Last ride

The most amazing thing happened to me the other day. It took me a few days to feel like it actually happened and it was not some crazy dream. Mainly because it was something I had fantasized about for years if you know what I mean. My brother is engaged to this wonderful woman named Samantha. She is a pre-school teacher at a local school here in town. My son happens to be in her class. I pick him up on days I he comes to stay with me, and I always stop and talk to Sam. Anyway I got my days mixed up on Friday forgot my ex was taking him away that weekend, and so I ended up at the school for nothing or so I thought.
She mentioned my Brother was out of town on a fishing trip till Sunday and said she had no plans and so we went for a beer. We went to the local watering hole and after a round decided to go to get some food. We went to a local restaurant and had a nice meal, and I drove her home. She invited me in to see the stuff she had for the wedding and to have a glass of wine “or something” she poured a glass of wine and we sat on the couch and looked t patterns and colours and layouts, after a few minutes she turned to me and said ” only three weeks till the wedding”
“yup” I said “getting nervous”
She put her glass down and slid over beside me and started stroking my knee “not nervous” she said in a kitty cat purr kind of voice ” but thinking if you are up for it I would like to sew some last few wild oats before I settle down with your brother”
A little taken back “you mean you and I …”
“all weekend, ” she cupped my cock ” with no one to stop us from fucking our brains out”
I never even thought about my brother, he could have this beautiful, woman any time he wanted but for me attractive women rarely throw themselves at me. “lets go, sexy” I said smiling ear to ear.
She stood up and pulled off the top she had on that was hiding those wonderful c cups of hers and slide off her bra. I pulled off my shirt, and pulled off my pants, I never wear underwear so I was completely naked. She moaned when she saw my cock. I undid her khakis and let them slide to the floor, she was wearing pink lace panties which I tore off her in one good yank.
“oh yes I love a savage man” she moaned”
I grabbed her legs and wrapped them around me and held her ass as I carried her to the kitchen table and put her down I spread her legs apart and ate some of the sweetest pointing I ever had. She wiggled and writhed on the table as ate her like a buffet. She ran her fingers through my hair and led my hand top her tits as I ate all my dinner.
“stop!” she begged, and as I did I stood over her she slid off the table and onto her knees, taking my cock into her mouth. My lord she was good no biting, just a very good hummer. I was feeling the burn of coming so I stopped her, grabbed her pony tail and pulled her to her feet.
“where and how do you want it baby” I said stroking her nipples
“just take me to the bedroom and fuck me like you have never fucked before!”
She led me by the cock up the hall way and into their bedroom I pushed her down and on her side I spooned in next to her from behind and lifted her top leg up. I entered the her form there and began to pump her like hell. I dropped her leg and used my hand to fondle those engorged breasts she flicked her own clit as I fucked her from behind, she came so hard it squirted out all over the sheets.
I then pulled out and rolled her on her back. I entered her missionary style and put one leg over my shoulder. Then proceed to pump until I shot a hot load into her.
We never left the house that weekend. On Sunday I took a shower helped her clean the house and left through the backdoor as my brother was arriving. It will never happen again, I am glad I could help her sew up those last wild oats.

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