Master Bator 2

Master circled the room saying…”Pleasure is only limited by your imagination. Let your mind and instincts take over. Without getting to far into how the mind works let me just say this. When you involve your mind with your body you build new connections…new neurons connect to existing ones. I could have reached orgasm without a single stroke and without spilling a drop of seed. Orgasm and ejaculation are two separate experiences that don’t necessarily go together it just seems like they do.”
He waited for that to register with the usual exclaimations of disbelief. He raised his hand then said…”Silence!…I assure you it is quite true. But that is for the informed…those who are in touch with their sexuality and not for the novice.”
He had Darrick pass out journals along with some work sheets.
“Before dinner you are to complete the worksheets. After dinner you will have free time to set up your living quarters. On the bulletin board by the door you will find your assigned room number along with your room mates name. That will be all for now.”
He quickly dressed and was on his way out. Darrick was waiting for him. He said, “There’s no name next to my room number.”
The Master smiled…took out a pen and wrote…Master. And as Darrick read it Master said,
“Follow me.”
His room was actually five connecting rooms. A small kitchen. A bathroom. A large bedroom. An office. But it was the last one that caught Darrick by surprise. Four steps down to a room with wall to wall mirrors…swings suspended from the ceiling…adjustable tables…restraints attached to the walls…crops and paddles (well you get the picture).
Master noticed Darricks reaction and said…”I’m sure you know what this implies. But it is for the more informed…with different tastes and desires.”
“I see…and you think that I am uninformed?
Master turned and while removing his jacket walked over toward Darrick. He looked directly into his eyes and it was only when he was standing a mere inch away that he stopped and said
“Yes I think you are uninformed. I think that is why you are here.” Master moves to Darricks side and leans in to whisper…
“I think you want a Master to inform you.”
“I have a Master. He sent me here.”
“True. But you are mine now and will continue to be mine until I see fit to release you. Do you understand?”
Master moves and stands behind him.
“You will take your cock in your right hand. Now! Stroke down to the head. Just as you pass the tip put your left hand at the base stroke down…bring your right hand back to the base…continuing one hand after the other…squeeze as you go down…”
Master moved again to the side and whispered “Milk it.”
Derrick was obviously turned on and the Master knew he wouldnt last long. He moved to stand in front of Derrick then grabbed both hands saying…”Stop! Follow me.”
Derrick let out a frustrated sigh and complied. His dick was throbbing…engorged…the boys (balls) hung heavy with juice. He wondered what the Master would do. Allow him to stroke to a finish? Fuck him in his hole or be fucked in his?
Instead the Master turned around walked up to Darricks cock …he had oil on his hands it smelled of cinnamon. As he applied it to the shaft he also ringed it with thumb and middle finger. The motion was from tip to base this time. He pulled on the cock as if it was a leash and lead Derrick to a position against the wall. He then secured him with restraints. And as he was about to put oil on the boys he said…” You will soon be feeling a warm sensation on your dick.” He then stood…stepped back and left the room.
Derricks junk was in a rage and throbbing. The heat from the oil was driving him crazy.He wanted to jerk off so bad he could taste it. He was getting hotter by the second and frustrated as well. He hadn’t noticed the Master watching him.
“Well from the looks of things I’d say you didnt get off. Why not?”
“My hands are tied….Master” he said this with a bit of a tone.
Master was up to Derrick face in a flash. His eyes held him captive and he said…
“So?”…then stepped back and told Derrick to flex his dick…make it jump. When he did the combination of pressure…and movement caused the intensity of the heat from the oil to increase. This in turn gave Derrick a deep orgasm.
As Master released him he said…”You just have time to shower before dinner” and then he left the room.
As he walked away Derrick couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to be totally had by such a man. He thought about having that huge cock in his mouth and down his throat…and sighed because his cock was hard again just thinking about it.
The rest of the evening was uneventful. Master watched the class doing their homework. But nothing unexpected transpired…until lights out.
When Master emerged from his office he found Derrick laying on the floor…apparently asleep. He was about to say something when he caught himself and instead proceeded to the shower. When he came out he was naked. He set out his clothing for the next day making sure to pass by Derrick several times knowing it was causing him to throb.
Master had his back to Derrick briefly and as he turned into view he was putting oil on his cock…it was glistening and it was stiff…”Derrick…get up and come to me.” He was up and standing there before the words were even spoken.
“Turn around” and with that Master lubed and slowly inserted first one finger then two…he moved them gently at first to learn the level of his tolerance. Derrick was already thrusting his ass back wanting more. So fingers were removed and Master placed the tip of his cock at the entrance of the willing tight hole. As he entered Darrick gasped and tensed…this was much bigger than he imagined…”Easy…that’s it” He leaned in and took Derricks balls in his hand. He rolled first one…then the other between his fingers. He then rolled then up the under side of the shaft this produces a unique sensation and he was lost in it. Master was slowly entering the tight tunnel and was half way in when he began to thrust in and out…a little further in then out. Derrick was now fully relaxed and pumping in unison. He shifted his legs trying to spread wider…to take it deeper and soon Masters dick was buried to the hilt…his sack slapping skin. Master slowed to almost but not quite a stop. Darrick tried to hump faster but got a slap on the ass. Just when he thought he was going scream from desire Master would plunge in deep and thrust very quickly bringing Derrick to the very edge of release…only to pull him back once more. Master was an expert in timing and knew how far he could go within a heart beat before orgasm would arrive for the more times it is held back…the more intense it will be.
Derrick was moaning and pleading with Master to come inside him. Master reached down and started to rub the A spot and said…”I have done this for you. Now you are going to truely know what it feels like to get off.”
He then started thrusting…pulling his cock all the way out…going all the way back in. He hole remained open…beckoning…willing…then clamped tight in a hungry embrace once back inside. When the moment of no return came Master plunged in to the hilt and reached down and pressed in on the A spot…Derricks cock exploded…he made sounds…primal. He bucked and writhed as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss flooded over him. When he finally came to his senses…Master said “For you”…
pulled back on his cock and shot a load that was so intense and aimed at the A spot from inside that Derrick instantly orgasmed stronger than before. His last thought before losing consciousness was…Master you were right… I WAS uninformed!

Next: The Doms join the class.

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