How Eve Nova got the job

*This story begins the day before the start of my other story “The Class Assistant” and it is from the point of view of Ms. Eve Nova*

I wake up in the morning like I always do. Get out of bed look in the mirror, check my phone see if the school needed me to sub for any teacher today. When I don’t see any messages I get dressed my blue silky robe and sit, fix myself some coffee and sit on the couch. I’ve learned when I was 11 to accept the fact I am female with a cock instead of a pussy. I look down between my legs seeing my 5 inch long 3 inch wide cock rest against my leg, limp.

“Morning my little friend,” I say looking down at it as I turn my DVD player on and put in a lesbian porn film.

As I watch my cock gets harder and harder till its rock hard till it was straight up at 14 inches long and 6 inches wide. I start to rub my cock lightly. When I am starting to get into a real good motion and start to get worked up, just then my phone rings.

“Damnit who could it be,” I groan pausing the movie and answering the phone “Hello this Eve Nova.”

“Hello Eve it’s Alice Piola” the voice on the other end says. “Can you come in and sub for Mike Stansburn today?”

“Sure no problem and the board is still considering my place as a full time teacher right?” I ask since I want to be a full time teacher.

“Yep, just waiting for a spot to open up, see you soon” she hangs up.

Great now I had to get dressed. I go and dress in a nice red collared shirt and blue jeans that hid my cock nicely. I get into my beat up pick up truck and drive to Tulip High School. I get inside and sign in and get everything ready for the computer class I had to teach. I am still really horny from the morning and I go to the bathroom to finish what I started. Students are coming in for the day; I enter the bathroom closest to the classroom hoping I was going to be by myself. When I enter I see a girl checking her face in the mirror for something, she has piercings on her left eyebrow, several studs along her nose, and what I could tell by looking at her chest, both nipples pierced. She was cute looking and what a better way to help my problem than to fuck a cute girl.

I walk by her my hand sliding against her firm ass; “Hey there” is all I say.

She looks back at me smirking “Hello.”

“Can you help me with something?” I ask resting my hand on the sink by her body.

“What do you need help with?”

“I have this problem, this urge and you are perfect to help me,” I say smirking leaning my hips against her, letting her feel the large bulge my cock was making in my jeans.

“Oh yea I can help you for sure,” She says grabbing my hand and walking us into the far empty stall.

We get in and I turn her around and kiss her hard. She takes off her shirt showing her 25B breasts with tattoos all over her body and pierced nipples. I lean my head down and flick my tongue along her nipples, making her moan softly. As I am playing with her nipples with my tongue I reach down and push her shorts down and start to rub her pussy, feeling that she has 4 peircings on her clit making her moan a bit louder. I pull away and push my jeans down my cock now at full hard size, jets straight out. The girl licks her lips and gets on her knees and pulls my cock into her mouth taking every inch with no trouble.

“Oh wow, yea suck my cock, that’s a good girl,” I moan resting my hand on the back of her head as she sucks me deep.

A few minutes later I grab her and pull her away from my cock and bend her over the toilet, her ass facing me. I grab her hips digging my nails in her skin slamming my cock hard and deep into her pussy.

“Ohhhh ohhh yeeees yeees fuck my pussy,” she moans grabbing hold of the toilet.

“Yeea take it,” I moan pounding into her pussy hard.

I keep fucking her like this and when I get close to cumming she starts pleading, “Let me drink all your cum please” she moans over and over.

I growl, pulling out of her, turning her around and she starts sucking my cock again but faster and harder.

“OHHHH YEEES!” I moan trying to keep the noise down as I unleash a massive amount of cum into her mouth, and she swallows every drop.

She gets up and kisses me deeply, puts her clothes back on and leaves. I pull my pants up feeling very relieved now and head back to the classroom with 5 minutes before class. The classes go on without any problems, until my last class of the day, well really it was after class, which is actually the 6th period. That is when two girls, both seniors, Molly who is 5’5 with a light tan, and Cait who is 5’6 with a little darker than that Molly, come up to the desk not happy about something.

“May I help you girls?” I ask curiously looking at them noticing they are bent over the desk slightly giving me a decent view of their cleavage.

