my first time with my teacher part 2

I was checking myself in the mirror then I walked out the door I had on a red vneck short dress with a red bra and thong set and red stillettos I knocked on the door wow kitty he said you like I asked yes he said we kissed passionately for what seemed like forever I felt him grab zipper on my dress and pull it down I let it fall I watched him stare do you like I asked yes he said he started kissing my neck and pulling down my bra straps then he started licking my nipples one by one I felt his hands on the waistband on my thong let’s get you out of these clothes he said pulling my bra and thong off I need you now I said wait sit I wanna enjoy this time he said I sat on the couch then he started licking my pussy like a pro licking all the right places I pushed his head deeper into me cumming all on his face oh god I said my turn he said standing up pulling his Dick out its too big to go in my mouth I’ve never done this I said don’t worry ill teach you he said with a smile I got on my knees licked at the head of his cock and rubbed my hand up and down admiring the viens that went through his cock its so big I said put it in your mouth he said I did I suck on the head and stuck it further and further down my throat oh god he said I worked faster and faster I could tell he was enjoying it by the way he was moaning yes yes im cumming he said flooding my mouth with his cum I swallowed every drop that taste so good I said you’re really a natural he said I said yo layer back and watched him enter my pussy oh god its still so tight he said that’s good I said he fuckef me hard right there on the couch oh god he said I started moaning and calling out his name over and over again as he went deeper I wanna ride I said ok he said he pulled out and I got up he layer down I got on top and rode home hard oh god this feels so good I screamed he kept hitting tha right places then he started rubbing my clit I cummed again and again as I rode harder then I cummed again and fell on him o couldn’t move I was tired he flipped us over and we landed on the floor he fucked and I cummed more then I felt him cum all in my pussy oh god I yelled as I felt the tingle in my pussy he kissed me I love you kitty he said I love you too mark I said he got off me and carried me up to his bed I fell rite to sleep content and happy
Part 3 coming soon

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