From the Diaries of Lust

Diary Entry 131
Blanca Estelle DiSantos
August 22, 1993

Hello again, it’s been a long time since I’ve written inside of you hasn’t it? I remember the last time I wrote in you–it was ten years ago. I was thirteen.

They said I was raped–and I would have believed it had I not given into him–he said he was sorry, the whole act, that it was who he was and he could not control it–that he just wanted to get rid of it.

At first I didn’t understand, until he made me come. I don’t know how this works, being less human than animal, understanding only base instincts about certain things. The instant I came, I understood everything.

The strange thing is, I don’t know if I should curse him, or thank him for making me into what I am now. The transfer that night was more than just body fluids, there was a spiritual transfer, and of course by that I mean me–the real me–the Spirit. Oh, Yes, I am the spirit of lust.

I comfortably reside in the beautifully well developed and fit body of Blanca DiSantos. Her soul and mine are like one–the most intimate feeling one can have, the sad truth is though, as I devoure her soul, there is less of her, and more of me. Her personality is sadly beginning to die away, which is terribly troubling to me.

I’m in love with her, but I am what I am.

I am a spirit, that without a body, I would simply dissipate into nothing, like steam. I would cease existance, and die. I take on hosts, and I reside inside of them until I have used up every last ounce of their life’s energy.

I am not a demon, per say, I was never an Angel. I do not know if I am good, or evil, I have no true sense of self without my host. I do not know what created me, or how, or why, I only do what I know to do. I know that I have never felt for my hosts the way I do Blanca.

It isn’t really as bad as it sounds. I don’t really eat the soul, I live off of the energy a soul provides it’s body. When the energy is gone, the host dies, and I have to move on. The truth is, the host dies in a pleasurable way, in a sexual discharge of both the host, and the host to be. Afterward, I am moved to the next individual.

Blanca seems to enjoy our symbiosis the most though, her desires are only coupled to mine, that together we are in a constant state of euphoria.

I detest the way I came to be with her, as I hate rape, and rapists, but the previous host to her was more in control of me than I would desire, and would have, and did do anything he could to get me out of him.

Blanca is far more willing to subside to my own hunger for her lust. We are one being together, but two different entities entirely.

* * *

Blanca woke up with a yawn, smiling at the end of it. She stretched her arms outm arching her back, and pushing her breasts outward, rib and muscle tensing with the relaxing stretch.

“Wake up.” She said warmly, nudging the youth next to her. “Go get showered. I’ll have breakfast ready.”

Andrew–Andy–Montello. Blanca thought, as she watched him walk bare ass to her bathroom, shutting the door behind him. He was the Highschool’s quarterback, though that didn’t really matter to her. The finer specimens were just better in bed sometimes.

Blanca had Andy’s father not a week ago, while Andy’s mom was in the hospital getting her tonsils removed.

Men were so much easier than women were.

It was strange because Andy was better in bed than his dad. Andy was far more adventurous and even enjoyed foreplay. His dad, Jordan, was nothing short of selfish. Still, Blanca had father and son. She’d like to get to Andy’s younger brother, Sammy, if she could, but he was junior high.

Blanca got up, letting her bedding drape off of her and onto the floor. She ran her hands up the front of her body, over her breasts, and then back down, gliding them gently over her flat stomache and to her loins, rubbing softly, slowly.

She looked at herself in the mirror, and felt heat on her skin, like her entire body was blushing. Her eyes darted to the bathroom.

* * *

“Holy shit!” Andy yelped as the shower door opened. “Whatever happened to privacy?”

“Well, well, well.” Blanca smiled, looking at Andy. He had his member in his hand as if he’d been stroking it. “Getting ready for me, or just being selfish?”

“Uh, I was just trying not to ruin a good thing while it lasted.”

“Well I’m not done with you yet.” She said, and pushed him against the tiled wall of her shower.

Andy’s eyes were wide, his member hard, and he blushed feeling it poking Blanca in the leg.

“Eager, aren’t we?” Blanca smirked.

“I didn’t want to push it.”

“You’re going to have to push it if you expect to make it any good, Andrew.”

He sheepishly nodded. She’d used his full name like some sort of authoritarian. He liked it though, and took her hips in his hands.

“And what do you intend to do, Andrew?”

“Fuck you?”

“But how? You gonna hunch your haunches so I can sit on it, or you gonna sit down?”

“How do you want it?”

Blanca smiled. “How do you like it?”

