Master Bator 4

Master was surprised by his abrupt change in the curriculum. He lived a very structured life and handled the instruction of others much in the same way. His recent new found spontaneity intrigued him and he began to entertain the thoughts of where this might go.
Derricks previous Dom had contacted Master stating that he no longer wished for Derrick to be “educated”. He had aquired a new boy toy…younger…so the old toy was to merely be a servant. But when presented with other options the old Dom was eager to be rid of the problem…what a fool!
Master checked on the progress of his current class. He was not surprised to find that they were all excelling in their studies. And why not? Given the fact that the topic is the number one pastime on the planet. Who doesn’t like to experience pleasure? And when given the oppurtunity to experiment with new techniques…well that’s just icing on the cake.
Every Dom that the Master spoke with was thrilled. It seemed that the “research” and “homework” had also turned up the heat in their sex lives.
Master informed the Dom’s that to graduate the student must give a live presentation with their Doms. It must be original and creative. No restrictions on subject matter. The final is titled…”Pleasure”.
Derrick was not aware of the reason for being with Master now. He didn’t care…but was thrilled. He couldn’t help but wonder what was in store for him. He has that familiar warmth pool up in his stomach…it speaks to the boys and his dick starts to twitch and grow…he thinks about the knowledge of untold pleasure in Masters possession…and he is wanton with desire. And yet he also
wonders about the “man”. He senses that the Master is a rare and complex individual …capable of intense pleasure or pain. And that just makes him want him more.
Derrick finds himself standing in the game/toy room his cock in hand…rock hard and throbbing. He walks slowly letting his free hand trace along the the different toys as he passes them. He stops at a large trunk and opens it…most of the contents familiar to him…He was distracted by the swings. He seats himself… closed his eyes…and relished the memory…
“Derrick there you are.” The Masters voice snapped him back to the present. He was embarrassed getting caught stroking his pecker sitting in the swing. Master sensed this and said. “Good I was hoping that you would take advantage of the toys. I meant to tell you to feel free to make use of them whenever you wish.” Derrick was genuinely surprised… “Thank you Master.”
“Derrick when we are alone I would like for you to address me by my name…which is Alex.”
“As you wish Mast… excuse me…Alex.” He visually blushed saying the name and his cock jumped as if nodding in approval. Pre cum glittered as it caught the light.
Alex took notice of this and found it quite endearing. He knew he had made a good
Alex turned to walk away. He then felt Derricks hand on his shoulder…”I have never known anyone like you.” Derrick then pointed to an elaborate chair saying “If I may be so bold?” and motioned for Alex to stand before it. He started undressing him slowly and as skin became exposed…he moved about touching and admiring it from different angles. When Alex was nude Derrick blindfolded him and had him sit back in the chair. He whispered…”I am going to restrain you now” His legs were pushed up toward his chest and ankles pulled wide and fastened. His headrest was tilted back and arms down by his sides with wrists restrained.
Alex decided to abandon his usual control and allowed himself to be open to Derrick intentions. He heard the trunk open then close. He felt warm lips kiss his feet…and the wetness of a tongue tasting and exploring his ankles…knees…thighs…inner thighs stopping just short of a fully erect cock. Derrick clamped a ring of some kind around it and proceeded to taste and tease his way to the now protruding nipples…as he sucked one he rolled the other between his fingers. Alex let out soft moans…his nipples are extremely sensitive. Derrick sensed this and went to the trunk returning with clamps. He attached them…tightening them down slowly…until he saw Alex’s body tense. A musky aroma filled the air and two hands wrapped around his stiff shaft squeezing and pulling. At the same time he felt warm breath as an insistant tongue rimmed his ass hole…pushing its way inside…darting in and out…pumping…then sucking… pumping…sucking…
Alex had not experienced this combination before and it thrilled him…He wanted to command Darrick to fuck him….suck him…take him. But his desire to be controlled was greater. A Master…commanding his slave to play the part of Master! As this novel concept crossed Alex’s. mind he felt Derricks lips press softly on his own and as they parted the taste was pungent and a first for him. It proved to be a powerful aphrodisiac. Alex wanted Derrick…more than he could remember wanting anyone…and when he felt the head of his cock graze his lips he hungrily sucked it in his mouth and had it to the hilt at once…contracting his throat muscles Derrick yelled out…”Oh my God.” Alex could feel him start to swell so he ejected before the peak could be reached. He couldn’t hold back wanting to fuck him and said…”I want you to cum fucking me while I am fucking you!…let me show you?” Restraints guickly undone… blindfold removed…cock ring discarded he left the clamps in place. Alex had Derrick lay down in the easier position then straddled him facing the opposite direction…drew his legs up and back spreading them. Alex maneuvers himself until he eases his ass down into Derricks rod pulling up his hips exposing that sweet hole (although this is not possible for most it can be done and perfected with practice) he shifts and angles and finds the mark and as he enters Derrick is trembling in carnal expectation…they are inside each other at the same time! The rocking rhythm is at first gentle to gain balance but soon the warm channel sucks him in and as Alex thrusts and pulls back…again and again…Derrick mimics the action…they are now fucking each other. Then…as if they are one…their muscles constrict…tighten…release…tighten…release milking their cocks in a spastic embrace. Tipped over the edge with balls draw up tight…they each convulse wildly as the fire races through their tools…ignites and finally explodes…again and again and again and again…

And just in case you were wondering. The class all passed with flying colors. It proved to be the final class Master Bator would ever instruct. He was taking a sabbatical…there were new techniques to be learned. And he has a protégé now… one who he fully intends to teach everything he knows.
And everybody knows that knowledge is…power!

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