It Takes Two

Ebony had a long day at school and couldn’t wait to get home and unwind. When she got home she noticed her mother’s car was gone and the flat roofers van was sitting in the drive way, she remembered her mother saying something about a flat roofer stoping by to fix their roof problem. Ebony went up to the van and asked him if he would like to wait inside since her mother would be a while. He put out his cigarrette and followed her into the house, he set his tools on the ground and followed her into the kitchen.
“Would you like a drink?” she asked bent over intho the fridge. He nervously watched her booty and she purposely swayed it around while looking for an extra beer. She could feel him watching her so she turn around and smiled.
“My mother will be home in about an hour, feel at home. I will be in my room if you need anything.” but he didnt reply, he just watched her booty bounce up the stairs.
A few minutes later, he followed Ebony up to her room. Her door was wide open and all she had on was a mini-skirt and a shirt fully unbuttoned with no bra on, exposing her perfect round, perky nipples. When Ebony seen him standing in her door way she laid back on her bed, opened her legs and started teasing him through her panties.
“Oh you gotta stop, your… mother?’ he stammered, trying to distract himself from the moans of her pleasure.
“Why don’t you come over here, closer to me, my mom wont be home for another hour or so, and besides i seen the way you watch me.” He stroked his dark beard, he had to be in his early 40’s and Ebony a mere 17. Ebony has always fantasized about older men, and they seemed to fantasize about her, aswell. He moved closed to her, and knelt down. She looked at his name tag. “How about you taste it, Rick..?”
He pushed her thighs further back, pulled her panties down and stuffed his face in her warm pussy. He enjoyed her taste.
“Mmmm, make me cum like that!” He shoved his trongue deeper insider her wet hole. The pushed a finger into her tight virgin-ass. She gasped pussy his face into her pussy. Rick’s cock was buldging through his jeans, he wanted to fuck Ebony and show her what sex with a real man was like, but first he wanted her to suck him. She slid off the bed and they switched positions. He laid on the bed and unbuttoned his pants and pulled off his shirt. Ebony pulled his surprisingly thick cock out. She shoved him deep into her mouth. She sucked and sucked, massaging his balls with her tongue every now and then. He moaned and played with her large nipples through her shirt. She stood up and ripped her flothes off instantaneously. His cock stood erect waiting. She got on top and pushed her thick wet pussy onto his dick, he was so think he felt like a hot brick inside her small hole. She rode him so hard, he was so deep in her wetness. He sucked on her nipples as her pussy started gushing all over his stiff cock. Every vein and muscle flex she could feel. Her body started heating up, “I’m coming!-” she squealed, be he wasnt going to let her cum just yet. He pulled himself out her squishy pussy and layed her on her stomach. He opened her thighs and massaged her butt. She rubbed her clit on the mattress underneath her, causing her to squirt all over the bed. He opened up her ass and said, “I’m gonna fuck you so good.” His rough hands parting her cheeks apart felt so good. He pushed his wet dick into her ass, she screamed.
“FuCK my ass,, ughh fuck me,, ahh..” He fucked her harder and harder grabbing her nipples very hard. Cum was coming out of her pussy, white and oozing but he kept fucking her ass, she screamed, loving the pain. He started thrusting himself into her and she knew he was about to cum. He finally shot hot sticky cum into her ass and her pussy dripped some more. He pulled out and stared down at her stretched-cum filled ass.
“You are beautiful.”
She turned on her back and smile, this is what she was dreaming for. Her body was glistening with sweat. He kissed her long and passionately, then they heard footsteps coming from downstairs. Ebony rushed under covers to pretend she was asleep and Rick rushed to put his clothes back on and went downstairs. Ebony’s mother gazed at him. Before he could explain why he had been upstairs she said,
“She’s nothing compared to me.”

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