Jamie and Anthoney

“Anthoney where are we going? I’m going to be late for class” Jamie looked around trying to figure out where she was being taken, she knew her teacher would tell her off if she was late again, but that is usually what happened when she skipped out to see Anthoney. He had such a magnetic pull she didnt feel like herself sometimes. She always prided herself on being a “good” girl, but ever since she met Anthoney it seemed like everything was getting turned upside down, her grades were slipping, she coulndt focus in class, she skipped classes, What was wrong with me? she thought to herself. ” Here we are come inside , quick before someone sees us” He pulled her into a dark empty classroom with a small light in the corner. ” Okay Anthoney why are we here? Whats going on now?” she kind of a had a feeling it was going to happen today, they had been going out for almost 3 months and there was alot of teasing and sexual tension that was building up between them, she was already wet thinking about what might happen. ” Well lets just sit in here and talk for a bit, i have something i want to show you” He pulled her into the classroom and slowly took her hand and placed it on his hard throbbing dick. ” See what you do to me Jamie, i’m always so hard for you, i want you so bad, cant you see that?” . Wow his dick is so hard, what do i do, i’m not sure if this is the right time, but i cant wait much longer either, she thought, the only problem was she was a virgin and she didnt want to lose him because she was inexperienced but it seemed like this was going to be the moment to reveal the truth. ” Anthoney look, i didnt want to tell you but, i’m a virgin, i dont know what to do about you being hard, i only know that i want you too, if you could just show me what you want…” He voice trailed off as he pulled away from her. ” What the matter?” she said, concern seeping through her voice ” I didnt know you were a virgin, why didnt you tell me, i would have made this a more special day….Jamie i want you now but if you want to wait its fine with me” he said. ” Fuck, i shouldnt have told you, forget i said it, i want you right now, just tell me what to do i’m a fast learner.” He walked back and forth in front of her, she knew he was having a hard time making this decision, ” Okay, lets go in here, just to be safe” He lead her into a closet and took his shirt off, he laid it on the ground for her to lay on, “Okay Jamie come here”. Man i hope i dont fuck this up what if he doesnt want to be with me? what if i’m not good at all, she thought, “Okay” she moved to sit down in front of him and he pulled her into his lap. “Dont be nervous baby its just us, alright, damn i want you so bad baby” he licked her lips “I want you too” she meshed her lips against his and they began to kiss with a fevor that was consuming them both, she opened her mouth and welcomed his hot tongue, he thrust in and out dueling with her tongue, she was getting so hot and wet she couldnt stand it anymore, she felt his hard dick rubbing on her panties. ” Anthoney, i want you to be my first” at this He put her on the shirt he placed on the floor and got on top of her, he took her shirt off and pulled off her skirt, and began to rub her wet pussy through her panties, ” Damn baby you are so wet already, i want to taste you, can I?” he took her panties off, ” Okay Anthoney just be gentle…” He lowered himself on her pussy and stuck his tongue right in her hole, ” Fuck that felt so good!” she had never felt anything like that in her entire life, What else have i been missing out on? she thought.
He began to lick on her clit and finger her pussy, her juices flowed into his hand, a tension was building in her that she couldnt explain, like rising lava about to erupt from a volcano, she bagan to pant and he thrust his tongue in her pussy over and over, Whats happening to me i feel like im about to die! she thought, her body began to lock up and tense as her first climax rose higher and higher, and as she thought she couldnt breathe he licked her clit and she exploded, the most wonderful feeling in the world, and slowing began to ride back down from her high. ” Oh my God that was fucking great, did i cum??” she asked ” Yeah thats exactly what you did, baby i want to enter you, is that alright, its going to hurt at first but i will make you feel even better..” he waited hoping she didnt turn him down, ” Okay i’m ready Anthoney, make love to me.” he pulled down his jeans and boxers and slid them down his strong thighs. Okay relax dont start freaking out, he said it will hurt at first but it will be alright, right? as she continued her inner monologue he snapped her back to reality, ” Ready baby, im going to go inside now” he placed his dick in between her thighs in the folds of her pussy, ” Yes go ahead” and with that he thrust inside quick and deep breaking her hymen. ” Are you okay?” he asked, “Yes i’m fine keep going” he pulled back and thrust deep again, starting a slow rhthym, slowly it began to feel really good, “Damn baby you are so fucking tight” he grunted ” Yes i feel your dick in my pussy it feels good, babe go faster” she moaned, ” Are you Sure??” he said on a long moan, ” Yes fuck me” and with those words he slammed into her harder and faster, he was hitting so deep she began to climax again, rising and building until she burst ” Oh FUCK!!!” she screamed, ” Yes baby cum on my dick, you like how i fuck you.” he shouted, ” Yes Anthoney, yes fuck me harder, oh my God, yes!!” she climaxed again even harder, ” Damn baby you about to make me cum!!” he moaned, he thrust deeper and hit her g-spot and just as she came once again he burst inside her ” Fuck!!!” he screamed as she screamed “Anthoney!!!” Panting and sweaty he collapsed on top of her ” Wow, that felt so good, i never felt like that before baby,at all, damn baby i love you.” he panted, Wow i cant believe he just said that so much for worrying about being bad at this she thought. ” So when can we do that again? I’m addicted to your dick” she said, ” Well maybe you should go to class first, then maybe after lunch” he said. She could hardly wait to make love to him again, this was the beginning of a beautiful sexually satisfying relationship, there was so much to learn and she was eager to begin her lessons.

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