lured into a room with hot twins

I was at a co-ed boarding school. My name is Jeff. There was this girl named Angela that was really hot. She was out of my league. She knew me a little because she was in two of my classes.

One day, she said “Why don’t eat lunch in the caf where i sit”. So, at lunch the next day, I decided to sit next to her. We just did some simple talking. She spilled some of her drink on my lap. Then, she took a napkin and rubbed her hand all over my lap and squeezed my cock. She also took her foot and pressed it against my cock. She said “Let’s go up to my room”.

I decided to go up to her room with her. As soon as we got into her room, she jumped on me and we started french kissing. She pulled me to her bed where she was sitting on my lap with me laying down.

“Take off my shirt, Jeff”. I took off her tight tank top and it revealed her awesome tits. We made out and humped some more and then she put her tits to my face. “Come on, Jeff, do what you want”

I sucked them and licked her nipples and tits so much they were as hard as rock. It was so awesome and she was moaning all the way. Then she went up. “Take off my panties.”

I took off her skirt and panties and they were so wet. I just had to. I went in and started sucking it until it was dry. She was moaning so much.

She took off my pants and sucked my cock. She was a pro. She licked the head so well. Then, she said “Now its time.” She put her pussy in my hard cock and it was amazing. I decided to feel her awesome tits even more and make out with her as furiously as possible.

Then, another girl came out of the bathroom. “O yeah, this is my twin, Ashley. She’s visiting here.” Then, they started fucking each other. They were licking and sucking each other’s tits and pussies. Seeing them tongue wrestle was so awesome.

Then, we were in a threesome fucking. We went on the bed and I put my cock in Angela’s nice, nice pussy and saw her moan so much. Then, Ashley and me were making out wildly and then i was fucking her tits and licking her pussy.

They soon, switched positions. Their fucking was so awesome. “Well, it’s time to stop. Fucking you was so awesome. See you around Jeff.”

The end

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    That was horrible

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