Is This Considered Extra Credit?

“Ohhh yeah your pussy is nice, and tight, and wet. Pull your panties a little more over to the side. That’s it, good girl. Yeah perfect.Mmmmm nice!” Mr. Johnson was Ava’s science teacher and he was fingering her in his classroom, his darkened classroom, the shades closed, the door locked, it was at least 2 hours after school had completely let out. They were way in the back of the room, near the lab tables. He was behind her, his big,hungry for her hard on still in his pants, he had it pressed on her right ass cheek as he fingered her. Ava was one of those bad girls, you know the type, tight clothes, make-up, wild streaked long hair, smokes and indulges in different illegal substances, stays out late, goes to bars illegally, curses, just a rebellious free spirit, and she was 19 and in the tenth grade, did I forget to mention that schoolwork was not her forte` and going out into the real world held no interest to her, she was hoping to stay in the tenth grade for as long as was possible. I mean who says you need to grow up, right?

“Damn that pussy feels good.” Mr. Johnson groaned as his finger felt the soft, tight, slippery inner walls of her pussy, he noticed the more he rubbed his finger in there the hotter and steamier and wetter and tauter she got.

They heard footsteps and keys jingling in the hall, he very quickly pulled his finger out of her pussy, she speedliy released her panty-crotch and pushed her short skirt down, they separated, he told her to open a book. They stayed there apart and quiet, looking at that door, the footsteps faded down the hallway. Mr. Johnson looked at her and smirked sexily. “Get back over here, little girl, I need to finger your pussy some more.”

She walked back over, as turned on as ever and again kind of leaned over the table, she lifted her skirt, he eyed her cotton panties with “hot ass” embroidered across the cheeks, and licking his lips, he watched from behind as she hooked her long slender finger in the crotch and revealed her pussy lips and part of her ass crack to him. He enjoyed the view of seeing her exposed to his eyes like that. Nothing else exposed just that pussy and her legs under her panties. He lingered behind her a while just gazing at her pussy’s raunchy nudity and then he got back into position, his hard on tight against her ass cheek, pressed very firmly on her so she could really feel his desire, and he of course could feel the roundness of that cheek, and he went back to the serious business of fingering her pussy hole.

“Feels good?” he asked as he whispered with moist breath on her neck.

“Yes, you make me tingle all over, mmmmmm.” she quietly said she purred and she moved her ass cheek tighter onto his stiff dick.

“Do you want to feel something bigger, harder, thicker and longer in there?” he asked hornily.

“Oh yeah, that would be hot.”

“Turn around.” he said and as she did he took his finger and licked it and sucked it while making a delicious face, that made her swallow because her mouth was watering in lust over seeing him do that.

“We have to be quiet, you know?”

“Oh yes I’ll be as quiet as a kitten.”

“Mmmmmm your pussy is a kitten, a warm, cuddly, soft little kitten.”

Marla just giggled. And gushed out wetness into the inside of her panties.

“Let me undress you.” he said as he pulled her tight shirt up and off of her, she was wearing a lacy push-up bra. He kissed the upper parts of her exposed over the cups breasts while his hands were holding the cups up even higher. His lips felt warm and damp as they sexily kissed her. He unzipped her skirt and removed it, he smiled as he looked at his student clad only in underthings. “Mmmmmmm this is going to be fun.” he said as he eyed her figure up and down. He undid her bra and let her breasts fall free, they were not big, not small, just perfect in his eyes. “Nice!” he said as he cupped them in his palms and felt their slight weight and warmth and firmness. He bent down and sucked on one nipple then the other. She trembled with lust feeling the sexy sensation of his expert nipple sucking technique. “Now let’s remove those panties.” he smiled and said. As he was about to remove them they heard a noise, they stopped, stayed still and their hearts beat quicker, but they realized it was just the radiator rattling with the water running through the pipes and they laughed in relief. “Okay, back to your panties.” he said as he stood in front of her and reached behind her and pulled the elastic waistband down over her waist and hips and of course over those bare cheeks, he slid them achingly slowly dow to her mid thighs, then he decided to kiss her, he made sure his hard on in his pants was pressed tight against those lips, and he kissed her, nice and sexy, just enough tongue touching tongue action, just enough lips pressed on lips, just enough pressure. “Mmmmm mmmm mmmm.” he murmurred as he Frenched her, she caught up in the passion, “mmmmmed” back at him. He put his hands behind and around her and rubbed her ass cheeks over and over and over,up and down, and side to side and round and round, making them getting super sensitive to his touch and causing her pussy to get even juicier and heated up even more. “Time to fuck.” he said and he pulled away and took off his clothes, she watched, delighted at seeing her teacher, the well-respected Mr. Johnson, “Teacher of The Year” award recipient, husband of the town’s most respected female attorney, getting naked and sporting a nice, big, hard woody just for her.

