Jennifer's World: The College Years Ch. 17

The Sophomore Experience

Chapter 17

It was 2:00 pm. Patty Banks strolled down the sidewalk of Sorority Row at Center University. Pushing her glasses up on her nose, she looked at the grand houses, and wished on all hope that any one of her attempts for pledgeship would be accepted. No Sorority had invited her, and her time in the freshman dorm was almost at an end as she needed to find a house, or move into an apartment, to make way for the new batch of freshmen. She didn’t have the money for an apartment, no one wanted to share one with her, and she fought down a rising panic that she may have to leave school for a while until she could afford more. She knew she would have to work to make ends meet, as her scholarship only paid for her education, and not her living space, and the freshman dorm had been a godsend the last year.

The dorm. More like the Sex Pit, Patty chuckled to herself. Her roommate, a wild blonde, was always on the make. More than once she had walked in on her fucking some boy, and sometimes in positions she never knew existed. Her conservative background never prepared her for this, she thought ruefully. Mom and Dad treated sex as a taboo subject, and told her just enough so she would know what her bodily functions were about, and forcefully squelched any questions for more information “You will learn all you need to when you marry” was their stock answer.

Well, her roommate moved out at the end of the spring break and moved in with her current boyfriend. She had said she wanted to have a “private space where no one walked in” on her. Patty had thought that odd at the time, since she had never evinced any shock or surprise on any of her unexpected returns to their room before. She had seen her 2 weeks ago and found out the real reason. She was pregnant.

That last part of the year had been kind of lonely without her to shock her with some overly erotic tryst. She had to contend herself with what she had heard in the room above. Her room was on the second floor, and the room above was occupied by 2 of the sexiest women she had ever seen: Jennifer Holston and Yolanda Chu.

Patty reminisced on some of the more erotic sounds that had come from that room in the past year, both male and female. She remembered times where, when her roommate was out (which was often), she would lay on the bed, with the lights out, and listen to the escapades happening above her. She would then let her imagination take off, and furiously masturbate to fill the lustful needs that the sounds and her fantasies built up in her. She remembered crying many times after those nights, crying her loneliness and frustration. For Patty, sex was something other people had. Not her.

Patty snapped out of her reverie just in time to see three girls come out of a door two houses up, walking fast. She could hear snips of their conversation, and she deduced they were not happy.

“The nerve of them!” the tall blond said. Patty recognized her accent as Russian.

“Calm down, Alex,” said the shorter blond that Patty recognized as Jennifer. “I’m just as upset. We can’t lose our heads at the moment. We got one more house to try. If that one turns us down, then we get an apartment, alright?”

The tall blond, Alex, swore in Russian, then visibly calmed down.

Patty got a wild idea. She hurried to catch up with the girls.

Alexandra, Jennifer and Yolanda turn down the street to head for the last house on Sorority Row: Delta Delta Omega. Patty caught up with them when they reached the edge of the Sorority’s property.

Patty screwed up her courage, and tapped Jennifer on the Shoulder. Jennifer turned around.

E-excuse me, Jennifer?” Patty stammered.

“Yes?” Jennifer asked. “Patty. Patty Banks, isn’t it?”

“Y-yes,” Patty said, meekly. “I was just wondering- well, I’m looking for a Sorority, too, and-well, I was just wondering if-if-“

“If you could go with us here?” Jennifer finished.

Patty let out a sigh, and nodded.


“Sure,” Alexandra said.

“Why not?” Yolanda said. “We can make it a four-way!”

“Foursome, Yo,” Jennifer smiled, “foursome.”

“Oh, right,” Yolanda said, “foursome.”

“Come on, Patty,” Jennifer said, turning back to her, “let’s go wow them together.”

Patty felt relieved. She smiled.

The four women turned to the sorority. The property was somewhat of a shambles: the grass was overgrown, the pond was filled with slime and garbage, an old tire hung from the branch of an overgrown elm, and the surrounding fence was desperately in need of repair.

