Master Bator

“You are all here because you
have one thing in common. To be educated. To be informed. To acquire hands on experience…if you will…in the art of seduction…sexual gratification…the exploration of sensations…sensual stimuli and the way the body responds. The more you know about the pleasure you experience the more likely you will understand the pleasure of others. And as such you will want to explore new ways of getting more of it as well as more from it.
That’s why I am here. From this moment on…and until I release you…I am Master Bator and you are all mine.”
This is a very elite…by invitation only…sex education initiation for slaves and submissives. The instructor…is very well known in certain circles. His expertise is legendary and it is said that to be touched by him is like having God…himself…get you off. The group is small with just eleven males. As he walked around the room the Master took note of each one…ages varied from 18 to about 40ish. That was unusual. Most of his clients were in the 18 – 30 age bracket. No matter…
“Now…shall we begin…As I said the more you understand your own pleasure the better you can understand the pleasure of others.” He stood in the middle of the room…his students were in a circle around him which allowed for a better view. He paused to the point of uncomfortable silence. Looking at each one briefly. Taking mental notes of their reaction to his gaze. Most looked away shifting uneasy in their seats…most…save for one.
“MASTURBATION!” he yelled out causing everyone to jump.
“Ah…masturbation. The moral and religious implications of such an act. The taboos that are invoked. Most refuse to discuss it or admit to experiencing it. The myths, jokes, rumors and speculation exist even today. To the uninformed it is subject to be avoided…a mystery. Which of course makes it all the more interesting.”
He began taking off his clothes
saying, “I think its safe to say that we here today are not hindered by such notions.”
He undressed in such a way that every movement was tantalizing yet at the same time…quite matter of fact. He is a stunningly handsome man. His upper torso…muscular and well defined. He appears ageless. The room took on a bit of intensity. They began looking at each other not knowing what to expect. When he undid his trousers and as they began sliding down his legs there was an immediate chain reaction throughout the room followed by absolute silence. For as his pants dropped and he stepped out of them…he did a slow 360° saying…”I shall show you how to thrill your senses.” He folds and puts his clothing aside and continues
“So that you can then thrill the senses of others.” The room was in awe. His cock is huge and beautiful…there’s no other words to describe it. He is circumcised. Flaccid it is thick and measures a full 8 3/4 inches (erect 12 inches by 6 1/2!) His sack is equally impressive and he is clean shaven. He walks over to pick up a top hat. His movements are graceful yet very masculine and his ass…to die for. Rounded…firm…muscular. He breaks the silence…
“This hat contains your names. One will be drawn. That person will then my assistant.”
The reaction was immediate…a mixture of surprise…anticipation…fear. He couldn’t help but smile. The slips of paper are always blank. He choses his “assistant” after observing their reactions and behavior up to this point. His choice was quite clear. The one who held his gaze…and happened to also be the oldest. He reached in and pulled out the name. He paused…for the effect and said
(as if he didn’t know)…
“Darrick?” He looked around the room giving the impression he wasn’t aware of who it might be. All eyes were now on him but Darrick sat expressionless..unaffected.
“Ah! very well then now that we have that out of the way. Before we begin…Listen carefully and keep this in mind for it is perhaps the most important fact that you can take away with you from this experience.”
“Everything begins and ends in the mind.” (He repeats the statement) Thoughts put onto practice become reality. Good…bad…right…wrong…love…hate…pleasure…pain. Your mind is your most valuable asset. What you believe in your mind to be true…is!”
“Let us begin.” He looks to Darrick inviting him to stand up and join him. Once he is in the center of the room the Master steps back and slowly walks around him.
Derrick is 40 well built with rugged good looks. He is deeply tanned all over which suggests he is comfortable in his skin. He appears at ease. But the Master sees just below the surface…his muscles are tensed. He is controlling his true reaction to being center stage!
As the Master approaches him he says “Our bodies are one big erogenous zone. And will respond in countless ways by countless measures.” He faintly touched Darricks shoulder trailing down to the small of his back. Darrick starts to get hard. Then…Slap! on the ass. Everyone jumped! Derrick now has a full hard on (the Master however has controlled his.)
“Notice if you will how both a gentle touch and a rough one produced a sexual response.”
“Now Derrick…gentlemen take hold of your dicks and start jacking them like you normally would.”
A fresh faced little cutie… about 18 or so timidly raises his hand…
“Yes…your name and your question?” “I’m Shaun and are we suppose to cum too ‘cuz I am close?”
The Master walked over and clamped a ring around the base of Shaun’s dick with his fingers…”Shaun take my place with your hand.” He tells the rest of them…”This hold will stop you from cumming to a point. The more times you can bring your self to the edge
then back off…the more intense your orgasm will be. In fact you can even cum without spilling any seed. But that is an advanced
technique.” He walked around taking mental notes of the various styles…then said
“Ok…stop.” There was the usual moans and groans from having to stop mid-stroke.
“Allow me to demonstrate a new method. Watch as I show you the finer points…then I want you to try it so I can observe.”
He took his shaft in both hands and said…”Hold your dick like you are holding a jar with the lable facing to the front…palms on each side. Now toss it back and forth be-
tween both hands holding on to just the loose skin on the shaft. This may seem strange but keep going. It results in an explosive orgasm.” They were having a hard time getting the hang of it. So Master desides to show Derrick first hand. He gets behind him and tells him to relax. As he takes Derricks cock in both his hands his dick is pressed up against that nice ass. By the third set of tosses Derrick is rock hard. Master removes his hands and tells him to go show the others how its done. He then passes out towels and tells them to bring it to orgasm. He watches as they do.”Not bad.You will improve with practice. Tonight you will be with a partner and that will be your assignment. Together I want you to do this individually and to each other. Your rooms are equipped with cameras. I will be monitoring you. Questions?”
“Yes Shaun?”
“Well I was kinda of wondering…I mean I noticed that you never had a hard – on
this whole time and…”
The Master laughed…” Ah! very observant Shaun…well done.” He walks around the room as if thinking…not once touching his cock but it begins to grow. When he completes the circle he has full erection.
He picks up a towel goes center stage. He closes his eyes…begins deep breathing. He will stroke his shaft…tug on his sack very few times…for their benefit (he can cum without any touch) He explodes turning for all to see the amount of cum and how long it lasts. When he finally opens his eyes, he says…
“Everything begins and ends in the mind…”

Next: Master gives a private lesson. Dom’s join the class.

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