Hidden Audience

The bell rings. My class begins to find their way to their seats and the chatter dies down. My teacher begins class and almost instantly I drown her voice out. My mind immidently runs wild.

I look across the room. My eyes lock upon him. He’s looking up at my teacher, but feels my stare and flashes a glance towards me. I smirk and look down, crossing my legs as I feel my wet pussy throb.

I’ve never said one word to him. I am way too unconfident to approach him. Not saying that I am unexperienced… when my clothes are off and a hard, wet cock is in my mouth I just let loose. I don’t need to talk to anyone to have sex with them.

I’m sitting there staring him up and down. My eyes wander from staring at the floor nonchalantly, then making their way up his leg and on his crotch. I immediently begin to wonder about the size of his cock. But as horny as I was at that moment, the size of his cock didn’t matter. I just wanted him.

I begin to look at his arms, his medium sized muscles were showing through his not too tight, but not too baggy gray shirt. I make my way to his face, I notice he’s staring at my chest and I snap out of my gaze. I begin to push my chest out a little, making my 38 d’s pop out of my lowcut shirt a little. He looks up at me and I smirk at him as I begin to bite my lip.

He reaches down and squeezes his crotch as he adjusts himself in his seat. He’s gazing at my huge tits again. I take a deep breath and squeeze my legs together, feeling my hot, wet pussy tighten up. I push some of my hair out of the way and start to run my finger tips across my collar bone. I begin to trail my fingers down to my tits slowly but stop right before I reach them. Its as if no one else is in the room with us.

I bite my finger and then I take my pencil and begin to unnoticably stroke it, imagining its his cock. He sees this and his eyes light up and he smirks. I look back at him and smile. He raises his hand.

“Can I go to the bathroom?” He asked.
I didn’t hear the teacher say yes. I just watched him get up and walk to the door, trying his best to hide his hard cock. He looked back at me before he exited the room, and gestured for me to come out there with him.

I looked at the clock and decided id wait about a minute and a half to ask to leave, so it wouldn’t look so suspicious. The longest minute of my life finally passed and I shot my hand up fast enough to get weird looks from my classmates.

“May I used the restroom?”

“Wait until the pass comes back.”

“But ms. I can’t, its and emergency.”

My teacher sighed, and said yes. Trying to control myself, I get out of my seat slowly and walk out of the room, hoping to find him. I begin to make my way toward the bathroom, but instantly I feel someone grab my hand and spin me around.

Its him. I instantly smirk as he leads me in the opposite direction. He opens up a door halfway down the hall and leads me into a janitors closet. As he locks the door behind him, I get right on my knees.
He turns around to see me already on my knees and he chuckles. “You don’t waste no time, do you?” He said in his deep, breath taking voice.

I only look up at him and smirk as I grab hold to the button on his pants. I unzip and pull them down to his ankles along with his boxers. His nice and firm, huge cock bounces up and I already moan with pleasure.

I take his cock and slowly begin to stroke him as I lick my lips and place them around his head. He moans deeply as I begin to circle my tongue around his head. I begin to go down further and further as his cock makes its way to the back of my throat. He places his hands on the back of my head and then starts to thrust himself in my mouth. I gag with each thrust but I definetly do not mind. He’s groaning from the virbation from it.
He suddenly pulls away and lifts me up. He takes off my shirt as I slide down my jeans. We start to make out as he grabs and squeezes my tits through my bra. He unhooks it and slides my bra off, along with my panties. I’m fully nude now and he can’t stop staring.

He begins to fondle and suck on my tits as I moan and run my hands through his hair. He reaches down and starts to rub my clit and immidently slides a finger inside me. I lean against the wall and lift my leg up as he gets on his knees.
His tongue slides all over my wet, hot and throbbing pussy and he fingers me at the same time. It feels so good that I can’t silence my moans and screams. I look down at him and he looks up at me as he starts to jerk himself off.

He stands up and pushes me in
to the wall harder as he slides himself into me. I gasp as his long shaft fills my tight pussy up. He picks me up and I wrap my legs around him as he starts to bang me against the wall. My hand is running through his hair as the other is rubbing my clit vigurosly.

“Fuck me harder!” I groan as he’s banging me as hard as he can.

I hear laughter burst out in the other room as he spins me around and we crash into a shelf. Cleaning supplies and other stuff fell down on us, causing a huge crash. I moan as he pushes me into the shelf harder and he smiles at me.

I smile back at him as I bite my lip and close my eyes. He gets a better grasp on my hips and thrusts himself into me harder than ever before, causing me to yelp his name in pain.

We hear another burst of laugher and one of his friends scream “you go, kid!”
Realizing that it was my class laughing and listening in only turned me on even more. “Finish me off.” He says as he puts me down and I get on my knees. I begin to suck his cock like crazy as he groans.

Then there’s a knock on the door. Figuring it was our teacher, I still continue to finish him off. I go all the way down and gag myself as he shoves me head down even more. I hear the door knob jiggle, and out of the corner of my eye I see the door fly open as he begins to come. He groans loudly as his hot cum fills my mouth.

I hear my teacher gasp as her speechless eyes fall upon us. Turns out he was the one that unlocked the door just so our teacher could see him shoot his load into my mouth.

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    That was a great story seem like a good fuck!!!!

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