How do I get into these situations?

How do I get myself into these situations? Well, let me start with my current situation, my niece is pregnant…with my child! Yeah, I’m freaked.

Alas, my tale begins about 20 years ago when my sister, who I have always fantasized about, was 18 and drop dead gorgeous. I was 28.

Amy, my sister, had always been somewhat of a flirt, even at the tender age of 8. Of course, I knew never to cross that line, even though she had an uncanny ability to know when I was getting an erection. She would quickly and quite subtly “brush” my erection with her hand over my jeans. I was always left wondering, “Did she do that intentionally?”

I never knew, but I had my suspicions. Later, at the age of fifteen, she was getting a bit bolder and was quite frankly, very mature for her age (physically and otherwise), unlike myself. I never grew up. Well, at fifteen she started wearing almost see through tops with no bra on underneath and it took everything within my power to stay locked on her eyes and not look downward and lock onto those perfect, firm tits of hers. She seemed to get even more of a kick out of that…either way she won.

Now, I understand that a young woman that is beginning to discover her sexuality, will test out those beginning strategies of power and seduction on those you trust, and who better than your brother? She put me through my paces too, she could tell I was struggling but she would just add more fuel to the fire.

Now, my hormones were raging too and if she even had a glimmer of what was on my mind, I’m sure she would have proceeded with a great deal more caution… Maybe.

Never the less, she didn’t let up. Even to the point that she flashed her pussy whenever my eyes were in that general direction and of course, she refused to wear underwear. But folks, I was extremely shy back then and my face would get beet red, even though my growing erection always gave me away. How I managed to avoid fucking her then is beyond me.

Plus she had the habit of sitting in my lap when she was younger, through about the age of 12, to watch TV with me in my bedroom.

By the way, we were brought up in a very religious family and so our parents just thought it was sweet that we were so close. Well, at some point, I was uncomfortable, i.e., guilty for having the feelings I was having. So, one time, when she was twelve, she was sitting on my lap watching TV and began to move rhythmically, grinding her pussy on my hard dick. I was in my favorite jeans and she was in her nightgown with her panties making direct contact with my jeans. I couldn’t help myself. I pretty much exploded with cum starting to appear as a spreading stain on my jeans. At that point, I got angry and banished her out of my room. She was surprised and a little hurt, but I don’t think she quite knew what had happened, at least from my perspective.

So, we continued to get along, though we stopped watching TV together until, one day at the age of fifteen she showed up in my room, wearing the same nightgown she did back then, though the nightgown was pretty much in tatters. And quite sexy, I might add.

So sis says, “Remember when we used to watch TV together?” I responded, “Of course.”

Amy says, “That was fun.” I just nod in the affirmative. She: “Let’s do it again.” “Wha..?!?’ I respond, wondering if she pieced together what happened just a few years ago.

“Let’s watch TV,” she says. I nod yes and gulp. I was anticipating something, but not quite sure what to do.

So, we watch TV together and get this, she doesn’t sit on my lap, she sits on a chair next to mine! I’ve got to tell you, I was more than a little disappointed. I think she saw that too, along with my erection. A little smile flashed across her face.

A little while passes and we’re watching TV and I just have to ask, “remember when you use to sit on my lap and we’d watch TV together?” Now this time she’s got a big grin on her face. “Are you asking me to sit on you lap?” she asks mischievously.

“No!” I answer, almost angrily. It didn’t faze her. She just walked over to me collecting the blanket on my bed, snuggled into my lap and put the blanket over us, just like she use to.

I sat frozen for a moment, then started to relax. Suddenly, a knock on my door and my mom walks in!

Hardly taken aback, mom just says, “oh, it’s good to see you kids getting along so well together again.” And she leaves the room. I swear, I just don’t get that woman sometimes.

Anyway, so sis is in my lap and she turns her head to me and says, “ya know, the family that plays together, stays together!”

I was dumbfounded. But I didn’t move. She then kisses me quickly on the lips and before I could react, takes my hands and puts them around her slender waist as we continue to rock and watch the show we were watching. But today, I couldn’t tell you what show it was, because my mind was a million miles away fucking my sister, tenderly, then aggressively. She seemed to sense all of this, but didn’t push the issue any further. If she had pushed the issue, I don’t think I could have stopped myself. But I though of her a lot over the next couple of years, playing out different scenarios of how that moment could have played out. All of the scenarios, needless to say, ended up with me shooting a wad of cum across the sink in my bathroom.

Well, after years of this kind of torment, she has her eighteenth birthday and shows up in my bedroom after everyone has gone to bed. She says, “remember what you said you’d do for me when I turned eighteen?” I answered honestly, “No.”

Amy: “You said we could fuck.” I said, “No way.” She said, “Well, not exactly in those words, but you said we could talk about it when I was eighteen, now I’m eighteen.”

Frankly, I didn’t remember the conversation but despite my frequent fantasies, there was no way I was fucking my sister.

But thank god, she’s persistent. She knew I wanted to, despite my protests to the contrary. “Well, at least let me suck your dick…it’s my birthday after all and this is what my birthday wish was” she says. So, I half jokingly, say, “well, why didn’t you just say so…” and then she was on me like white on rice.

She unzipped my zipper, pulled out my hard cock and playfully, teasingly, began to lick it lightly. She asked, “Does this feel good?” I nod yes and gulp. Never had I felt something that felt so good. I had imagined it, so many times before and here it was actually happening! It wasn’t long before, I shot a huge load of cum down her throat and my god, she swallowed every drop.

Knowing that things would never be the same again, I said, let me reciprocate. She happily agreed climbing on my bed. I took my time to, going down on her, savoring every delicious drop of her sweet juices. She came twice and then said, “Now fuck me hard.”

I don’t know about you, but a woman talking dirty turns me on big time and add to that I was engaged in a totally taboo act, fucking my own sister, it’s amazing I didn’t have a heart attack right then and there.

We kissed passionately, deep…warm…fucking first with our tongues. Never have I been more turned on than the very first time we fucked.

So, I took my stiff dick and rubbed it against her pussy, sliding it over her pussy, but not sticking it in. It nearly drove her crazy. “Fuck me like a dog now!” she commanded.

Eager to oblige, but not knowing if we would ever do this again, I took my time, teasing her. When I first spread her sweet pussy lips with my cock, I slowly entered her. She relished every inch. “Fuck me!” she yelled. I was afraid that mom or day would come storming downstairs so I told her, “Quiet, they’ll hear!” But it did absolutely no good. She moaned louder and louder, interspersed with the occasional, “fuck me.”

And honestly if anyone had barged into the room at that poi
nt, they would have had to pry us apart, because there was no way I was stopping. But fortunately, no one came, except for
us and not only did she not leave my room, but we fucked four more times before the night was over.

The next morning, mom says to us over breakfast, “Jeez kids, I’ve never seen you so famished!” She had a little twinkle in her eyes, almost as if she knew what had transpired the night before. Dad just lowered his paper and with his glasses adjusted a little bit down on his noses, just stared for a moment, shook his head and went back to reading his paper.

I was terrified, hardly believing what had happened last night. And my parent’s comments, those knowing glances, supplemented with my sister’s beaming face, all seemed surreal.

But sis just giggled and with her stockinged foot massaged my dick through my jeans. A big grin spread across my face as I light up and say, “Mom, you’re the best cook in the world, can I have some more eggs?”

Next installment…my nieces pay me a visit.

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    A great beginning for an erotic tale that shows great promise. I’d enjoy reading more from this same author.

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