her shoulder and apllying her lip gloss on and i laughed.

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