“Yea what did we do wrong on our quiz, these are all the right answers” Cait says disgusted that I gave them zeros.

“Well girls, I caught you cheating.” I say seriously.

“What how so?” Molly says really disgusted that I would say that.

“I saw you two texting during the quiz and I go off assumption and gave you a zero for cheating,” I say straight up.

“Oh come on we can’t have these zeros, it will ruin our grades. Is there anything we can do so this does not make the grade report?” Cait says seriously.

I look at both of them and give quick glances at their cleavage. I feel my cock twinge and throb a bit. A smile comes across my face as I look at them and then I look down trying to think a minute.

“Well, since cheating is against the school rules and you could if I wanted to, have you suspended.” I smirk seeing they both look scared. “But I will make this go away and you both get an A+ if you do something for me.”

“What, what is it?” Molly asks, “We’ll do anything” Cait nods her head agreeing with that statement.

My mind is screaming “YES, YES, YES” with joy after hearing that. I lean back in the chair my cock rock hard pressing against my jeans, wanting out.

“Alright then, Molly, close the blinds, Cait, close the door” I say resting my hand on my leg just on my cock.

The girls quickly go do what I told them to do and come back to the desk looking at me. Molly looks down at my hand as I am rubbing my cock a bit through the jeans and then she shakes her head making nothing of it.

“Now what Ms. Nova?” Cait asks curiously.

“Now I want you two to take each other clothes off.” I grin giggling.

“What? No I am not doing that,” Molly says right away.

“Yea me neither, no way in hell am I doing that.” Cait says after Molly.

“Okay, fine I guess I will have to let Ms. Piola know about this.” I say grabbing their tests and stand up to leave.

“Wait, okay fine I’ll do it.” Molly says and Cait gives her a look.

“What are you doing Molly, did you hear what she is asking us to do?”

“Shut up and do it unless you want to get suspended.” Molly says.

With this they reach to take each other’s clothes off, Molly takes Cait’s purple tank top off and she is not wearing a bra as her DD breasts flop out of the tank top her brown nipples sticking up slightly since it was cold from the A/C. Molly then slides down Cait’s black short shorts showing me a yellow thong.

“Cute thong, Cait.” I smirk rubbing my cock a bit more through my jeans.

Molly grabs the thong sliding it down Cait’s legs showing a nice smooth pussy. Cait then turns and removes Molly’s red tank top and her DD breasts fall out and I start to drool a little at the sight, two pairs of DD fun bags! Cait slides Molly’s shorts down and Molly has gone commando her baby smooth pussy begging for attention. The two girls stand there just in their socks and shoes looking at me. I take off my shirt and bra my 55C breasts fall out.

“Get on the desk and suck my tits, you cheaters,” I growl.

The girls get on the desk leaning over and each pull one of my nipples into their mouths. Their mouths feel so good on my nipples. I run my hand along their bare backs feeling their soft young asses.

“Mmm that’s it suck my nipples love on them” I moan reaching down undoing my jeans sliding them down my hard cock jetting back out again hitting Cait in the boob a bit.

“What the fuck is that?” Molly says pulling away from me looking down in shock at my cock. Cait pulls away right away also looking down at it speechless.

I smirk grabbing Molly’s head and pushing her face down towards my cock, “Suck my cock you whore,” I growl holding her head down there.

Molly fights a bit, but then gives up and starts sucking on my cock. I push her head down farther on my cock and I hear her gagging on it.

“Yea that’s it get it nice and wet my whore.” I moan looking at Cait, “Lick her asshole.”

“What? No!” she protests, “That is disgusting”

“I said lick her asshole, you whore” I demand once again reaching over slapping Molly’s ass hard leaving a hand mark on her left cheek.

Cait not wanting to see her friend get anymore leans down and starts to lick Molly’s asshole and I can hear Molly start to moan a bit against my cock. I moan some more loving this whole site.

“Ohhh fuck” I moan cumming a large stream of cum into Molly’s mouth and down her throat.

Molly swallows every drop and pulls away and Cait pulls away from her ass, “Okay we are done now right?” Molly asks.

I shake my head, as my cock gets hard once again. Cait thinking it was her turn to suck my cock moves forward.