Andrew was blushing a blatant crimson, but he was hard as steel, his member pulsing in time with his quickening heartbeat. “Anyway you can give it to me.”

Blanca nodded. “Lay down, Andrew.” Blanca ordered, pointing to the checked tile floor of the shower. “Lay down and hold your dick up for me.”

Andy looked at her obediently, lowering his eyes a little submissively. Too submissively for his nature. Blanca reveled in it, as he lie flat on his back, squeezing his eyes shut to keep water from getting into them.

“Why are you closing your eyes?” Blanca asked with a slightly girlish giggle. “You have a hot body, the world’s finest tits, and a clam worth diving for, and your shutting your eyes?”

“The water’s getting in them,” Andy said, when suddenly he felt the keenest sense of wet, tight, and a little overly hot sink down over him. He felt himself throbbing inside of Blanca now. He felt like she was too much tight around him, that he might split her apart, but she ryhtmatically moved up and down his shaft, digging her nails into his skin and running them down his chest, leaving deep scratches.

Andy hissed with pleasure, and pain, arching his back up.

Blanca had her eyes shut, her eyes rolling uncontrollably back, as she kept her rythym on him, feeling him practically gouging her from the inside out, she rode him harder. He was also bigger than his father.

Blanca moaned aloud, feeling a foreshock of a climax burst through her body. Her clitoris was literally being ground by his shaft. She felt like he was filling her up completely, leaving no space for comfort, it was a good pain though. It was a pain she didn’t get to enjoy too often.

Andy was moaning like a boy would, unsure how to handle the sensations that were coursing through him, with the added addition of the senses that Blanca was putting out.

Blanca grabbed Andy by the top of his hair, and pulled his face up, pushing a nipple into his mouth. The boy suckled and nibbled like he had at least a little experience outside of breastfeeding. He bit a little hard, and Blanca fed a moan.

Hot water assaulted the two like a torrent heat storm, pouring down the wrath of heaven. Blanca felt the sensation burning inside of her, no longer able to keep silent, she let loose her bitten lip and began to moan like a highschool girl in heat.

She smirked inside, thinking how she knew exactly how that sounded. And what it tasted like. And how good. And how she’d have to pick herself up a highschool girl for the evening.

Blanca suddenly arched her chest out hard, still holding Andy’s head in place. “Keep sucking!”

She could feel him pulsing inside of her, coming, but no
t coming too soon. She felt the heat of his climax pouring into her like he’d never come before, pumping jet streams of himself into her, hot fluids pushing into her, fighting for a depth she simply could n
ot provide, and she came.

Blanca moaned and growled like an animal, clawing at Andy’s back, as she came. He was doing well enough still sucking at her breasts, holding her hips on him.

She felt him beginning to wane, but it didn’t matter, she was coming harder than she had in a long time, and she rode the tidal wave of this passionate storm all the way through the squall of their fucking.

When it was done, her legs were too sore to move. He’d been the first man to make her feel this sore since she first became, when she was thirteen.

Blanca was panting with disbelief. A highschooler would be the one to make her feel this way. Not a man, or a woman, but a highschooler. A kid.

“Wash up.” She panted. “And get to class.”

“Are you okay?” He asked, a little concern in his voice.

Blanca smiled. “Oh, yes. You were perfect.” Perfect enough to become the next host for her desires, when her time was up. She’d have to keep him around.

“Are you just going to lie there like that?”

“Until I can walk again, yes.” She said, feeling his heat, and hers, running out of her and down her thighs. “Wash up and get to class.”

* * *

In essence, I am somthing like a vampire. I am of two entirely different consciousness. My own, and of course Blanca. Her and I do communicate, through feelings. If she truly does not want something, I do not do it. I love her, and respect her. She is the only true love I have ever known out of my tortured existence. The sad part is I have to devour her. Worse is she understands, and is okay with it. It is what tortures me more.

With the other hosts, I am easily heartless, and sometimes callous. Once I am inside of a host, I cannot leave until the hosts energy is spent. I am combined with them. If I stay in the host after they are gone, their body dies, and begins to deterriorate as normal. I learned that the hard way, long before Driftwood was a settlement, 250 years ago.

I thrive off of sex, because it is the energy which feeds my host, and thus feeds me. I make sex feel better… worlds better than one can even imagine. A subtle quickie becomes fireworks. A marathon becomes a rollercoaster. I am the heat that burns the desires. I am everything that men and women want.

Oh yes. I am the Spirit of Lust.

Entry 131
Blanca DiSantos

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