Lesbian Teacher and student turn Bi

The school play was well on its way to completion. As a new student teacher Amelia felt nervous having to deal with the students who were, for the most part, fairly wild. She expected that at 17 or 18 years of age they might have gained a little bit of maturity…but then again…She chuckled to herself remembering what she was like at that age. You grew a lot in 5 years.
22 and fresh out of uni, Amelia had long dark hair with a permanent wave, and deep brown eyes. She had Latin origins, her dad has always taught her that women of her culture were deeply rooted on their own sexual mystery, and sometimes not even they knew what it was about. She felt a slight tingle between her legs. Amelia shrugged the feeling off as she was approached by Tanya.
Tanya was a slim 16 year old with shoulder length blonde hair and green eyes. She was a year younger than the others and was often left out because of it. Amelia smiled warmly at the girl.
“What’s up Tanya?” she questioned.
“Well Miss, you know that costume you wanted me to wear? Well someone’s put a hole in it and now its all wrecked” Tanya whimpered, looking as if she were about to cry.
“Don’t worry Tanya, come let’s go see if we can fix it”, Amelia put her arm round the girls waist and ushered her into the girls change rooms. She was still shocked by the extravagance of the facilities at this private school. Her parents certainly never had enough money to provide her with all this luxury during her studies. The change rooms had red carpet floors. Two large arm chairs stood in either corner and one huge burgundy couch draped with a fine woollen rug stood in the middle of the room facing a large mirror. 6 dressing tables lined the walls on either side. Tanya closed the door and it locked automatically behind her.

