Me and the Math Teacher

Hi my name is Tom.This is a true story but all the names have been changed.Mrs Todd was my math teacher my fresman year.I had the biggest crush on her.She was about 5’5” around 110lbs with short brown hair and big brown eyes. She b cup size titties with the sweets round ass that you would ever see on any woman.I would do any thing to hang around her class room.Well after my freshman year I was not in Mrs Todd’s class agine till my Sr.year.I just could not get very good grades in her class.One day she told me that I had to stay after school to catch up on some work. When the last bell of the rang I whent to Mrs Todd’s room.She asked me why I was not getting my work done in her class.I told her that I was sorry that I could not keep my mind on the work cause I kept thinking about her sexy body. She smiled at me and said that I was nice of me to say that and that I was only trying to get out of doing the work. I said no I took her hand and put it on my very hard 7 1/2”cock She had her hand on me and she could not move it she looked me in the eyes she started rubbing me throu my pants I almost came wright then and there.She took hand a way and walked over and closed the door. She whent to her desk and pushed every thing into the floor climed on top pulled her dress up to revile her red thong she asked if liked what I saw. I whent to her and pulled her dress the rest of the way off she was laying on her desk in her red thong and bra.She looked me in the eye she said that we could get into a lot troble for this as she was pulling down my pants and my boxers whent a long for the ride.Mrs Todd gasped when she saw how big I was. She took me into her hand and started rubbing up and down my shaft then took the head of cock into her mouth she started sucking me deep into her throught. I removed her bra and started kissing on her beautful little titties her I sucked her hard pink nipple into my mouth.She was sucking my cock sooo hard I could not hold out any longer I came so hard it all whent down her throught. I reach down slide her red thong down to her feet and off of her. Istarted kissing and sucking on her toes and kissing my way up her legs to her very sweet and wet love hole.I kiss and suck on her sweet little pussy lipps I slide my toung into her. She starts moaning and begging me not to stop. She let a load cry I’mmmmm cummmmming ohhh god I’mmm cummming pleas dont stop she lets lose and floods my mouth with her love juce.I move up her body and put the head of my cock at her opening and thrust into her. Im thrusting in and out her so hard Ipick her up and turn her around and bed her over her desk and start fucking her doggie style harder and harder I thrust into her. Mrs Todd lets out another cry Immmmmmm cummmmmming ohhhhh god immmm cummmmming agine and we cum at the same time I cum deep into Mrs Todd’s pussy. We kiss and cleand up.She gave me a ride home when we got to my house there was no body home I said how about round two. She said baby we already had round two.Ok how about round three. She whent down on me in the car and cumed in her mouth agine.Mrs Todd and fucked every Friday night till the end of my Sr.year and all that summer.Till I moved to the west coast to go to school.I never saw Mrs Todd after that summer.But I will never forget her.

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