Jenna's First Lesbian Experience part I

I’m a young married woman with no children. I’ve always fantasized about having sex with another woman, for some reason it has always turned me on. So, when I met Courtney it was perfect…except for one thing…she was straight. She was hot! She was tall and blonde with great breast! She even had a wonderful personality! We got along so well! All I could think about was her! One night while I was riding my husband’s cock I whispered in his ear, “how would you like to see me eating pussy?” I thought he was going to explode right then! I rode him so hard that night! I was so horny just fantasizing about touching Courtney in all the right places.
After a year I still didn’t have the courage to tell her that I was attracted to her(no one know’s I think I’m bi). She and I had gone out to dinner like we always do. Only this time we had way too much to drink. We could barely walk to the cab when we were leaving! Since we couldn’t drive I told Courtney she could just stay the night with me since my husband was out of town. What I didn’t tell her was that we only had one bed! It was a long ride home…we giggled and laughed all the way home…just like two teenage girls! Somehow we stumbled into my house and into the bedroom. Our eyes hurt so badly that I just lit a candle instead of turning on the light. Since she didn’t have any pajamas I grabbed an old t-shirt for her to sleep in. Knowing neither of us was shy I began to undress in front of her hoping she would do the same. She did. I watched closely as she slowly unbuttoned her shirt and revealed her perky breast through her bra. She slipped out of her jeans and was only wearing her thin panties…I could tell that she was clean shaven because I could see her slit through her panties! That made me so wet…I love the sight of a clean shaven pussy! I watched her as she took off her bra and put on the t-shirt. I though I was going to die just being able to see her standing there half naked! So we both put on our tees and jumped into bed.
We laid there and giggled drunkenly about stupid stuff, mainly about how horny she was because her boyfriend wouldn’t give her any. I thought, “This is my chance.” Since we were so plastered I thought I’d give it a shot. I said, “Courtney, I think I can help you…” I then rolled over and placed my lips to hers. I slowly kissed her soft lips and sucked on her sweet wet tounge. I stopped to see what she would do and she kissed me back! We then began to slowly run our hands on one anothers breasts. I slid my hand underneath her t-shirt and rubbed her suppple breasts. I pulled her shirt off and began to kiss them. I heard her begin to moan as I took a nipple into my mouth and rubbed the other between my fingers. My own pussy was so wet I smelled my ownself! I slowly kissed down her soft body…when I got to the top of her panties she told me to wait. She wanted to do the same to me. She pulled me up over top of her and removed my shirt. She took my large firm breast into her hand and slowly put her lips to it! I almost exploded! Her warm kisses on my nipples and breast sent my body on fire. As she did this to me I began to run my finger into her panties. I felt her wetness on her pussy. I slowly parted it to wet my finger…she sighed as I began to rub her clit with my forefinger. I pushed one finger into her hot wet pussy and she almost screamed. She loved it! I thrust my finger in and out over and over and then I began to use more fingers until I was using three! I licked my hand so I could taste her juices…ummm she tasted so good. I knew then that I wanted to eat her pussy. I pulled off her soaked panties and threw them aside. I slowly ran my tounge from her navel down to the top of her slit. I then began to part her sweet wet pussy with my tounge. She moaned and thrashed wildly when I flicked my tounge over her clit. I inserted a finger into her aching pussy while I rubbed and sucked on her clit. I teased her legs and pussy area before I actually dove it. I eventually found my way to her hot, wet hold. I pressed my tounge in as far as it would go. All I could think about was how good she tasted. I continued until she screamed out in extacy and told me to roll over; it was finally my turn to be treated!……………

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