The house was even worse. It was a three-story affair. The front steps looked rickety, there were a couple of broken windows, and the whole place looked like it was peeling away. The Delta Delta Omega sign was askew, and the Omega symbol hung upside down from one of its fasteners, under where it was supposed to be.

“Are you sure about this?” Alexandra asked dubiously.

“Don’t judge from outside appearances, Alex,” Jennifer chided. “Remember how you were?”

Alexandra looked chagrined, Patty thought.

“Let’s do it,” Yolanda sighed, and opened the gate. It came off in her hand.

Yolanda put down the gate. With determined looks, the four girls walked up to the front door. Jennifer knocked.

A gangly girl, about Alexandra’s height of 6′, opened the door.

“Yes?” the girl said, in a disinterested voice.

Jennifer collected herself. “We four are here to pledge ourselves to Delta Delta Omega.”

“And who are you?’ the girl asked, in the same voice.

Jennifer answered, pointing to each woman “This is Alexandra Rockford, this is Yolanda Chu, This is Patty Banks, and I am Jennifer Holston.”

The switch of looks on the girl’s face from disinterested, to incredulous, to disbelief, was plainly visible. She opened the door wider with alacrity.

“Jennifer Holston?” she said. “You want to pledge HERE?!”

Alexandra prepared to throw a tirade. She had heard this very same question from every other house. To her, it preceded a denial, for any number of reasons, from unfair, to totally ludicrous.

Alexandra was visibly surprised at the girl’s answer, however.

“I don’t believe it,” the girl said. “Jennifer Holston wants to pledge here! Come in! Come in! All of you! We are honored to have you!”

The four women shared a quizzical look, then entered.

The parlor was better than the outside, but not by much. At least it was clean. The girl escorted them to a table at the other end of the parlor, where a heavy set brunette sat.

“Sister Maxine?” the tall girl said, “I present 4 women who wish to pledge themselves to the Delta Delta Omega house.”

“Please state your name for the record,” sister Maxine droned.

“Patricia Banks.”


“Alexandra Rockford.”


“Yolanda Chu.”


“Jennifer Holston”

Scrib—sister Maxine dripped her pen and glanced up, a look of disbelief on her face. The other girl beamed.

“Jennifer Hol—” sister Maxine stammered. “Sister Arly, why didn’t you tell me?”

“I thought to surprise you,” sister Arly laughed.

“Excuse me,” Jennifer said, starting to finally get nettled with all this, “but may I ask what it is you find so unbelievable? I am here to pledge! Now, are we accepted, or do we leave and search elsewhere?”

Maxine looked back to Jennifer, and composed herself. “Jennifer. I’m sorry. It’s just that we did not expect a woman as famous as you to want to pledge here when there are other more popular Sororities than ours.”

“Those other ‘popular’ ones turned us away, for bullshit reasons, not wanting to ‘stain’ their reputation by having a ‘slut’, or ‘fallen woman’-“

“Don’t forget ‘cunt’ or ‘Jezebel’,” Yolanda piped in.

“Or ‘Hose Monster’,” Alexandra added, smirking.

“-in their ranks!” Jennifer concluded.

Maxine and Arly stared at her, blinking furiously at each punctuated reaso

“I didn’t mean to hit a sore spot,” Maxine said. “It’s true that we have heard negative things about you last year, but the good you have done far outweighs that Plus, your strength of character and determination and purpose are legendary in the freshman community. You helped more people than you realize, Jennifer. Whether you know it or not, your personality and sense of personal ethics have been a model for many people. Why, we even have discussions here at the sorority on how to emulate you! You are an inspiration to many at the school!

“The Delta Sorority is a small one. We have no Charter with a national. We don’t even have a brother fraternity. There are only eight girls here, including myself. We don’t have the advantages the other sororities have to attract people like you to their ranks. So please, forgive us our disbelief. We never hoped for this kind of opportunity to impress someone like you.”

Jennifer and her group exchanged extremely surprised looks.

