Karma's ways Part 1

Just an average senior day at Waptonia High School outside Jacksonville, Florida. I am just getting done with P.E class. I am in the girl’s locker room getting changed to go home. I happen to look over for some reason at Nicole and I am floored by what I see: There is a cock hanging between her legs, it’s not a strap on, it is a full flesh cock at least in its limp form at about 3-4 inches long and 3 inches thick.

“Nicole what the fuck is that!” I ask really shocked and a bit disgusted.

“What is what?” she looks down at her cock “It’s just my cock I’m a shemale I can’t help it.”

“You’re a freak!” I say laughing my ass off at her, as I get dressed.

She starts to tear up and quickly gets dressed “You know Alice you are a real bitch and one day karma is going to get you.” She leaves the locker room upon saying that.

I grab my stuff and get ready to head home, that is when a girl in my class passes me and says, “You know you’re a really bitch and you better hope that karma does not bite you on your pretty tan ass”

I just roll my eyes “Whatever I stand by what I said and forever will” I laugh as I head to my locker. That is where my boyfriend Quincy was waiting. I hug and kiss him. “Ready to go babe?”

“You know it girl come on let’s get going,” he says holding my hand as we walk to his new camero that is when we drive over to my place since my parents were not home and would not be home for 5 days since they are one business trip.

We get inside and I set my backpack down by the couch and I turn around grabbing his hands leading him to my bedroom. He follows me with that loveable grin I fell in love with. Once we get in my room I turn around and lean back against him looking at us in the mirror. He slides his hands around my body, up my shirt and starts lightly rubbing my 34 DD breasts with his large smooth hands. One thing I really detest about being slightly taller than Quincy (he is 5’11 I am 6’1) is that Quincy likes to stick his cock between my legs to make it look like I have a cock. I take off my shirt loving how my shirts felt against my breasts since I never wear a bra. Quincy starts to twist and pull at my nipples as I slide my shorts down showing him I was ready for him and not wearing any panties at all. That is when I feel Quincy take his shirt off and then take off his pants and boxers. Of course that is when he does the one thing I hate.

“Oh my god Quincy knock it off you know how disgusting that looks” I roll my eyes but I turn around and lay down on my bed.

He smirks as I look down at his rock hard 10-inch cock. He lies down on top of me after plowing his cock into my pussy, kissing my hard yet passionately as we fuck hard, rough and fast. After 15 minutes he pulls out of me and I sit up and start sucking his cock hard and fast. A few minutes later he cums down my throat. I swallow every drop and then kiss him before he gets dressed and leaves. I lay there happy that I could have my man before he left for Germany with his class.

Meanwhile at Nicole’s house

Nicole is laying on her bed sweating and panting curled up with her are Wendy and Lisa, all three naked, panting, sweaty and covered in each other’s juices. All three sit up and look at each other.

“What’s wrong Nicole?” Lisa asks adjusting her nipple ring.

“Alice, she called me a freak it made me so mad” Nicole says as Wendy cuddles into her.

“I have an idea, it’s worked before and I can do one more time before I leave.” Wendy says laughing a bit.

“What is it? I would love for whatever you got up your sleeve to get back at that bitch”

Wendy grins, “Well to make you feel better how about we just ‘curse’ her”

“What? How do you expect us to do that?” Lisa asks.

Wendy grabs a piece of paper and starts writing something down and sits between Nicole and Lisa.

All three read aloud what is on the paper “Take the bitch Alice give her a curse that will cause her much distress.” They keep chanting this for a few minutes.

“I do feel better now,” Nicole says hugging Wendy.

Little did they know the curse worked due to some cosmic glow that occurred from space that night.

Back at Alice’s house the next morning

I wake up, and ready myself for my usual morning shower unaware that my sister, Becca was home also but I think she is still asleep in her room. I walk to the bathroom wrapped in my robe and once in the bathroom I start the shower, take my robe off and step in. I stand there as the water warms up and I start to lather my body. I reach down between my legs to wash my pussy when I feel something else down there. I look down and I see a cock hanging down where my pussy should be.

“Wha….wha…what is this? Where is my pussy? NOOOOOOOOO!” I scream loudly.

*More to come from this story of course*

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