Fun with Lynne

Jim is a 15 year old who just doesn’t have luck with girls. He tries but he can’t get any pussy. The hottest girl he has ever seen is named Lynne and although he hasn’t seen her in a year, he still fantasizes about her when he jacks off.

One day he’s sitting in English class and it turns out a new student {yup its Lynne} has been transferred. He watches her throughout the class staring at her great tits. She catches him looking. He tries to look away but she sees the erection in his pants. She smiles and licks her lips looking real horny.

At the end of class it is lunch. At his locker, Lynne approaches him. “I saw u starin at me in class”. “Umm.. well” James tries to think of an excuse. “It is lunch” she says “we have lots of time and I’m hungry for some dick”! She guides him to the gym room which isn’t in use. “Yup we have lots of time”.

They deeply kiss each other, James sticking his tongue deep down Lynne’s throat. She grabs his hard cock and rubs it in his pants. He pulls off her shirt and bra and starts playing with her nice tits. He feels them, licks the nipples and puts the whole tit in his mouth, sucks like a baby. She pulls down his pants and gets very wet when she sees his big cock. She takes it in her hands and jacks it off and strokes it for a while.

She then puts his cock in her mouth and sucks it wonderfully. “MMM so tasty” she mumbles. She licks the head of the dick thoroughly moving it across the slit at the top. He starts throat-funcking her. While pulling her head up and down she deepthroats it. This is too much and he busts wads of cum straight down her throat. “My turn” she says taking off her jeans and panties. He looks at the great wet pussy in front of him before diving his hungry face into it. He licks and sucks it. He finds the clit and brings her to a climax. She busts her juices all in his mouth. So tasty. He turns her around so he can admire her ass.

Such a great ass she has. He sticks one then two fingers up her asshole while fingering her pussy with other hand. He licks her ass cheeks then slides his tongue between the crack. He sticks his tongue deep in her asshole and tongue fucks her ass. she is in pleasure. “Fuck me now” she demands. He gets up and slowly moves his dick up into her pussy. Now he’s all the way in, dick rubbing against her clits.

She moans as he rams her pussy again and again. Just as he wants to cum in her pussy she says “Wait, I dont wanna be pregnant. Cum in my ass”. He pulls his dick out her pussy, turns her around and forcefully rams it all up in her asshole. She yelps and moans in both pain and pleasure at the same time. He gives her great anal sex for about 15 minutes, his cock moving rapidly in her while fingering her pussy with two fingers of both hands at the saame time. He keeps fucking and fingering her.. “I’m cumming” they both scream simultaneously. James busts an enormous wad all into Lynne’s beautiful juicy asshole. Waves of hot cum fill up Lynne’s asshole. They collapse on the floor, his dick still in her.

After they get their clothes back on and James sucks his finger clean of pussy juices and the sent of Lynne’s delicious asshole Lynne says “It’s gonna be fun at the same school”.

The End

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