“We will dispense with the standard pledge ritual, and waive the probationary period, sister Arly. Pleas allot them full status and assign them their rooms. Welcome to the Delta Delta Omega Sorority, Sisters Alexandra, Yolanda, Patty, and Jennifer!”

“Thank you,” the four said.

“There is a house meeting tonight, where you will be introduced to the others. Please be there.”

Jennifer nodded, then the four of them followed sister Arly up the stairs.

Arly showed them the rooms on each of the floors. When she asked them which rooms they wanted, Jennifer and group picked four adjoining rooms on the third floor at the far end of the house.

Patty still could not believe her incredible luck. She had heard some of the more unsavory stories of Jennifer, but was not aware of how deep the respect, or disdain, that people had for her. She shook her head as she entered her room.

It was a standard bedroom. It had a bed, desk, dresser, closet, chest, and phone. A large oval rug covered the center of the floor, and the walls were painted a pleasing, but chipped and peeling, pink. Patty sat at the desk and put her head in her hands.

A knock on her door interrupted her. She got up and opened it. Jennifer was standing there.

“You OK with this?” Jennifer asked.

“Oh. Yes. Yes I am,” Patty answered.

“Come to my room. The other girls are there. You are a part of this now, and we are the new ones. We need to talk and plan.”

Patty nodded, and followed Jennifer to her room, which was right next to hers. When she entered, Yolanda and Alexandra greeted her, giggling like schoolgirls. Patty was still in a state of shock as she sat down.

“Well, we completed our objective,” Jennifer said to the group, “and got a place to live. Patty, I’m sorry. I should have told you we were doing this together, and if one of us was denied, the others would withdraw. We all wanted to be together. When you asked to come with us, we had just been viciously denied at another house because of a veiled bigotry about Alex’s nationality, and we were all nettled. Normally, I would have told you that, and said something, allowing you to be with us, but to try on your own. I inadvertently added you in to our group, not thinking on the possible outcome. I apologize.”

“Nothing to apologize for,” Patty said, relaxing. “This was a last chance for me as well. No one wanted a ‘mouse’ in their house, and I was wondering how I was going to continue my education if I didn’t find a place to live.”

“I’m glad it worked for you then,” Yolanda said.

“So am I,” Alexandra said.

“Let’s get to know each other,” Jennifer said.

For the next few hours, the four girls talked about themselves. Patty learned about their majors, their likes in music, food, and men. She also learned that Jennifer was engaged to be married. She told them she was a mathematics and education major, was from a farm town in Illinois, and had no current romantic interest. She did not tell them about her crush.

As 7:00 pm approached, there was a knock on Jennifer’s door. When she opened it, she saw Arly there.

“Please join us in the dining room for dinner and the meeting,” she said.

The four friends nodded and followed.

The dining room was the nicest room in the house. The walls had real wood paneling. Pictures of past and present sisters hung reverently in groups by year. There was a trophy case, full of varying trophies. There was a huge china cabinet to one side, near the swinging doors that led to the kitchen. The table was large enough to seat 30 or more, and made of a beautiful cherry wood. A chess board sat at one end of it, along with a record player and cassette/cd player. A TV with VCR sat on a stand in the corner near the entry door.
Sister Maxine sat at the head of the table, sister Arly to her right. Four other girls sat on the left side, with two empty spots beyond them, and four empty spots beyond Arly on the right.

Arly motioned for the girls to take the places next to her. Urged by Jennifer, Patty took the first place. Then Yolanda sat next to her, then Jennifer, then Alexandra. Whispers from the other side of the table belied the excitement all the women must have shared to know that there was a celebrity in their midst. Patty found it amusing.

Two girls emerged from the kitchen with dinner: Roast, potatoes, corn mashed potatoes and gravy, and a cherry crisp for dessert. It smelled delicious.

