Master Bator 3

When Master woke up he was alone. After a few minutes he noticed the sounds and smells coming from the kitchen. It could only be Derrick. He emerged carrying a tray…”Master forgive me for taking the liberty…” He set it down in front of Master. ” I thought you might be hungry. Since I don’t know what you like I made a few different things…along with coffee and tea”
This surprised Master although he didn’t show it. Most Dom’s would punish not praise for such an act. There was a time when he would have been very cruel. But he has evolved and chooses to follow a different path.
“Well done Derrick. We have two hours before class. Its true I am hungry but…” he sets the tray aside. Master then picked up his phone and quietly spoke but a few words. Within seconds a young woman was standing in the room. As she walked toward the bed she let her robe fall to the floor. She is a blonde hair blue eyed beauty. Her body is voluptuous her breasts ample…firm…pink. She is shaven…but it is her pussy that shines…for her lips can not conceal her clit…it stands out like horny little dick…begging to be sucked.
Master takes her hand and Derricks and leads them to the other room. He straps her into a swing. Without saying a word begins sucking on her clit…rolling her nipples between his fingers…she lets out moans of pleasure. Master turns to Derrick and motions for him to join them. He continues stroking his shaft as he approaches…uncertain of what is expected of him. Master whispers…”I am going to take her.”
Derrick showed obvious disappointment until he heard
…”once I begin…you take me.”
As Derrick watched Master lubed himself then stepped into a swing and guided his shaft into the waiting pussy slowly thrusting. Derrick lubes and watches but can not wait any longer. He gets into a swing and as Master is on a back thrust he enters in one smooth stroke…Derrick was pulled tight as Master entered the tight pussy and bounced back causing Derrick to do the same…then again and again…automatically and aggressively until they were completely spent.
Picture if you will knockers. Those shining chrome balls suspended by string. Once you set one in motion they bounce off each other. That is the way to described it.

Master was standing in front of the class as Derrick passed out packages..
“Normally I would present techniques designed to enhance pleasure. I would see it it that you learned how to apply them to yourself and in turn to others. This time however I am going to use a different approach. The packages you now have contain printed and video material. It is plainly marked.You are to follow the instructions exactly as they are presented if you wish to benefit from this experience.You are to write in your journals daily. You may return to your rooms and gather your things. Your Masters have all been informed and are waiting for you. When we meet again it will be to determine whether or not you graduate. Good luck. That will be all.”
Just as the last person walked out and Derrick stood to follow…Master said…
“Derrick there’s no need to get your things…I am your Master now.”
His breath caught in his throat and he actually blushed because he had the biggest hard on when he replied…
“Thank you Master.”

Last but not least: Graduation

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