my first time with my teacher part 3

“Alright class i expect you to have your homework done for Monday kitty stay behind please” Mr. Moss said everyone else left “Mr. Moss we can’t do this here ” I said “so” Mr. Moss said shuting an locking the door “but its not right” I said “come on take off this dress” Mr. Moss said feeling for my zipper he pulled it off my shoulders and pulled off my clothes I helped him pull off his clothes he directed me to his desk and moved everything I leaned over I felt his cock at the ege of my pussy “oh god just put it in already” I commanded him he fucked me hard I did my best to not moan loud but he rubbed my clit “oh godddd” I cried oh as I felt my pussy quiver as I orgasmed “I’m almost there do you want me to pull out or not” he said “no keep going ” I said it felt like he went into overdrive and just went non stop “oh god I’m CUUMMIINNGGG”he called out “that was amazing” I said “yea it was get dressed” he said I pulled on my clothes “see you next time”I said I grabbed my stuff and headed out to the parking lot
part 4 coming soon

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