As dinner was served, Arly filled them in on how duties were shared in the house. It seemed that all the domestic duties were done by everyone, each duty done by one of them, then switched a week later, so if you cooked one week, you may be mopping floors the next, and so on. It seemed a little too simplistic to Patty, instantly thinking of a better way of doing it so that all chores, outside and in, were done on a consistent basis.

After dinner, Maxine started the meeting. They went through the minutes of the last meeting, then on to new business. At this point, Arly motioned each girl to stand up in turn and introduce herself, then she had Patty, Yolanda, Jennifer, and Alexandra do the same.

There was no other new business, and the meeting ended. Two other girls, not the same ones who cooked and served dinner, cleared the table. The rest of them talked with Patty and friends, wishing them a warm welcome and long stay with Delta Delta Omega.

Once the girls were able to leave, they headed back upstairs and met in Jennifer’s room.

“Well, what do you think of our new home?” Jennifer asked them.

“A real gaggle, that’s what I think!” Alex said. “Hardly any self esteem.”

“No fun,” Yolanda said. “No life, other than study.”

“I agree,” Jennifer said. “Study is important, but so is life, and experiencing it. Patty, what do you think?”

Patty started. “Me?”

“Yes, dear,” Jennifer, said tenderly. “You are the fourth ‘Musketeer’ of this group, so to speak. Your input is just as important.”

“Yes,” Alexandra said. Patty noticed an unusual twinkle in her eye.

“Well,” she started, “I think that they are a bit-frustrated? They talked a lot about boys, except the one with a boyfriend. Since they don’t have a fraternity, they don’t socialize that much. They really want to have boyfriends.” Like me, she added mentally.

Jennifer nodded at her assessment, and smiled. “A bit like you, I imagine,” she said to her.

Patty sat up, shocked. “How-how-“

Yolanda came and sat next to Patty. “Jennie baby is special,” she explained to her. “She can read people real well. If I know Jennie baby, she probably came up with the same thought.”

“I did,” Jennifer said.

“Me and Alex don’t think like that quite yet, but we learn. It is a good trait to have, and it lets us know who we can be with, and who to stay away from.”

you came up with that assessment, without any prompting, or clues, shows that you have that trait, Patty,” Alex said. “Who knows? It may be as strong as Jennifer’s.”

Patty pu
shed her glasses up on her nose, and preened a little at the compliment. Then she retreated back into her shell.

“I couldn’t have it,” she finally said. “I really haven’t had much of a life myself. I’m usually alone, I’m a nobody-“

“Patty Banks!” Jennifer said, a little severely, “I don’t want to hear that from you. You are NOT a nobody! I do not socialize with people who firmly believe that. All that will do is bring you AND the people you socialize with down. Haven’t you ever noticed that when you hang out with someone for a while, you leave because they became negative, even though they were not like that at first?”

Patty thought on that, and had to agree. She remembered a couple of friends she had at the beginning of last year. They were bubbly and wide-eyed, full of life. After hanging out with them for a while, she discovered they had become just as negative as her, and she drifted from them. She knew she had instilled that negativity in them. Patty nodded, and started to cry.

Alex sat on the other side of Patty and put her arm around her. “Let it out,” she said. “I know how it feels to be shown how you are, but the good part is you can change it, if you want. No one can help you unless you really want to help yourself.”

Alexandra shared her experience with Jennifer at the Coffee Stop, when she confronted Jennifer, fought her, lost, and the self-realization that came right afterward. Patty looked at Alexandra. She removed Patty’s glasses, and kissed her forehead.

“But how can someone change unless you show them?” she asked plaintively, through tears.

“Showing them doesn’t do it,” Jennifer said, tenderly. “All it does is reveal to them that you see it. The other person must be ready to accept it in himself or herself before they can change. Without that belief, any help given them is wasted.”

“Then how do you know I accepted it, what you said about me?”

“I knew when you nodded at my assessment of the friends you had had. That takes a lot. You saw it in your mind, and saw I was right. That is why you are crying.”

Patty was amazed. She suddenly realized how her popularity came to be. She helped people realize who they were and to believe in themselves. Those that didn’t like her would not believe in who they really were, and feared to change.

