How to?

Leon walked up to the white door. He wasn’t quite sure what he was going to do once he went through it. He ran his hand through his short brown hair. He was five foot five, thirteen years old, and just beginning to develop muscles. He wore a red T-shirt and a pair of jeans. He didn’t have sock or shoes on. He started to take a step back from the door, but built up his courage instead, and finally knocked.
“What is it?” came a response through the closed door.
“It’s me, Leon,” he answered.
“What do you want?” said the voice with a hint of annoyance.
“I-I I need to talk to you Bryan,” Leon said to his brother.
“Whatever, just come in.” Bryan said as the door opened.
Leon walked in to see his seventeen year old, muscular, shaggy-haired brother Bryan lying on the bed watching TV. “What is it Leon?”
“Um Bryan…I was wondering if I could ask you a question.” Leon said, obviously nervous.
“If you must,” Bryan retorted, not wanting to have a family bonding moment.
“Spit it out already Leon.”
“Will you teach me to masturbate?” Leon asked quickly.
Bryan’s face twisted in surprise, then nervousness.
“I don’t masturbate Leon. Only perverts do,” Bryan lied, hoping that he wouldn’t have to talk about this particular subject with anyone, especially his younger brother.
“Yes you do Bryan.”
“And how would you know?” Bryan sounded confident, but was actually scared. Had he slipped up and been too loud? Had he forgotten to lock the door one day? How could Leon know?
“Well, you know how the addition to the house kind of juts out? Well my room is in the addition.” Leon said matter-of-factly.
“I’m well aware of where your room is located Leon, but how does that prove that I masturbate?” Bryan asked.
“Well, if I look out of my window, I can see into room,” Leon said, and then looked at the ground, hoping Bryan wouldn’t be mad at him.
“Whoa whoa whoa! You watch me through your window? You sick little pervert!” Bryan said angrily.
“I’m sorry Bryan, it’s just…I’m um…you know…and I can get horny with just about anything and…well…I just…you’re really sexy.” Leon said, regretting that he had ever even came to Bryan’s room.
“You think I’m sexy?” Bryan asked his brother.
“Well yeah! You’ve got a great body…and um…your…” Leon’s gaze trailed to Bryan’s crotch.
“Oh…my…yeah I guess I am pretty sexy,” Bryan responded with a smile. “But wait, if you’ve been watching me jerk-off, then why haven’t you just tried to mimic what I do?”
“I have tried…but I don’t know when to stop or what to do. And I can’t copy exactly what you do because you like to use both of your hands…and that um…doesn’t work with me.” Leon said in a quite voice.
“Why wouldn’t you be able to use two han-” Bryan realized what Leon was talking about. “Oh, so you’re not as…endowed as I am? Right?”
“Yeah. Not nearly,” Leon said shyly.
“Well that’s ok…I mean you’re what? Thirteen now? You’ll grow.” Bryan said. “You’ve started puberty…right?”
“Well yeah…actually the only reason I’ve waited so long to ask you how to masturbate, is because I wanted to wait until I was embarrassed about the changes that are taking place. I think I’ve finally gotten used to them now.”
“Used to the changes? Hmmph. That won’t last.” Bryan said. “So um…how about you try to jack-off in front of me? I’ll lead you through it…I guess.” He couldn’t believe what he was saying.
“Just start?”
“Yeah, well, first undress…obviously,” said Bryan as leaned forward on his bed to a sitting position.
“Okay…” Leon said. He started off by taking off his watch and necklace and laying them on his brother’s nightstand. He then took off his shirt, revealing a chest that would soon develop into a ripped body. He then unbuckled his belt and took it off. He took a deep breath, and undid his pants. He slid them off and kicked them across the floor. He stood there in a pair of maroon briefs. He started to reach for the waistband but Bryan interrupted him.
“Hold it. Either you weren’t kidding when you said you were small down there, or you’re not even hard yet, because I can’t see anything going on in your underwear.”
“I’m not horny yet I guess.” Leon said. “Am I supposed to be before I take off my underwear?”
“I like to be, and I’m teaching you, so we’re gonna go with what I like.” Bryan responded. “So, go ahead, get horny.”
Bryan made it sound so easy. “Well, what should I do to get horny? I mean…I usually watch you, or watch Bliss or Undressed on TV…” Leon whined.
“Just think of the hottest girl you’ve ever seen, and imagine her slurping and sliding up and down your rock hard dick.” Bryan said.
“Oh…okay…Just think of sex? Alright…” Leon said unsurely. He tried to imagine something he had seen on TV, but he was very nervous, and Bryan’s eyes were boring into him. “Bryan I’m really uncomfortable….Maybe if you did it to?”
“You want me to jerk-off with you? I guess that would enhance the learning experience, wouldn’t it?” Bryan said with a smirk. All this talk of sex and masturbation had gotten him somewhat horny already. He pulled off his shirt to reveal a very muscular body. He then undid his belt buckler and the button of his pants. He unzipped them slowly, watching Leon’s expressions.
Leon watched intently as his brother stripped and could feel his dick starting to rise. Bryan pulled off his pants. He was now sitting on the bed in a pair of tight gray boxer-briefs that left nothing to the imagination. He was already semi-hard so there was a small tent forming. He started to rub himself through the fabric, making his dick larger and thicker. It was now so large that a tent couldn’t hold it comfortably. Bryan readjusted it so that his dick was going sideways, so that you could see it’s impression just by looking at his underwear.
By now Leon had his own tent, thought not as large as Bryan’s had been.
“Success,” Bryan said, noticing this. “Alright, you can continue to de-clothe.”
Leon grabbed the waist band of his briefs and pulled them down, letting his five inch cock breathe. He had pubic hair and surprisingly a rather large set of balls.
“Nice package, for a thirteen year old,” Bryan said.
Bryan slowly rolled down the waistband of his boxer-briefs until his dick too sprang free. He then took the underwear completely off, leaving the two brother’s naked.
“Now what?” asked Leon.
“Come sit by me,” Bryan said as he moved over to one side of the bed.
Leon walked over and sat on Bryan’s bed. He tried to take his eyes off of Bryan’s eight inch cock, but couldn’t seem to do it.
“Now lie down,” said Bryan as he did so.
Leon lied back as well. Both of their dick pointed towards the ceiling.
“Okay, so what I do now, is gently start to stroke it with one head, mainly teasing the head, see?” Bryan said. He and Leon both took one hand started to gently caress their dick’s heads. Leon’s quickly started to throb.
“The fun hasn’t even begun Leon.” Bryan said. “Now, once you get really turned on by that, you can start to stroke up and down the shaft. I like to use two hands and alternate, you might not want to.” Bryan started to stroke towards the base of his cock, his other hand waiting to repeat the process when the other was done. Leon took his hand and grabbed his cock tight and started to rub up and down.
“Ow!” Leon exclaimed. “I thought this was supposed to feel good!”
“You’re not doing it right.” Bryan said. He then took Leon’s hand in his own. “Now, you have to let your grip be very loose otherwise you’ll hurt yourself.” Controlling Leon’s hand, he made Leon start to masturbate again, this time without pain. “See?” He then let go of Leon’s hand. “Now, just keep doing that until you cum. I would suggest varying speed just to keep things interesting.”
“That the part I have a problem with too Bryan…I get this sensation, but nothing ever happens.”

