My first BJ with Miss Wilsuc.

I was in school and it was an average day until around 3 in the afternoon when I saw my favorite female teach who was around 30 years old i guess. I always got a hard on when I saw her because she was my fantasy older women. I needed to go to the restroom and get my rocks off thinking about her giving me head. I was in the middle of doing just that and i guess i must have been loud. When a here someone come in the restroom and say is anyone in hear?. I answer yes. What are you doing in here miss Wilsuc?. She said I heard strange noises so I came in to check things out. I thought at this point she would just leave and i would have to finish later at home. I guess I must have still had a hardon and she saw it. She looked at me in the private area and said what is that young man? I answer I was turned on. She said where you in hear trying to get yourself off? I answer yes. She said what do you think about when you do that and how long does it take before you cum?. I said I fantasy about older women giving me head and i am not sure how long it takes before i cum. I just got the words out of my mouth when i realized we where still in the bathroom. She looked right at me and said do you what me to take care of that for you? I answer what do you mean? She said you have never had a BJ? I answered that is true. She said just relax and i will do all the work and don’t worry about cumming just enjoy the blowjob. She started by licking my balls and using her hands around my dick to get me hard. She said i am going to suck your dick slowly and work it into my mouth. You tell me what you like about the blowjob because i want you to cum in my mouth real hard. She worked my dick slowly in her mouth taking it deep and a little faster and tighter with her lips with ever stroke. She stopped twice to ask me if i was ready to cum in her mouth. I held her by the back of her head all the way down on my dick when I was ready to cum and i told her i am ready to cum in you throat honey and she just shallowed all my cum down her throat without missing a beat. I thought that was it my first blowjob was over. Men was i wrong she just continued blowing me hard again and then stopped and asked me if i would like her to jerk me off on her face and suck the rest of my cum out of my dick. My answer was hell yes. She jerked me off on face with both hands around my dick stroking it like a crazy women who had never see a mans cum. She then deep throated my dick so far down her throat i could feel my dick hitting off the back of her throat and she shallowed another shot of my cum that way and suck my cock clean. She said if i wanted to meet with her a few times a week in her office she would have no problem blowing me off each time and sometimes twice or more. I must have cum for her about one hundred times or more that school year to bad i was a senior.

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