“So that’s how she helped you!” Patty said to Alex, a flash of insight illuminating her eyes. “She helped you to see yourself, through her eyes!”

Jennifer smiled. Alex beamed.

“She hit it right on the head, Jennie baby!” Yolanda smiled.

“Like an arrow,” Jennifer quipped.

The four of them laughed.

They made plans to move their stuff from the freshmen dorm in the morning, and said their good nights to each other.

Patty returned to her room, stripped, and crawled into her bed. She reminisced on all the things that had happened today, what she heard from all the other girls of the sorority, and what Jennifer showed her of herself. She found herself liking and respecting Jennifer more since then, as if she touched her soul in a very special way…

A knock on her door startled her. “Who is it?” she asked.

“It’s Alex, Patty. Can I come in?”

“Come on in, Alex.”

When Alex came in, Patty saw that she was wrapped in her bed blanket.

“What’s on your mind?” Patty asked.

Alex sat on the edge of the bed, near the foot. “Well, I wanted to tell you that I was very impressed with what you said, about how Jennifer helped me to see me through her eyes. That was very perceptive of you, even if you don’t think so yourself. You have that gift of perception of people, Patty. Don’t lose it.”

Patty looked at Alexandra again. She noticed she had combed her long blond hair out, and she was sitting a little subdued. She was looking down after she finished speaking, as if she were…waiting for something.

Patty felt a tingle in her belly. She analyzed it. It wasn’t fear, or empathy, it was…interest? Lust? Was she longing for Alex?

The thought scared her a little. Patty knew she had fantasized at times about being with another girl, and wasn’t reviled by it. Could it be…?

Be true to yourself, Patty, she thought. She decided.

“Alex, why did you come here? Really.”

“Well, My Sam is still in Wyoming with his parents, and I haven’t seen him in 2 months. I am a little lonely. I haven’t really been touched in a couple of weeks, because Jennifer had been with Jason, and Yo with Tommy, and Jennie and Yo are going at it right now, told me they wanted just each other at the moment, and I thought…”

Patty decided to spare her rambling. She though she should be shocked by the brazen confession, but actually had warmed to it, like a kindred spirit. “You thought that maybe you and I could do it?”

Alex bit her lip. “Something like that. I’m not really very good at this, and usually stay within a tight group, but Jennie brought you in, and…”

Patty, losing more of her timid, mousy side with each passing second, sat up, letting the blanket fall from her chest, and touched Alexandra’s shoulder. “You are doing just fine, Alex.”

Alexandra looked over and saw Patty’s pert tits. Patty then opened her blanket to her.

“Come here,” patty cooed.

Alex stood up and let her blanket drop. Patty eyes took in her statuesque figure, her gorgeous tits, her feminine looking scar, in short her entire being. Alex climbed into her bed, lying down in her proffered arm. Patty covered her and lay down with her.

Tentatively, Patty brought her lips to Alexandra’s. The kiss was electric. Alexandra separated her lips with her tongue, exploring. Patty caressed her left tit, marveling at its smoothness, and gasping inwardly at the lust that touch inspired.

Alex ran her hands down Patty’s side, caressing her ass and pulling her closer. Patty mimicked the move.

Alex broke the kiss, and started to kiss and lick her neck, moving lower. Patty closed her eyes, gasping at the sensation. Alex kissed across her breast bone, and finally to one of Patty’s pert tits, slowly rolling the nipple with her tongue

“Oh, Alex, that feels so good!” Patty moaned.

Alexandra moved to the other tit, sucking it the same way. Patty’s moans were a little louder now. Her hands were running through Alexandra’s hair in time with the tongue on her nipple.

Alexandra brought her hand around to Patty’s pussy and gently pried her legs apart; She then stoked her pussy lips and clit very tenderly. Patty gasped. Alexandra then inserted her middle finger into her pussy, mashing her clit with her thumb.