When you get that sensation, do you stop?”
“There’s the problem,” Bryan retorted.
“It would
just be so much easier to know what an orgasm felt like already.” Leon complained.
“Want me to give you one?” Bryan asked in all seriousness.
“Is there a way to just give someone one?” Leon asked.
“I know some tricks.” Bryan said. He had always been bi-curious, and this was the perfect chance to explore. He turned over so that his back was facing up and he was over Leon. He started to kiss Leon’s neck and traced his way down to the nipples. He sucked on one as Leon started protest.
“Bryan, what are you doing?”
“You wanted an orgasm? You’ll get one, believe me.”
Bryan continued to nibble on Leon’s nipple as he squeezed the other. He eventually moved on, and started kissing his way down the chest. He licked the naval gingerly and looked up at Leon. Leon was staring down at him, mouth wide open as he realized what his brother was planning. Sure enough, Bryan continued downwards until his head was above his brother’s quivering cock. Bryan licked the head of it as he stared into his brother’s eyes. He engulfed the head into his mouth. As he sucked on it like a lollipop he started to jack his brother off. He took his hand away as he started to put more of his brother’s hard cock into his mouth. His tongue and mouth moved up and down, up and down very rapidly covering his brother with saliva. He slowed things down by leaving the cock alone as he filled his mouth with his brother’s large testicles. They were sweaty, and Bryan adored the taste. He started slowly jacking Leon off again, but he just couldn’t resist the cock. He soon gravitated upwards once more as he sucked his brother’s dick. He tasted pre-cum and knew it wouldn’t be long until the big pay off.
Leon bucked his hips as his body filled with sensations he had never known before. He thought he was going to explode and almost to his brother to stop, that it was too much. He could feel his cock pulsating in the warmness of his brother’s mouth. All of a sudden he tensed up as a mix of intense pain and pleasure erupted from his body as a load of sticky white cum squirted from his cock. Good thing no one else was home.
At least that’s what they thought. Then, their older brother Dave opened the door to see Bryan slurping up the hot whit cum of his younger brother Leon. “Well well well? What have we here? A little incestual playtime and I wasn’t invited? I’m hurt guys. I really am.” With that, he stepped in, closed the door, and started to unbuckle his pants.

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