Karma's Ways Pt 2

This can’t be. How the hell did this happen? This what is racing through my head as I look down and see the cock that hangs between my legs. Rub my face as the water from the shower beats down on my body. I look down thinking I was dreaming. Sure enough I am not dreaming. Apparently I screamed pretty loud because I hear the bathroom door open and in comes my 25-year-old neighbor, Veronica.

“Is everything okay in here?” Veronica says walking closer to the shower.

“Yea….everything…is fine.” I say hoping she does not come any close, “You can go everything is fine.”

“You sure,” she asks opening the shower door.

I have no problem with her being around and being curious and watchful. My mom allows her to just come on in because our family is good friends with her. This time though I was embarrassed because when she opened the door she looks right at my cock.

“Oh, now how did you get that?” she asks, “I’ve seen you naked before and you have never had a cock before.”

“I don’t know I woke up and it appeared.” I say shaking my head closing my eyes.

The next thing I know I feel Veronica’s fingers touch my cock. Then my cock twitches and gets hard to 4 inches long. I look down at Veronica who just smiles.

“Someone is excited to feel me.” She giggles “Let me help you cure this hard problem.”

She stands back up and takes off her robe she was wearing now only wearing a black thong, her 38B breasts hanging off her small Asian body. I know I don’t like girls that way but something in my mind was telling me to have sex with her. I try and resist, but when Veronica takes her tong off and steps in the shower with me I could not control it.

“Relax you will like this.” Veronica says licking her lips getting on her knees and pulling my cock into her mouth.

“Ohh, your mouth feels so good.” I moan softly.

I rest my hand on the back of her head forcing her to suck me faster. She keeps sucking me faster and faster. 5 minutes later, I arch my body back and hold her head to me, and I cum down her throat. She pulls away and my cock is still hard as a rock.

“Wow you are quick to recover,” she giggles standing up kissing me softly.

I don’t know what came over me, but I push her against the wall and kiss her back. While I am kissing her I lift her leg up and slam my cock into her pussy. I can’t stop as I keep pumping into her.

“Oh yes, yes, ohh yea Alice right there!” Veronica moans wrapping her arm around me.

I lean my head down and start sucking on her neck as I fuck her. I can’t help it. I can’t control myself. Something is forcing me to do this. 10 minutes later I cum inside her and she cums on me.

“Very good Alice,” she says sliding away from me and out of the shower turning the water off.

I get out and we both dry off and Veronica gets dressed back in her robe and leaves. I get dressed in a red t-shirt and tight blue jeans. I groan a bit when the jeans squeeze a bit. I walk to my car and Becca is walking to middle school, she just waves at me as she walks. I wave back and get in my car and drive off to school.

I get to school and park in my usual spot. As I am getting out, I accidentally bump my hips into Wendy.

“Oh sorry about that.” I say as I feel my cock twitch again.

Wendy smiles feeling the cock against her fingers, “Its okay so what is this under here?” she asks grabbing my cock.

I jump groaning at the feeling. My cock gets rock hard pressing against the jeans. That force behind this makes me grab her wrist and open the back door to my car pulling Wendy in with me. Wendy I guess knows what I want and she takes off her jeans and panties and I see her clit pierced 4 times.

“Well are you going to fuck me or just stare at me hoe?” Wendy asks licking her lips.

I take off my jeans and panties and my cock somehow has gotten bigger at 5-inches. Wendy gets on her knees kissing me softly giggling. I growl and wrap my arms around her holding her down to the seat as I slam my cock into her pussy.

“Ohhh, yes, yes, yes Alice fuck me!” Wendy moans loudly.

I keep pounding into her hard and fast. I wish I could control this, because I would not being doing this. I wouldn’t even be at school. 10 minutes later I cum inside her pussy and she cums on me. I sit up panting looking at her.

“Oh man looks like it worked,” Wendy says to herself out loud.

I chose to ignore it and Wendy puts her pants back on and leaves my car. I pull my pants back up and leave heading into the school. My first two classes; Math and French go by without anything happening. I get to my 3rd period class, History. I get there and Lisa is standing by my desk talking with someone else. I go to squeeze past her to sit down and her hand grazes my cock. This causes my cock to twitch again. I groan as I sit down hoping I didn’t have to do anything about it right now. Class gets started and I start taking my test. As I am taking it I feel my cock twinge more and I feel the urge to take Lisa.

After the class is dismissed, I get up and go to the bathroom, Lisa follows me wanting to check her make-up. Once we are in the bathroom I grab her and pull her in the far bathroom stall.

“What the fuck are you doing Alice?” she says flipping her red hair back.

I look at her and I unzip my jeans and push them down with my panties. Her eyes widen when she sees my now 6-inch cock standing straight up. Lisa just smiles and slides her panties down from under her skirt and pushes me down on the toilet. She then lowers herself down on my cock sliding it in her pussy.

“Ohh, it feels so good inside me.” She moans.

She starts riding me hard and fast. We both start moaning. I lean my head down and suck on her nipples through her green tank top.

“Yes, yes suck my nipples you hoe.” She moans leaning her head back.

