How to Get an A in Algebra

My senior year in high school, my dad tol me that if I got a 4.0 grade point that he would buy me a brand new car and pay for the insurance until I graduated from college. I was getting A’s in everything except algebra. The last week of class I went to see Mr. Chenier, my math teacher. I asked him if there was any way to do some extra credit and get an A for my final grade. He said that it was to late and that even if I got 100% on the final that I would get a B. I tried to explain how much I needed that A but he wouldn’t listen. I was going to leave when I got an idea. I told him in my sexiest voice that I would do ANYTHING for that A. He didn’t seem interested so I took my shirt and bra off and I said,”Mr. Chenier, I will suck your cock if I have to!” He stood up from his chair and whispered,” Put your shirt back on and get out of here young lady!” I wasn’t going so easily and took my jeans and panties off. ” Come on Mr. Chenier,” I pleaded. He was looking me over pretty good and I could tell he was thinking about it. he was in his 50’s and I had seen his wife and she looked older than he did. She was a tall skinny , flat chested old lady and now he had a voluptuous naked young girl in his office with 36Ds offering to suck his dick for simply changing her grade. I walked over to him and unbuttoned his pants.”O.K. I change your grade…just hurry up.” He said. He pulled his pants down and sat in his chair. His dick hung down in front of huge hairy balls and was surrounded by a forrest of pubes that were turning grey. I took his dick in my mouth and began to suck. I could smell the mixture of sweat and musk as his dick came to life. It grew until it was standing strait out and was nice and firm but not as hard as the high school cocks I was used to. It was , however the biggest cock I had seen up til that point(I’ve seen bigger since but that’s another story). I continued to suck and stroke his cock and balls and after a couple of minutes he whispered,”I’m going to ejaculate.” I grabbed his wastepaper basket and jacked him off into it. I was used to cocks spurting cum but he kind of oozed it out. When he was finished I told him he had the biggest cock I had ever seen. “Well, it’s just unnder 9 inches long to be exact. Enough about that, how bad do tou want that A?” He explained that it had been over a year sice he had sex with his wife and that I was very attractive and he was sure he would never gat this kind of chance again. I looked at his limp dick and wondered if he could get it up again and he said don’t worry just bend over the desk. I was turned on from having a big dick in my mouth so my pussy was soaking wet. He rubbed his dick on my pussy lips and then slid it in. It felt so good and I let out a little moan.”SHH , we need to be quiet.” I could feel every inch of him inside me and pushed back to meet his thrusts. He pumped me for about ten minutes and I had my first orgasm from a dick in my pussy. After about ten more minutse he took his dick out and placed it on the opening of my ass. he was very gentle and only put a little bit in. I rubbed my pussy as he fucked me in the ass. His tempo picked up and I told him to cum in my ass. I felt it get slick and he pulled his dick out.
Needless to say, I got the A and my dad bought me the car.

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