It was all Alexandra could do to keep Patty from bucking them both off the bed. Her orgasm, as unexpected as it was strong, caught both of them unawares, and Alexandra held strongly on to her. Patty wailed in a low moan that ended in a muffled scream as she grabbed her pillow and put it over her face!

Alexandra kept fucking her with her finger and mashing her clit with her thumb. “That’s it, dear,” She said to Patty, “Let your orgasm grip you. Ride it out.”

Patty’s mind exploded in a hundred different directions. She could not think coherently. Her entire being was centered on her clit and the orgasm it continued to engender. Her body tingled everywhere. Even her hair felt sensitive. She barely heard Alexandra’s comment.

As Patty’s orgasm subsided, Alex loosened her grip and laid her head on her chest. All of a sudden, she felt a hand grab a hank of her hair and pull her head up. Alexandra looked right into the eyes of Patty, and gasped. The lust she saw in her eyes was frightening!

“My turn!” Patty said lustily.

This time, Alexandra gasped. She was surprised by this woman’s strength as Patty flipped her to the bottom and landed her mouth right on her left tit, furiously sucking the nipple!
/>Alexandra could hardly keep her breath as Patty went to her other tit, and slammed her hand into her pussy. Patty’s other hand grabbed Alexandra’s ass and pulled, making her pussy lips wide
n even farther. Patty then inserted 3 fingers into the hole and rammed them in to the knuckles, making Alexandra cry out.

Patty was in the grips of a lust she never felt, and rode the wave. She began pumping her fingers into Alexandra faster and faster, all the while maintaining her sucking on her wondrous tits. She then used her thumb and cruelly rubbed Alexandra’s clit, making her squeal with each circuit.

Patty’s assault did not have to last long, as her attack had the desired effect of bringing Alexandra to a quick orgasm of her own.

“OH, SHIT, PATTY,” Alexandra screamed, not caring who heard. “YOU’RE MAKING ME CUM HARD! OH GOD, IT’S COMING, PATS! I’M CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG…!

Alexandra could not contain herself as she let her orgasm grip every muscle in her body. Patty kept up her attack until she started to come down. She then withdrew her hand, looked up at her and smiled.

“Paybacks are a bitch, aren’t they?” she said, playfully.

“That’s a payback I can live with!” Alexandra said dreamily.

Patty laughed softly, and laid her head on her chest.

A few moments later, Patty’s door opened. Jennifer and Yolanda walked in. Patty looked up and saw they were both naked. She found both women beautiful.

“Well, I see you blossomed quickly,” Jennifer said to Patty.

“You made me see me through your eyes, Jen,” she said.

“How you feel now, twat?” Yolanda asked.

“Very satisfied, cunt,” Alex said. “Pussy here worked me over well!”

“Pussy?” Patty asked archly.

“Your pet name in our group, Pats,” Jennifer said. “It looks like you really impressed Alex here.”

“Not just impressed, slut,” Alexandra drolled. “I think I found your match.”

“Oh? How so?”

“She pegged my need unerringly, and brought me to it so adroitly I thought it was you. That’s talent.”

“Good. Then me denying sex with you tonight did the trick.”

Alexandra and Patty looked at her quizzically.

“You needed to learn how to approach people, Alex,” Jennifer explained, “and I needed to know how Patty swung. Now tell me, do you think she could be a future part of our larger group?”

Alex thought about it a moment. “Possibly. She still needs to shed her shyness, or we will scare her. She just started tonight, with me, and this was a protected environment. We need to know how she fares on her own, and besides, I want to see how well her perception works. She may just be your rival, Jen.”

“My thoughts, exactly, dear,” Jennifer said. “Come on, girls. Let’s have a REAL party now!”

Patty and Alexandra laughed as Yolanda shut the door…


So, Jennifer has found her sorority AND a possible rival in the perception department. How will this new friend affect Jennifer? And what has Jennifer’s presence done to her sorority? Find out in the next erotic chapter of “Jennifer’s World: The College Years”, coming soon!

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