Fun Before the Wedding

Fun Before The Wedding by Screw3
If you read Fun After a Funeral you may remember my name is Jake and I have a thing going with my third cousin once removed Alice and her mother Helen. Now to this story.
Alice flew in to Newark Airport where I was cooling my heels because her plane was almost two hours late. I wandered around the airport acknowledging my presence to those who knew me already and doing a small part of my job while I waited. Alice’s [lane finally arrived and we picked up her baggage and loaded it into the back of my H2.
“Wow, Jake, I’ve never ridden in one of these before. I can lay down on the front seat.” To prove that she rested her head in my lap and bent her knees.
“Nice, but I drive fast and you better put your seat belt on or the car won’t move and people are watching us in front of the depot. Holy shit”, I proclaimed as I activated my headset,”Izmir just left the terminal here in a tan Mazda. I will follow, but need relief as he will spot my silver Hummer too damn easily.”
Eventually someone took over the chase and I turned around and started back South towards Virginia. Alice was cowering in her seat and looking at me somewhat in awe. There was no way we could reach Virginia Beach at a reasonable hour so I pulled into a motel in Joppatown, Md. When I came back from checking in Alice was finally getting some color back in her face. I pulled up in front of room 118 and had to release her seat belt as her hands were still shaking.
“Jake, can you tell me what that was all about?”
“Nope, go take a shower. I think you had a problem during that chase. I’ll order a pizza while you are in there.”
I carried in our bags and heard the water running in the shower so I stripped and joined her in the shower. “We have some time, the pizza will take 45 minutes.”
I then started soaping her back while she lathered up my growing dick. She bent to pick up the cake she dropped and my cock entered into that tight ass hole of hers that I soaped to make my entrance a little easier. She moved her ass back a little and then I tickled her and she started squirming. “Yes, yes, fuck my ass.”
I squeezed her nipples with one hand and massaged her hand on her clit with the left one. She started cumming all over those fingers. I took my middle finger and put in her mouth to lick off her own juices as I came in her ass. “You bastard, you scare me to death then try to fuck me to death.”
She went over and sat on the throne and I started rubbing my flaccid cock on her nipples. You could hear the explosion of gas, shit and piss coming from her as she took my dick into her mouth. Her nipples were extended and hard as I squeezed the left one. She ran her tongue from the head of my cock, around the rim then down to the base. “Suck it bitch.” I started to push it past her lips and began fucking her mouth. She was gagging so I slowed down and she deep throated the whole 9 inches. I started to cum again and pulled out and sprayed her face and tits with my thick cum. She pulled it back into her mouth to get the rest as the pizza delivery arrived with our dinner.
I pulled on a bathrobe and went to the door as Alice followed me out in a towel. The poor delivery boy saw her behind me. I let him choose a tip or to let her suck him off. I gave him a twenty and he counted out the change and walked over to her. Alice took a look at his healthy 7 incher and asked, “Would you rather fuck me?”
The kid who couldn’t have been more than 19 gulped and took his pants off. She put a condom on him and then lay back. He put his mouth on her tit and started sucking as he fingered her cunt. He might be young, but he had done this before. “Fuck me, pizza man. Fuck me hard.” He did with the enthusiasm of youth so it didnt take long. Alice was horny, but he hadn’t satisfied her so I jumped in and finished the job.
The kid came up with an idea that we agreed to. He was coming back in a couple of hours with his girlfriend a 20 year old college student for a second shot at doing better. Alice and I both thought that was a good idea. We ate the pizza and antipast I had ordered then set the alarm and took a nap to refresh ourselves and wait for the other couple. I concede that I was the oldest member of the group, but only by a few years.
The kid came back as promised with not one, but two girls. The second one was a brunette visiting the redheaded girlfriend that didn’t want to miss out on the action. Phil, the delivery boy introduced the two college girls as Sally and Victoria. I never got the names connected to the right girls, but noone seemed to care about that. All three of the girls were on the pill so thart was the end of worrying about using condoms. (to be continued)

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