Lee and I get it on again

Lee came over Friday, like he usually does, and this Friday was a very hot day. It was about 85 degress outside. To me, Lee looked hotter than usual. He had on a white beeter and swim trunks. I had on my bikini top and a jean skirt. My parents were at work, so we were left home alone. We decided that we wanted to swim because it was soo unbelievably warm outside. I went up to my room to get my bikini bottoms on. I loved this bikini and so did Lee. It was white with large red flowers on it. The top was halter and the bottoms tied on the sides. We hadn’t been outside for probably 10 seconds when Lee thru me into the pool. He then jumped in after me. At first we were just splashing around, occasionaly kissing. But then, for some reason, I got really horny. So, I swam over to Lee and kinda backed him up against the wall. We started making out, and he began feeling my tits. My nipples were hard because the water was cold and Lee enjoyed playing with them. He untied my top and took it off. He then began licking and sucking on my tits. I was getting extremeley horny. To pleasure him, I went down his swim shorts, and grabbed his huge dick and began stroking it. It was very hard and he began jizzing. We were both enjoying this greatly. After about 10 minutes of this, Lee worked his way down into my bikini bottoms and began to feel my wet and warm pussy. He loved my pussy. He always played with it and he loved fingering me. Lee then inserted 1 finger into there. He likes starting out with just 1 so it opens up. After that, he then inserted 3 fingers. OMG!! I was orgasiming sooo much!! I was getting his fingers really wet and he was enjoying it greatly. After about 15 minutes, he picked me up and sat me on the ground around the pool. Lee remained in the pool. As he took me out, he untied my bikini bottoms. So, there I was naked in my backyard. At he sat me down, he kissed every inch of my body. Then, he began licking my pussy. He licked up all my juices and stuck his tongue deep into me. I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt. I was never so wet and warm and Lee enjoyed it greatly. After he was done with that, he put me into the pool once again. I told him to get out. He did and I then took off his swim shorts. I slowly began to lick his dick and then I stuck it into my mouth. He was jizzing all over me. It was amazing. After about 10 minutes, He got back into the pool and in a matter of 3 seconds, we were fucking like we never did before. His dick felt soo good in me and he was going slow and then faster and faster. As he did this, he played with my tits. I moaned and groaned and wanted more. The water made everything feel soo much better than usual and we liked the feeling. Lee continued to fuck me. He was sticking his dick really far into me and i was orgasiming. His jizz felt so good inside of me. My pussy was wet and warm. We continuted to fuck for about 45 minutes, but then we had to stop because my mom was gonna be home shortly. lee and I both wish we could have kept going because it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt or done. We knew we would just have to finish up another day soon after.

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