“Oh no you don’t get to suck it, you Cait get to ride it” I grin.

“Huh?” she asks confused.

I roll my eyes, standing up, pushing the two girls off the desk. They stand there and watch as I lay down on the desk my feet hanging off the end.

“Get on my cock, whore I want to feel your pussy stretch when I enter you.” I growl getting really horny now.

Cait gets back on the desk and lowers herself onto my cock, “Ahhh ahhh, oh god it’s so big I can’t fit it all in” she moans in pain and I can detect a bit of pleasure.

I grab her hips forcing her down all the way, every inch of my cock disappearing into her pussy.

“Ohhh yes, oh your pussy feels so good on my cock” I moan loving it “Molly get over here and let me lick that pussy of yours”

Cait starts to ride my cock slowly moaning and crying a bit as she does. Molly moves her pussy over my face and I pull it down and I start licking that pussy good, hard and fast.

“Ohh ohh, Ms. Nova, yes oh your tongue feels so good on my pussy” she moans grinding her pussy in my mouth.

I keep up assault on Molly’s pussy as she starts playing with my tits and Cait now is riding my cock faster and harder. 15 minutes later all three of us explode in a really good orgasm. Molly cumming in my mouth, Cait cumming around my cock and I cum in Cait flooding her pussy.

“Fuck, I can’t take this” Cait says falling off my cock and on me, as does Molly, both panting and sweating.

“Oh I got one more thing in mind” I grin sliding out from under them.

“What more could you want?” Molly asks with a groan.

“Well I guess you don’t want that A+,” I say not caring either way.

“She didn’t mean anything, what is it Ms. Nova” Cait says putting her hand over Molly’s mouth and then says to Molly softly “You idiot we won’t get in trouble if we listen to her”

“I don’t want to do this anymore you slut” she says lightly pushing Cait.

Cait then hauls off and slaps Molly’s face very hard leaving a nice sized hand mark on her face.

“Girls enough,” I say slapping both of them on their large breasts hard “Now Cait lay down on your back”

Cait does so, as I move to the other side of the desk, pulling Molly’s legs towards me forcing her to just lay on the desk from her stomach up.

“Now Molly since she slapped you, I want you to eat her out and make it as rough as possible” I growl.

Molly smirks and starts to eat her friend’s pussy biting hard on her every once in awhile

“Ahh ahh not so rough Molly” she complains, but gets answered by two slaps, on her breasts, one from me and one from Molly.

I love watching a girl get her pussy munched on by another girl. I sit on the edge of the desk and watch, rubbing my hard cock hard and fast. I could sense Cait was getting close to cumming again.

“Yeeeees” she moans loudly as she cums on Molly’s face and I cum on Cait’s breasts.

I go to pull Molly away from Cait but Molly just digs into Cait and keeps licking her.

“Oh, god, oh god, she just won’t stop” Cait moans.

My cock gets rock hard, thanks to my amazing recovery time. I grab Molly’s hips and plow my rock hard cock into her pussy. Her pussy is just so tight but I fix it and feel it stretch to fit my cock.

“Ohhhh yea, this pussy feels so good” I moan.

“Yes, yes, ohhhh fuck she is going to make me cum again” Cait moans loudly.

20 minutes later we all let out loud moans as all three of us cum again. I didn’t know that when Cait closed the door, she forgot to lock it, so I didn’t hear, or see Ms. Piola walk in and see us.

“What in the world is this?” Piola says looking at us laying against each other sweating and panting.

I kiss both girls whispering softly “You both got an A+”

I get up and get dressed, as do the other two but they do it slower as they are worn out. I follow Piola walking into her office.

“Eve, I am very disappointed in you, what the hell were you thinking?” she says crossing her arms against her breasts.

“I was thinking of extra credit” I smirk.

“I’ll have you know that the choice to put in a full time spot is up to me now, since the senior sex ed teacher just retired on us” she says shaking her head “But I don’t think you are right for the job.”

I groan a bit and then think to myself “If it worked on the three girls I fucked today it has to work with her.” Plus Alice did not look all that bad for someone in his or her mid-30s, a 5’9 brunette with what I am guessing to be massive FF breasts.

