Fucked for the firs time

It was mid- April and I had just had my 18th birthday. I was a senior about to graduate. One afternoon, my science teacher, Mr. Smith, asked me to stay after school and have a little chat with him. I then said okay and showed up in his room that afternoon. I was wearing a short black skrit and a button down white blouse. I sat down in the fornt row has he began:
“Rachel, you are a very good student but today in class when you would not stop talking to your lab partner, it was very disapointing. I know you are a good girl but you need to get up.” He helped me up and bent me over on the desk. “You’ve been a bad girl” He pulled down my gstring and started slapping my ass. It hurt so badly but he just smaked it and rubbed it. I was yelling every time he smaked me. “There is no talking in me class,” he said after about 15 slaps.
He stopped as he held my waist. He let down his pants as he started to fuck my ass. His cock went in and out, in and out, in and out, he was speeding up and slamming his balls against my ass. In, out, in, out, in, out. I was moaning like hell and he ws to. “God yes… hmmm, yes, oh.” I said, “Mr. Smith, harder please.” Mr. Smith pounded his dick in to my thight, young ass really hard. Pulling my waist toward him and faster. He stopped as he turned me around.
“You see my cock, ” Mr. Smith said to me, ” Touch it. Don’t be afraid.” I put my hands on it as I rubbed it and squeezed it. He pulled down my skirt, as he rubbed my pussy a little. Without warning, he glided his 10 inch cock in my pussy whole. “Oh God, ” I cried out, hold ing his waist, “I’ve never seen one this big.” Mr. Smith said, “Does this feel good?” “Yes, ” I said, as he slid in and out, in and out of my young pussy, “Never leave me.” He speed up and said, “Rachel, there is no fucking talking in the class room.” He pulled out his cock and pulled his pants back up.
I put my clothes back on, and we frenched kissed. Our tounges touching each othes and our bodies against one anothers. I then left, the next day at school. Mr. Smith asked me to step out in the hall way and he came out with me. Without waring, he approached me and started to kiss me. He said, ” Let’s Fuck again tonight.” I said, “Why not right now?”

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