Both our bodies shake and I cum in her and she cums on me 5 minutes later. Lisa pulls off me and kisses me. She puts her panties in my backpack. We are both lucky we have lunch so there was no class to get to. I was not feeling hungry, but I could barely fit my cock in my panties so I keep them off and Lisa takes them before leaving. I decided I would go to my gym locker and wear my gym shorts the rest of the day. I get to the locker room and I bump into the gym teacher 31 year-old Ms. Fredrickson.

“Oh sorry about that Alice, what are you doing here so early?” she asks stepping out of the way.

“Oh, um I’m just getting my gym shorts on because my legs are so hot.” I say making up a reasonable lie even though I could feel my cock twitch and the outline was showing through my jeans.

I get to my locker and take off my jeans my cock still rock hard is now at 7 inches long. I sigh wiping away some small tears that appeared in my eyes. I search for my shorts, unaware, beautiful new nurse Ms. Iris and Ms. Fredrickson both walk in the locker room holding hands. They both stop in their tracks staring at my cock.

“Oh my Alice, I did not know you have a cock like Nicole.” Ms. Fredrickson says licking her lips squeezing Ms. Iris’ hand.

I look at Fredrickson licking my lips back. Ms. Iris moves over to me undressing as she goes revealing her massive 34DD breasts. When she gets to me I lean my head down and attack her tits. Ms. Fredrickson giggles and undresses walking towards me, she has just small 31B breasts.

“I want her cock in me first.” Fredrickson says kissing Iris pressing her breasts into my back.

Iris pulls away and then they both lie me down on the bench, taking my shirt off. Fredrickson then moves my cock to stand straight up and lowers herself on it. I feel the hot burning feeling of her pussy as she starts to ride me. Iris then straddles my head and lowers her pussy to my mouth. I shut my mouth shut to keep from moaning from Fredrickson.

“Lick my pussy, Alice.” Iris say pulling my hair.

I open my mouth and start licking her pussy. I hate this nasty taste but I can’t stop licking it. Both nurse and teacher moaning loudly. 10 minutes later they both cum on me while I cum inside Fredrickson. After they both get off me I sit up gagging from the nasty taste of Iris’ cum. I go to stand up but Iris grabs my cock.

“Oh no you don’t I need it in me now.” She says demanding.

Fredrickson lies down on the bench now, and Iris moves me out of the way and puts her head between Fredrickson’s legs and licks her pussy. Iris sticks her hips in the air. I hypnotically get behind her and slam my cock into her pussy and start fucking her. This goes on for 15 minutes and we all cum again. The teachers start making out as I now sit there panting.

“Get your shorts on and get out of here Alice” Fredrickson says, “See you in gym class and don’t tell anyone about this.”

I pull my long red gym shorts on and head off to my next class. The next two classes went well with nothing happening down there nor a mention about it since I had both Lisa and Wendy in either class. I get to P.E and Ms. Fredrickson winks at me with a smile. I smile back. I quickly get changed into my gym shirt since I was already wearing my shorts. During P.E we are playing basketball, and my best friend Brandi bumps into me playing defense. It is not a problem if she didn’t hit my cock. I cringe as she steals the ball from me. I rush back on D and get the ball back, my other friend Cary and Nicole reach for the ball to double team me and I lift the ball up out of reach. As they reached for and missed they both at the same time hit my cock already hard cock. Nicole smiles and Cary pulls back. After class we are in the locker room changing. Most of the girls leave as I slide down my shorts instinctively. Instantly Nicole looks over at my now 8-inch cock.

“Oh now who look is the freak.” She says walking up to me, “So what are you going to do about being called a freak?”

“I am going to fuck Brandi.” I say with no control about saying it.

Nicole raises an eyebrow and turns around taking off her shorts and her cock is rock hard at 8-inches also as Cary and Brandi walk by us. I grab Brandi slam her against my locker and kiss her hard. Nicole smiles grabbing Cary and doing the same to her. I crouch down and yank down Brandi’s panties as she was going to the showers. I bend her over and slam my large cock into her.

“Ahh, no, no stop it Alice!” she moans crying a little bit as pound into her hard.

Nicole smiles as she pulls Cary’s panties down and does the same thing. We keep pounding into the two harder and faster. I try and keep pace with Nicole but it is starting to get harder. Neither Cary nor Brandi are enjoying this and are still crying and moaning at the same time. After 20 minutes Brandi cums on me and I cum in her. I guess that is what happened with Cary and Nicole. Cary and Brandi grab their clothes and run away crying.

“See what it is like to be a freak!” Nicole yells stepping up to me turning me around slamming her large cock into my ass, “Yea you bitch!”

I wake up in a cold sweat. I realize I had been dreaming. More like a nightmare.

“What is wrong babe?” Nicole asks looking at me waking up slightly.

“Oh sorry to wake up I just had a bad dream.” I say looking down at Nicole kissing her as I lie back down.

“Go to sleep I need to know if you are carrying my boy or girl” she says kissing me back going back to sleep.

I fall back asleep having learned my lesson from high school about being a bitch.

-I hope you have enjoyed this story. Email me at kellye2000@hotmail.com if you want-

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