She was georgious, Jessica long legs green eyes and long silky brown hair, I had been chatting with her online for close to 5 years now amd finally she arrives to a college in my area, I spent weeks on pinning her down on Campus, finding her dormroom and not to mention bribing her roommate to stay away this particular saturday night.

Around 6PM I see her return to her dorm, she is wearing shorts and a tanktop, it is almost unbareable but I am determined to fuck her tonight.

I give her an hour then I walk up to the door and knock it lightly, her voice inside shouts to come in, she thinks it is a friend, she is in the shower, I know because I can hear the water running.

I undress quickly and slides into the bathroom, I am stunned by the sight of her in the shower, her slender sexy body, her perky breasts and perfectly trimmed Pussy, her hands running down her body cleaning, caressing.

I step into the shower and cups her breasts from behind, she screams but I whisper, relax baby it is me your cyberfriend, she imidiately relaxes and my hands runs down her firm stomach starts rubbing her wet pussy while my kisses showers her neck, mmmm I want you baby.

She gives in totally and I pin her against the wall, her eyes still closed the water hitting her breasts as I slide down her body and starts to lick her pussy slit slowly running my hot tongue along her puffy pussylips, my hands squeezing her beutiful ass as I just lick and suck her clitoris which is perky sticking out for me to handle.

My cock is hard now and I slide into her tight pussy, she whimpers a little as I pin her, she mumbles something about protection but I just start moving my hips in and out my cock slides and she starts moaning, first little moans then her breathe gets faster and faster and a slurpy sound fills the bathrom, I can feel her pussy squirting around my cock as I keep up the pace fucking my beautiful Jessica over and over again until she shakingly comes in my arms.

I let go of her and she slides down the shower floor, I leave the room but leaves a not with my cell phone number, did I ever hear from her? thats another story for another time.

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