Have you ever been distracted?

It was my first day of college. I live in a small town, where everyone knows everyone else. The first time I met Mr. James, I was totally in lust. He has dark hair, green eyes, and a sexy body. He is only 32. You could see that he was in great shape too. I just sat in class and watched him as he walked in. I don’t know what I ever did in life to have this good of luck, but I was greatful. I know that there are prettier girls on campus than me, but I was very confident. So, I approached him with a few questions. ” Mr. James, I was wondering what you thought about students and Instructoers dating.” He replied,” I guess it depands on the student and the Instructor.” I knew then that I had at least a small chance. So, I just smiled and walked out. He followed me and asked me to go into his office and talk. I did of course. ” I was just curious, because I think you are sexy and I wondered if you had ever been distracted when you were driving.” “Well, nothing can distract me when I am driving.” ” Oh really!” I replied. ” That sounds like a challenge to me.” ” Take it however you want to.” All of a sudden, my lips were wet and I was really hot at the thought of blowing my prefessor. So I asked him if he could take me home. ” Of course ” He replied. As we got in the car, I just sat there and waited for him to start driving. Then I reached over and unfastened his belt. I could feel that he was already hard. It felt big too. I had to see for myself though. So, I asked him to lower his pants just a little, so I could see all of him. When he did, it was beautiful. Long and very firm. I was in seventh heaven. I lowered my head and slowly put my lips around the head. As he moaned, I lowered my head inch by inch, until I had all of him in my mouth. By now, he was moaning loudly. It was great. As I got more into it, he tapped me on the shoulder and asked,” Where did you say you lived again? I don’t want to get into a wreck.” So I told him and off to my house we went.As I unlocked the door, he was very impatient and hu7rried me inside. He reached the couch and took off his pants so I could finish. I knelt in front of him and licked the length of his pole as he laid back and moaned. I slowly licked up and down, then putting all of him in my mouth as he began to cum. I caught every drop and sucked him dry. After I was done, he sat there and just looked at me in disbelief. Then I asked him,” How did I do on my oral exam?” He looked at me and laughed, saying” You passed.” Just think, I have finals coming up. I wonder how I will do on them… There will be more as the year progresses..

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