Mr. Paul Gives in to Angelina

It was the first day of school at riggton High School. Mr. Paul (the senior english teacher) was nervous about meeting his new students. He counted down the painfully slow minuets until the bell rang for his homeroom class to enter. He sat at his desk as he watched the students pour into the medium-sized classroom. About 10 seconds before the bell rang, he noticed a very beautiful girl walk into his classroom. She had golden-brown, smooth skin. Her blackest black hair reached her lower back. She had sexy lips that any man would be lucky to have on his dick. Her eyes were seducing and almost inviting to a kinky night of hot sex. As if to tease the world with her perfect body, she wore a dark red button-up blouse and a tiny black skirt. Mr. Paul couln’t help but woner if she wore a tiny black thong underneath it.

This hot young fuck bait looked over at him and smiled. He felt a rush of blood send anticipation down to his 9 inch cock. He ignored it quickly for a chance to find out her name. “What is your name young lady?” he asked in his most professional voice. “oh” She smiled “My name is Angelina”. “Well Angelina, you were almost late…avoid it next time.” “Sure thing sir.” she replied with a sexy cock-hardining smile.

Angelina couldn’t help but notice Mr. Paul. He had wavy black hair, creamy white skin, and sexy red pouty lips. She looked at his ass and smiled. “mmmmmmm Mr. Paul” she whispered under her breath “you are so damn sexy.”

******************************************* A few weeks have passed. Mr. Paul always had the urge to fuck the shit out of Angelins, but never acted upon his feeling. Angelina constantly flirted with him, but was always left disappointed when he showed no sign of interest.*************************

Class has just ended……..

“So if you want to check out a book, stay behind after class.” Mr. Paul instructed

He looked around disappointed as all the students walked out the door. “No on wants a book?”

He looked around the classroom to see that Angelina was the only person who stayed behind. He decided that he wasn’t going to let his dick force him to fuck that little girl. It was wrong. He couldn’t do it.

“Ok Angelina, you get book number seven.” as he was looking down recording all of this, Angelina locked the classroom door. She walked over to him and….

“Mr. Paul, mind if I sit down and ask you something?” She smiled as seductively as she could. “Sure.” he replied curiously. He began to tremble as she sat so close to him, he could feel her. “Mr. Paul, I just want to tell you that I think you are a very nice teacher. I wish you taught all of my classes…she put her hand on his leg, looked him in the eye and smiled. After a minute of staring into eachother’s eyes Mr. Paul gave into her fuck-bait adn kissed her passionatly. He quickly pulled away “Wha-?? I’m so so sorry Angelina! I-” “It’s okay” Angelina interrupted “I wanted that” She pulled toward him for another kiss as she bagan to rub his cock gently at first and then harder and harder. When his big thick dick was raging with impatiance, she moved from her chair and onto his lap. She lifted up her dark-blue skirt revealing a lacy-whit thong and began to grind her pussy into his cock.

Mr. Paul began to kiss her neck as he moved his fingers down to her wet pussy. He finger fucked her violently. Slamming his fingers in and out of her. “OOooooh!” she moaned with pleasure “Oh yes! Stick your dick into my pussy!”

With that, he ripped off her thong and slammed his swollen cock into her tight pussy.
“OH!” she screamed with pain “OH YES! FUCK ME TEACHER!”

“OH FUCK!” He screamed out with unbelievable pleasure! “FUCK!” He slammed her harder and harder. Her moans only made him want to fuck her brains out more and more. He could feel her cum over and over again. “ShiT! Now I’m gonna cum!”

He lifted up Angelina and bent her over his desk. “Angel baby, I wanna cum in your ass so bad!” All she could do was nodd her head.

“Ever been fucked in your ass Angel?” “She shook her head “No Sir.” He smiled “Well, that’s what teachers are for…To teach you someting new.” He spread her ass cheeks apart, grabbed his dick and shoved in deep into her ass with no mercy. Angelina moaned out with pain. “Like that Angel?” “Like my dick in your Ass?” She nodded in pleasure and pain “Yes…OHHHHHH yes!” “Tell me you want me to cum in your ass Angel Baby!” She obeyed “Please sir! CUM IN-OoooooH!” He fucked her ass harder. “Say it!” “OOOOHHH! Sir CUM IN MY…OooHHHHHH! CUM IN MY ASS!”

He then stuck his dick in as deep as possible and filled her ass with his cum.

After they got dressed again, Angelina thanked Mr. Paul. “Why are you thanking me? I should be thanking you!” he exclaimed with a smile. As she walked toward the door, Angelina turned toward Mr. Paul and smiled ” I may need to check out another book tomorrow.”

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  1. chichi

    great story, i wish i had teachers as cool as that.

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