“Oh come on, Alice is there anything I can do to help get me at full-time?” I say moving closer to her running my fingers along her shoulder.

She moves her arms down and her nipples start to poke through her green turtle neck, “I don’t know Eve, you did just do something very bad you know.”

I lean forward and kiss her lips softly. She just looks me in the eyes, slides away from me and shuts the door.

“Alright fuck me” she growls pulling her turtleneck off and her massive FF breasts force her small bra off.

She gets on her knees and unbuttons my jeans, sliding them down and pulls my rock hard cock into her mouth.

“Oh Alice, your mouth feels so good on my cock” I moan resting my hand on the back of her head.

She keeps going for a few more minutes and then stands up licking her lips. I smirk picking her up setting her on her desk and I start to suck on her nipples.

“Oh yea suck my enormous nipples Eve” she moans softly.

I pull back panting cause it is hard to breath when your head is between to massive breasts. I grab her skirt and pull it off along with her red panties showing me her nice pussy.

“My husband likes to be gentle with me” she growls rubbing her pussy, “I want that cock in me hard”

I smirk licking my lips kissing her softly “Gladly”

I grab her hips and slam my massive cock into her pussy, which took it well but still stretched her out.

“Yeeees, yeees fuck that pussy, fuck me good, oh yes” she moans grabbing her breasts hard twisting her massive nipples hard.

I dig my nails into her skin and pound into hard just as the door opens and in comes Wendy the girl I fucked in the bathroom. She smirks and strips naked and straddles Alice’s face. Alice wastes no time and slams her tongue into her pussy hard.

“Ohhh yes, yes Ms. Piola, yes” she moans leaning over and her and I start to make out.

I reach up with one hand grabbing one of Wendy’s nipple rings and I start twisting it, Wendy gets even more pleasure from this as she grinds her pussy harder in Alice’s mouth. I move my hips faster, my cock moving faster into Alice’s pussy. Finally, 15 minutes later all three of us cum at the same time, Wendy and I fall on top of Alice panting.

“So does that convince you to let me have the job?” I ask kissing Alice softly as Wendy sucks on her clit and licks my cock.

“Oh I just don’t know Eve” she lays there panting moaning softly as Wendy sucks her clit.

I growl but stand up and pull Wendy off the desk pushing her head into Alice’s pussy, “Lick that cunt you sexy whore” I moan in her ear and she does.

I smile at Alice as I slam my rock hard cock into Wendy’s pussy. I go harder into Wendy than this morning, which makes her lick and munch on Alice’s pussy hard and faster.

“Oh, oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, Okay you got, you got the job!” Alice moans cumming on Wendy’s face.

“Peeeeerfect!” I moan as I cum in Wendy’s pussy.

I pull out of Wendy and Alice pulls her up on the desk and starts to cuddle her.

“Okay but I have some requests about some rules.” I say hoping I didn’t have to fuck again to get the rules I want cause I was a bit tired.

“Sure whatever you want” Alice says making out with Wendy, “You are coming home with me, my new slut”

“The way I want to teach this sex ed is by having sex with one of the students and keeping her in class all day long.” I start out with.

“Okay, lets find one for you” Alice says adjusting so she is back on her chair with Wendy on her lap as she brings up the class list from the first period class.

“Oh how about Kelly Hendricks” Wendy says with an evil scowl “She is so mean to me”

Alice and I nod, “Alright, I also want to assign the homework of having everyone naked through the whole day in school and weekend and if anyone asks them to fuck them, they have to let them.”

“Sounds hot, don’t worry Wendy, you will stay naked for the rest of today and tomorrow.” Alice says pinching Wendy’s nipples hard.

“The final one I want to instruct the students to fuck each other and other stuff.” I say smiling.

“Sounds good, I will even go naked tomorrow” Alice says laughing.

“Make sure that bitch Kelly gets what she deserves, her and her friend Amber, both mean to me” Wendy says getting a deep passionate kiss from Alice.

I nod my head, get dressed and leave for home knowing tomorrow was going to be a great start to the weekend.

Now you know the full story behind how Eve Nova got the job at Tulip High School, email me at with any comments*

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