She started to pull her panties all the way off, he said not to that he was going to fuck her doggy-style and he wanted to be able to look down when he pulled back and see her naughty panties around her thighs. That thought turned her on and she felt her honey dew juices drip out of her.

He held her around her hips and the sides of her sexy, high round ass and he walked her over to the swivel stool. “Wait a second.” he said, he bent down, his cock sticking up so hard and so ready for a good old fashioned pussy fuck and he adjusted the height, lowering the seat, he locked it in place and motioned her closer,he pulled her to him and he kissed her again, this time his bare hard dick was nicely against her smooth, silky hairless flesh, she felt his prick moving, he was one of those guys that could shake his cock without touching it, nor moving any other part of his body, he was talented all right, he made that cock massage her tummy and she loved it.

“Okay little girl, bend over the stool, time to bury my cock in your little furry kitten.” She bent over and he smiled, looking at that ass and pussy sticking up so high, those panties, innocently wrapped around her mid-thighs, he decided he wanted them to her knees so he pulled them down a little lower. She laid there, so wet, so horny, so eager to feel his cock. He first rubbed her feminine hips feeling their sexy slight roundness, he moved his hands up to that sexy pinched in waist, she purreed at his touch. He pressed his cock in through her pussy lips, parting them,he waited a sexy second, then he moved his dick head into her hole, thenhe pushed his cock head and shaft fully and deep into her tunnel of lust, it was a very tight squeeze, but worth the effort for both of them, that moving in sensation was sensual and intense he got in deep and moved his cock, even though she was tight, his dick was big and powerful and it was able to move back and forth in her, enough that he pressed her inner pussy walls apart. “Ohhhh ohhh ohh.” she moaned.

“Damn you have a nice tight pussy. And what a perfect ass.” he said as he rubbed and squeezed her cheeks. “Good girl, good girl.” he said while he fucked her pussy. He got into a sexy rhythm, long all the way in hard thrust, wait a second and throb his cock in there, then quick pull out just to the head, then back in. As her pussy insides opened more to accomodate that big cock and her pussy drooled for him, he thrust harder each time until
he was fucking her pussy so hard that he was fucking the breath out o
f her, she kept gasping with each hard fuck and the swivel seat was slightly turning each time. “Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh!” she gasped with each thrust. He was fucking her so well that she orgasmed twice, once from her clit being on that leather seat and rubbing very firmly and evenly on it and the second time from him hitting her g-spot, he felt both orgasms and moaned at the sensation of her pussy’s pulsations and all her wetness, that warm, silky, smooth juice just seeping all over his cock while his cock was tightly imbedded in that silky flesh. He felt the need to cum, he quickly pulled out and aiming his dick down he came in the crotch of her panties as they hung around her knees. A big, steamy, dollop of his sticky cum just sitting in her teen-age panties. “Ohhh baby that was hot!” he said as he looked sat his gooey cum settled in her panty crotch, he knelt down and grabbed her right ass cheek and he bit it, firmly and hungrily. “Ohhh ohh shiiiit! Mmmm ohhhhh mmmmm.” she groaned feeling his teeth holding tight and releasing and then feeling his tongue and lips on her just bitten ass. He layed hunched over her, his hairy, hard legs against the backs of her smooth, taut satiny legs; his now flaccid, but still damn sexy dick pressed on her just screwed sore, horny little innocent furry pussy; his firm groin over her warm, tight ass with his bite mark on it; his hairy and nicely sweaty chest over her soft back and his chin resting on her shoulder, his roughish face cheek near her super soft cheek, their breaths long and slow and in harmony.

“Mr. Johnson, you are my favorite teacher evvvvvvvver.” Ava sensually said and she moved her ass under his body pushing and pulling his soft cock back and forth with the sways.

“Well just wait until you see the homework I have prepared for you.” he said as he let her ass move his dick and he laughed a horny, sexy laugh.

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