Mr Claudio

i was kissing and being felt up by my teenage boyfriend in the storeroom,we were breathing heavy pushing on each other feeling good when Mr Claudio caught us he sent my boyfriend off and told me to straighten up my clothes as i went to walk past him Mr Claudio put his hand on my breasts,he was a very goodlooking teacher tall big strong he said if i let him show me how to feel good he would pass me all year and not let anyone know he caught me with my skirt up,his hands were so big he ran his hands over my nipples as he kissed my neck and started to rub his bulge against my teenage mound,before i knew it he had my clothes off and was opening my legs with one hand and pushing his dick inside me,i arched and moaned oh god he was kissing me saying how tight i was on his cock i was moaning so load with every push i was in heaven he was moaning and fucking me harder and harder untill i said oh god sir im cuming he held me down moaning oohh yeah thats it mmmmm Mr Cldio loves it when i stay back to help him out mmmmm i love every inch of my teacher

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