Frustrated Jennie

Jennie Jones woke up very horny. Her husband had been away for 4 days and she’s had no cock since then, she’d used every toy in her box and although they got her there she still yarned for the real thing.

She had been married to John for 5 years and since he got a job as a travelling salesman 2 years ago they had agreed to have an open relationship, on the condition they told each other of their conquests, this was the only way they were going to keep their marriage together as both Jennie and John had a massive sex drive.

John always rang Jennie every night he was away and already in the 4 days he had been away had fucked the receptionist at the hotel and then had one of the maids give him a blow job while he watched hotel porn.

Jennie had decided tonight she was going to go out and find herself a man to take her frustration out on, in the nicest possible way of course. But before she could do that she had an appointment at the school. Sofie, Jennies 17 year old daughter was in the middle of doing her A levels but her grades in Maths had slipped and it was looking increasing like she was going to fail. Sofies teacher, Mr Coat had invited Jennie to a meeting after school to discuss the situation and try to find a way to get her back on track.

Mr Coats was 35, 10 years younger than Jennie, he was very fit. Jennie had known him ever since Sofie joined the school 6 years ago and had always enjoyed seeing him at parent teacher evenings. Up until now she looked forward to their meetings as Sofie had always been a model student but Jennie didn’t think this meeting was not going to be as good but that wouldn’t stop her flirting with him, she always enjoyed that.

The meeting was scheduled for 7pm which ment Jennie would be going to the meeting then straight out on her cock hunt, she dressed in a very short dress that just about covered her arse and a plunging neck line that showed off her ample cleavage, she wouldn’t normally dress this way to see Mr Coats but she was going straight out after.

Jennie arrive at the school on time she didn’t see anyone else in the school until she got to Mr Coats classroom as she got to the door Mr Coats was just finishing a meeting with a couple of parent, they nodded at Jennie as they left and she entered the classroom.

Mr Coats greeted Jennie as she sat down, ‘ sorry to have to call you to this meeting but I am worried about some of the students including Sofie her grades are slipping, shes not doing her homework and spends a lot of time flirting in class ‘, Mr Coats seemed to be talking to Jennies cleavage which she did notice and smiled to herself.
Jennie decided to tease Mr Coats. ‘Flirting who with you? Or the boys’.
‘The boys of course ‘, Mr Coats was surprised Mrs Jones had even suggested that.
‘Well if I were her I wouldn’t be wasting my time on little boys, I’d be after the hot teacher’. Its at that point Jennie had an idea. ‘ Am I your last meeting of the day’,
Yes said Mr Coats, by now very red in the face.
And are you getting turned on looking at my tits?
I don’t know what you mean flapped Mr Coats.
O come off it you’ve been staring at them ever since I sat down, I bet you’ve got a lovely big hard on, with that Jennie slipped her hand into Mr Coats lap and found the out line of a very big very hard cock.

‘I thought so!’, ‘lets get this beauty out!, Jennie was very excited now, she had often dreamt about Mr Coats fucking her but now it looked like that dream would come true.
Mr Coat feigned objection but found it very hard to hide his excitement.

Jennie told Mr Coats to stand up, which he did, she dropped to her knees infront of him, a combination of no sex for 4 days and being knelt infront of a very good looking man that she had longed to fuck for years had got Jennie very horny she could feel herself getting very wet as she unbuttoned Mr Coates trousers and unzipped his fly, she slid his trousers and pants down. Her eyes lit up as the cock came into view, it was rock hard and a very nice size, it was a good 7 inches not as thick as she would have liked but couldn’t wait to ride it. But first she was going to give it a good suck. Jennie loved licking and sucking cock, she enjoyed the effect it had on her men and the power she fell, knowing she was in control.