Tanya rushed over to where the huge Victorian style dress was and began to cry. Amelia looked around the empty room. “Where are all the other girls?,” she asked.
“I don’t know. They all left when this happened” Tanya looked at Amelia guiltily. Amelia sighed as approached the young girl and crouched down beside her. Wisps on Tanya’s blonde hair fell across her face. Amelia carefully pushed them out of the way and caressed the young girls cheek, softly kissing her on the forehead. The tingle between her legs began again. She could feel the blood pumping to her now suddenly throbbing vagina. Tanya looked up at her, expectantly….
Feeling flushed Amelia quickly stood up.
“Ok I have an idea” she said. “Let me put the dress on and find where it’s ripped and we’ll fix it while its on me, ok”
Tanya nodded fervently in agreement. Amelia began to undress. She turned her back to Tanya and removed her black work pants to reveal a tiny white g-string. The front slightly see through, exposing a small tuft of hair just above her pussy. Amelia glanced up to the large mirror. Behind her she saw Tanya staring intensely at her firm bottom, her hand wavering near her own genitals. Amelia flushed again, her panties now moist. She removed her white silk blouse and with just a lace bra and g-string on, she turned again to face Tanya and put on the dress. Tanya frowned. “Miss, I think you’ll need to take off your bra or the dress won’t fit properly, because that’s what I had to do when I tried it on” she explained.
Amelia smiled, “You’re probably right” she answered. “Could you help me? The clasps on this thing are horribly annoying to get unclipped.”
Tanya stepped forward and Amelia turned around again. Tanya silently unfastened the bra and Amelia beautifully smooth, caramel breasts sprung free, her nipples instantly hardening. Amelia bent down to pick up the dress. She felt Tanya’s hands gently brush up her inner thigh. She dismissed the thought. I was just an accident. But then again….she let out an involuntary sigh. To have Tanya’s young, innocent flesh pressed again her own would be pure heaven.
After putting on the dress hoop, Amelia slipped on the great Victorian dress, instantly seeing the hole.
“Can it be fixed Miss” Tanya asked
“Well it can” Amelia replied, “But I think you’ll have to fetch the needle and thread and actually do the stitching from underneath. Are you up for that?”
Tanya smiled mysteriously. She picked up the needle and thread and crawled under the large dress. Above, Amelia looked at her figure in the mirror. She could hardly breathe. It felt as if her heart was beating inside her very hot twat.
“Can you see down there?” Amelia asked nervously.
There was no reply. Then she felt the small cotton part of her undies being pulled back. The juice from her cunt had stuck her skin slightly to the material and it pulled ever so slightly on her now swollen clit. She felt Tanya tongue lightly kiss the side of her upper thigh. Then she licked lightly down either side of Amelia’s now ravenous pussy.
“Tanya. Tanya, are you sure this is a good idea?” Amelia asked before completely letting herself go
“Miss I have wanted to suck on your plump cunt from the moment I lay eyes on you. So just enjoy it” Tanya whispered between licks
“Call me Amelia” Amelia moaned in reply as Tanya ripped the last part of her g-string from her body and began probing Amelia’s fuck hole, grabbing tightly to Amelia thighs; alternating between long lavish licks along the full length of Amelia’s pussy and longer thrusts into the depths of her vagina. Amelia grabbed onto a nearby chair and leaned her bottom against it, thrusting back against Tanya’s seeking tounge, groaning in pleasure, “Oh God Tanya. Mmmmm, ohhh yes, oh you are such a fucking slut, oh you know how to lick me. Right there. Oh yes, oooooooh” Her dirty words drove Tanya to ravish her even harder and soon she was on the edge of a climax. But Tanya wasn’t going to let her have it easy. Tanya put her finger through the tear in the dress and pulled it down, ripping it apart and exposing Amelia as completely naked. She took Amelia’s hand and led her over the large couch where they put themselves into the 69 position. Tanya exploded as soon as Amelia lowered her tongue onto the little nymph, she bucked against her in ecstasy, so Amelia drive her fingers into the young virgin as well, driving her even more wild. “Oh Miss Amelia. Oh your tongue. Mmmmmm” she squealed.
Then from behind Amelia felt a finger inserted into her asshole. Shocked, she turned around to see Ford, one of the boys from her class, completely naked, fisting himself as he had one finger in her asshole and another caressing her smooth bottom.
Amelia was liking how this day was turning out. She smiled over her shoulder at him and went back to getting Tanya off. Ford then bent down and began licking around her asshole. Amelia began moaning as she was sucking on Tanya’s engorged clit, which sent Tanya right over the edge” Oh my god I’m fucking cumming, fuck my cunt Miss. Fuck me oh fuck me” she cried. Tanya slumped back against the couch and closed her eyes.
From behind, Ford and begun testing the waters, sliding is dick up and down Amelia’s dripping wet snatch, readying it for entry. Tanya looked up and saw what was going on. Her body came alive again and she got up, knelt behind Ford and began licking his balls as Amelia poked her ass higher in the air, anticipating the good hard fucking he was going to give her. “You girls are such sluts, I can wait to fuck you Miss Amelia. I’m going to make you fucking cum like you never have before. Grab your finger and open your pussy lips wide for me” Ford demanded
Amelia reached behind and stretched open her cunt lips begging, “Come on Ford, put it in me. I can’t wait any longer. Just fuck me now”
With that, Ford drove is fuck pole into her as deep as it would go, pumping in rhythm as Amelia bucking back against him, clenching her pussy around his cock. “Oh Ford, fuck me, deeper, oh yes that’s it, harder, harder, oh, oh, hmmmmm, oh I’m gonna cum now. Please cum inside me”.
Ford grabbed Amelia bum a
nd pulled her toward him, fucking her for all she was wort
h, then with one final thrust he shot his load inside her, cum dripped down between Amelia’s ass cheeks.
Tanya popped her through Ford legs and licked the cum all off Amelia. Amelia shuddered again as a second orgasm hit her. But now Ford wasn’t done. He wanted to take full advantage of both women and they were going to let him. The fucking whores were ready and waiting for him to do whatever he pleased.
Meanwhile Tanya had taken the initiative and went back to Amelia, who spread her legs, waiting for the young vixen. Tanya put her legs between Amelias and pulled her closed, their vaginas making first contact. Amelia could feel her cunt twitching, ready to go again. She began shifting in a circular motion, in rhythm with Tanya. Their breasts bounced and Tanya had began sucking on one of her aroused nipples. Ford looked on, impressed. He could hear the squelching sound as the two women’s wet tender flesh met. It was time for him to interject.
Ford grabbed Tanya breasts roughly and pushed them apart, ordering Tanya to get up and sit on top of him. More than happy to oblige, Tanya went over and straddled him slowly lowering herself onto his throbbing manhood. His eyes glazed over as he went slowly deeper inside her, stretching her virgin pussy walls.
“You’re new at this aren’t you little slut. But you’re so ready” he groaned and she began rocking herself on him. He reached up and pinched her nimple. “Bounce on me gorgeous. Come on. Amelia come sit on my face” Amelia walked over and lowered now very sopping pussy onto Fords waiting mouth and while fucking it, leaning over and latched on to Tanya’s waiting nipple. All three of them began to move. Moaning in rhythm, Amelia pushing herself onto Fords open mouth, Tanya getting faster and faster rubbing her pussy up and down Fords red cock. “Oh mmmy God this is so good” Amelia sighed in rapture. Cries of “fuck me, fuck me harder” could be heard as the pace quickened between them. All three ready to cum together. Harder and faster they fucked eachother, in and out in and out, like there was no tomorrow until Amelia screamed and love juice spurted out of her pussy which drove Ford into a frenzied last thrust up Tanya’s now loose cunt and sprayed cum deep inside her, Tanya, last to go, came as Ford did, her twat throbbing and pulsing around Ford’s big dick.

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