my first sexual encounter with aaron hepshed

i was the first to arrive that day for practice. there was only 10 minutes before it was supposed to start, so where was everybody? then, about 5 minutes later, someone else arrived. “oh god,” i thought. “here he comes.”

about 6 feet of rock-muscled man got out of a blue truck and began walking my way. he smiled at me and waved, so i waved back. i felt myself quiver. he just has that effect on me. i would love nothing more than to throw him down right there on the grass, but we were at school. for choir practice. ugh.

i got out of my car. aaron met me at the doors. we made small talk until the others arrived. practice was agony. having to stand behind him with nothing to do but stare at his sexy ass made me nervous, but a good kind of nervous.

about two hours after my torment began, practice ended. my thoughts had been drifting to his lower half the whole time and by now i was a mess inside. then he walked over to me.

“so did my solo sound ok? i thought i would jazz it up a bit…”

i stopped listening at that point. i was in a trance. i had to control myself.

“yeah you sounded amazing!”

i was trying to hide my ecstatic sounding voice.

“i think you are the most beautiful girl i have ever had the pleasure to meet.”

i almost collapsed. he brought his hand to my face and brushed aside some hair. then he leaned in really close and said,

“i mean that. every word.”

i couldn’t take it anymore. i threw my arms around his neck and kissed him hard and full on the mouth. i felt him swell and pulled back.

“are we alone?”

aaron listened for a second and then checked the hallway.

“yeah. we are.”

he closed the practice room doors and walked back to me. i was throbbing down there. i needed him, now.

aaron grabbed my face and planted a big one on me, complete with tongue. he backed me against the wall and put his hands on my back. and then i felt a hand moving up and around to my front as the other hand undid my bra. aaron took my breast in his warm hand and caressed it. as i felt my legs collapsing beneath me, he pinched my nipple. i felt a rush of heat and a wet release, and i shuttered a little. between kisses i managed a groan.

“oh, you like that, do you?” said aaron.

he took his hand out from my shirt and undid the buttons. he placed his other hand on my pussy.

“lucille danvers. how dare you.” hearing him say my full name made things worse. “you’ve soaked your jeans.”

by now, my shirt was undone and my bra on the floor, leaving my swollen breasts and nipples exposed. he lowered his mouth to one breast and took it in his mouth. i couldn’t take it anymore. i let out a gasp. i wasn’t strong enough to make it a quiet one. he sucked for what seemed like an eternity before moving to the next one. i could feel the heat and dampness rising between my legs. i took my hand and began rubbing his cock with it. now it was his turn to moan.

i managed to get my other hand to his zipper. i pulled on it, and his rigid cock finally escaped. i started playing with the head.

“gee; are you trying to make me cum already? or don’t you want to feel it inside?” i found it hard to talk. “i….i wa…want it in mm…e.” he smirked.

when and how my pants ended up around my ankles i don’t remember. he started to lower me to the floor.

“wait,” i said. “you’re turn.”

aaron let himself relax as i lowered him down. i took my underwear off. now i was wearing nothing but a white dress shirt. he had taken his boxers to his ankles, letting his cock free finally. i mounted him and felt him slide right into my soaked vaj. he thrust his pelvis a little…

“no, just lay there.”

i sat up straight. i began to move up and down on him. his eyes rolled back and his eyes closed. i could feel every inch of him inside of me. i loved it.

“lean down,” he muttered. i did…

he massaged my breasts and then took them in his mouth again, one at a time. he nibbled and sucked until i let out a scream. i was riding him so hard and he was thrusting so fast that i felt like i was in a rodeo.

“we need to switch places.”

aaron had a look on his face. i could feel him swelling inside of me. he was about it cum.

“ok,” i said.

now i was on the floor. i didn’t realize how much i had leaked; it was everywhere. he laid down on top of me and slid his wonderful cock inside my pussy. it felt wonderful.

“harder,” i sighed. he pushed harder.

“mmmm… harder…” nothing seemed hard and fast enough. i was about to blow too.

“i’m gonna lose it anytime now.”


aaron plowed me. he was pumping so hard and so fast that i couldn’t help but scream out. i couldn’t stop. the sound just kept coming from my mouth. he tipped his head back…

“open your mouth. now.”

i responded, and i felt his hot cum drip on my torso as he thrust it into my mouth. and then it flooded me. there was so much that i think half of it ran down my chin, and i swallowed the rest.
he shifted his body so that his face was buried in my pussy.

“what…?” i couldn’t talk.

i felt aaron’s warm, wet tongue invade me. i felt him pull my clit out with his fingers and flick it with his tongue. and then he shoved his fingers inside.

“i…i’m….gonna cum!”

he kept going. i felt it then. my world went fuzzy as i felt myself climax. hot juices erupted from me, soaking his face. and then we both went limp.

“am i dead?” i thought.

it felt that way. but after a minute he pulled himself beside me and kissed me gently.

“i’ve been wanting to do that for a while now.”

i looked at him. he was smiling. i smiled back. we found our clothes and put them on. my legs felt springy and weird. he walked me to my car.

“i was wondering. would you be interested in some private singing lessons?”

i gave him a smirk. “do i sound that bad?”

“no. but everyone needs improvement once in awhile. how about wednesdays? around 6 pm?”

“that sounds wonderful.”

aaron kissed me again, this time a soft, tender kiss. i can’t wait for wednesday.

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  1. nbra

    Nice Hot story I would have liked moe description of what you look like and what you were wearing that day

    i would like to see a part two and how the “private lessons” are going

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