Jennie caressed Mr Coates ball in her left hand and gently stroked his shaft with her right, she opened her mouth and licked his helmet that by now was a shiny purple colour and throbbing. She then slid most of his shaft into her mouth, she sucked it as she slid his rock hard cock into her mouth. Mr Coats was loving the feeling of Jennie sucking him he held her head as she started to suck harder, he knew that he wasn’t going to last much longer if she carried on like that and as much as he’d love to cum his load down her throat he was more keen to get his cock into her juice wet pussy. Jen was on the same wave length and could feel him getting close and she two was keen to get Mr Coats big hard cock deep in her cunt. She stopped sucking and slipped her dress over her head, then took her bra and knickers off and laid on Mr Coats desk and told him to fuck her hard. Mr Coats now just wearing his shirt didn’t need to be told twice he stood between her legs , held her thighs and slipped the head of his penis into Jennies pussy, he rubbed his helmet inside her. Jennie wanted it all and now, ‘fuck me!!’ she screamed. Mr Coats didn’t need to be told twice, he slammed his full length into Jennie, who by now was dripping juice. This is just what Jennie needed a good hard fucking, she was loving it. She only hoped he could last , he was really going for it she loved the feeling of his balls slapping her arse as his rammed his big cock into her.

While this was happening there was one more person in the school. This was Jack the caretaker. Jack was doing what he done every school night at this time, he was locking up. Jack 30, played a lot of rugby, a regular at the gym, lusted after by many of the girls at the school and a favourite amongst the female teachers. He had been at the school for 3 year and in his time there had fucked 3 teachers and excelled himself this year by having 2 of the sluttiest six formers suck him off in his work shop.

As Jack approached Mr Coats door he could hear the moaning and heavy breathing, he looked through the small window in the door. He couldn’t believe what he saw. Mr Coats fucking the ass off a gorgeous looking MILF. Lucky bastard he thought to himself. Jack had a huge cock, it was a good 8 inches and very thick and it was getting to feel painful in his trousers, he undid his fly and got his monster cock out, this relieved the pain but now he was as horny as fuck, he started to rub his cock as he watched.

Mean while Jennie was on the edge of a massive orgasam but so was Mr Coats after a couple more thrusts he pulled out, he wanted to cum his load over Jennies huge tits, he straddled her stomach and stroked his cock a couple of times then a huge stream of hot cum splashed on to Jennies great tits a second stream hit Jennie on the chin and a third straight into her waiting open mouth. Jennie loved the feeling and taste of cum but was frustrated that she hadn’t cum.

While Mr Coats was cumming his load Jack thought what the hell and walked into the classroom cock in hand. As Jennie was licking cum off her tits she noticed Jack in the doorway, her eye lite up as she saw his monster cock. I hope you’re not going to waste that she said. Mr Coats who was squeezing his last few drops of cum out looked over his should and nearly jumped out of his skin as he saw Jack standing with he cock out, but it was clear what was going to happen next.

Jennie got off Mr Coats desk went over to Jack, kissed him and stroked his big dick. Jennie was very excited ‘Fuck me big boy’ she said as she bent over the nearest desk and spreaded her legs. Jack positioned himself behind her and guided his cock in to Jennies hungry cunt. Even though she was wet Jacks giant cock still stretched Jennies pussy as he pushed it in and she loved the feeling. Jack only used half his cock for the first few strokes but Jennie wanted it all and she let him know it, ‘fuck me hard make me cum baby, Jack didn’t need to be asked twice gripped her hips and push his whole 8 inches into her, she loved it, Jack was in full flow now, Jennie started screaming as her legs started to shake and she had a massive orgasam, wave after wave of pleasure. Jack carried on slamming into her as she had a second, she hadn’t multi orgasamed for ages and was loving it. Mr Coats had started getting hard again, he put his semi hard cock near to Jennies face, she grabbed it and stared to suck on it as Jacks thrusts got harded. Jack held her hips tight as he came inside Jennie it was a very strong jet that filled her hot pussy and he seemed to cum forever and Jennie loved it. Mr Coats wasn’t far behind as he shot his second load down Jennies throat, which she lapped up.

What a result thought Jennie as she drove home, she could still feel Jacks cum inside he. 2 hot cock and she didn’t even have to go looking for it. She couldn’t wait to tell John about her conquest. Maybe next time she’d take him to parent teach evening and have all three of them!!

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