I'm Ready For My Closeup!

I walked into the lockerroom and immediately took off my shirt. It was a hot day out, and it was even hotter in here. I walked to my locker, and was suprised to see Anthony standing by it. I had come into the lockerroom late, because I helped put the equipment away after gym class. I thought everyone had already left. I smiled and nodded to Anthony. We had seen each other before, we had lockers near one another. We had never really spoken before though. He hangs out with the wannabe-rappers, and I hang out with the punk-rockers. We were both into sports though not the same ones. That resulted in both of us having chisled bodies. I had never noticed Anthony’s abs before, but they looked great. He already had his shirt off, like me. I took off my gym shorts and shoved them in my locker. As he took off his shorts, he limp cock slipped out and back into his boxers. I saw and started to get hard. He noticed quickly because I was wearing tight gray boxer-briefs.
He looked over at me and said,”Look’s like you need some alone time.” His voice was low and manly. That turned me on even more.
“Yeah,” I said and lightly chuckled. “Then again, I think some one-on-one would be even funner.” He looked over at me.
“You wanna jerk together?” he asked with a somewhat astonished look on his face.
“Only if you want to,” I replied.
“Sure,” he said with a devilish grin. I looked down to see that his semi-erect prick was sticking out of his boxers. Although it wasn’t even hard yet, he black dick was huge. I rubbed my hard-on through my boxers as Anthony sat down. He opened his locker and pulled out a small bottle of lotion. “Just in case I ever need it,” he said and handed the lotion to me. I sat down on the bench and took off my underwear. My dick was released and shown to Anthony. It was a little over seven inches long. I lotioned up and tried to give the bottle back to him.
“Why don’t you?” he asked. I obliged and started rubbing his dick with a handful of lotion. By this time his stick was rock hard and at good 9 1/2 inches long. It was so thick too. It felt great in my hand. We both straddled the bench and faced each other. With that, we started to stroke our own cocks. I imagined sucking on Anthony’s cock when I felt my balls being touched. I opened my eyes to see Anthony rubbing my balls together, which made me even hornier. I came and spurted hot white sticky cum all over Anthony’s chisled chest. He dipped his finger in it and stuck it into his mouth. I couldn’t resist anymore. I leaned forward and engulfed Anthony’s cock into my mouth. It didn’t even fit all the way, but I tried. “HEY!” I heard Anthony exclaim.
I left his cock alone and looked over my back. Standing there was Mr. Bays, our student teacher. He was in his early twenties and had a great body. He was in just his boxers with a great hard-on. Oh yeah, and he had a video-camer. “Hey guys, I thought I heard something in here. Just relax and keep doing what you’re doing. I make side porno films with my buddies in college. I think they’d love to see you two.”
I had no problem with it, so I just started sucking cock again. I could tell Anthony was a little up tight though, he wasn’t as into it as he was before. Then he got closer to orgasm and started going wild. He bucked his hips as his bloated black cock filled my mouth. I saw Mr. Bays come closer to get the cum shot. Anthony quickly shot his load into my mouth and it spilled out. I lapped up all his sticky white cum, and looked to Mr. Bays.
“I’ll show this to my friends, and if they like it, I might hire you two to star in a short film.” I couldn’t wait.

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  1. chichi

    great story. really short and sweet. guy on guy always turns me on. keep it up.

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