me and liz get it on in the park

So its friday night i was bored and it was nice outside so i called up liz and told her to come over so she came over. She came up to my attic where we fucked last time and we started cuddling but i had other ideas, she started to giggle and ask what was poking her and i said 2 her “its not a flashlight” she started 2 laugh again and flipped over and we started making out. i stuck my tongue down her throat wiggling it around and squeezing her ass. My brother started walking up the stairs so we had to stop and then i came up with the idea that we should go take a walk in the park since it was such a nice night. So i grab a blanket and we go to the park, it is 11pm and we are walking through the park when all of a sudden Liz jumps and grabs me and i was like “what?” apparently she thought she heard someone but it was just a squirrel so we both laughed and i gave her a kiss and then i pulled out the blanket and set it up under a tree in the middle of the park. We sat there for a while and Liz goes “so where were we baby?” as she looks directly at my bulge in my pants. So i smiled and i grabbed her and she got on top of me. She wasted no time as i could tell she wanted my dick. She skipped all the teasing and went right for my cock! she took my pants off and took my boxers off and started suckin away. She teased me a little and would grab it and pretend like she was going 2 put it in her mouth….she started licking my head and then took all of it in her mouth for about 10 minutes. I then got on top of her and i started kissing her stomache and grabbing her tits through her shirt. I gradually started kissing my way up making my way towards her big boobs and i took her shirt and bra off and sucked on each of her breasts and i stuck my cock in between and titty fucked her. I could tell she was already wet…. so i gave her a really horny grin and i went down on her and found exactly wut i expected…..a nice wet pussy! i licked the outskirts of her pussy not lickin the clit i was building her up making her want it even more then even before she could blink i was hittin her clit with my tongue and licking all around. I then stuck a finger in her pussy and started to finger her and soon enough had 3 in there. It almost seemed as if she was in a coma! I sat up and showed Liz my big meaty cock and rubbed it against her WET juicy pussy. I couldnt take it anymore i put it in and i fucked her hard, nice long hard strokes. She grabbed the blanket with both of her hands holding on for dear life as i fucked her brains out. “Harder, Harder” she screamed…then she came hard and i grabbed both of her legs threw them on my shoulders and continued to fuck her HARD and GOOD. There was no time to breathe or catch your breathe this was fucking at its greatest i was grabbing her tits as my cock went in and out of her juicy clit. Her body started to shiver and she came for the second time. I wasnt done i wasnt satisfied i turned her on her side and got behind her lifted her leg up and fucked her again….we were in that position for a while and it went in DEEP like that! Liz then took over she took my hard cock out and sat on top of me and put my dick in her and started riding me. She was sweatting and grabbing my pecs and her eyes her closed just riding riding riding. Liz started to slow down again i could tell she was about to come again, so i didnt give her that benefit so i grabbed her back and she was now layin down on me i wrapped my arms around her and started THRUSTING my big hard cock in her. She yelled louder than any other time screaming “ohhhh im cuming im cuming!” when she said that i knew i was about to bust my huge load so i told her i was guna cum and that was all she needed 2 kno she got down and sucked a mean dick. then all of a sudden i felt it all cumin up and she could tell as my jaw dropped so she grabbed my dick outta her mouth and jerked me off on her tits as i pumped out 6 huge loads all over her tits. She had a chance 2 finally breathe but i dont think she was really breathing it was more of a panting and feeling very weightless moving all over the place rubbing her pussy. We both laid there for a while and decided it was time to go home……it was almost 1:30 in the morning! that was one fuck session that will go down in the books, when we were ready to leave we carved our names in the tree for nobody would ever fuck under our tree, at least not like we did…… ;-)

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