my first with my teacher

I was sitting in mr. Moss’s english class. I had on my low cut short sleeve top and black mini skirt. I saw him glance my way a few times and start at my big 42 DD breast. I was taken out of my daydream as the bell rung I got up to leave when he said kitty a word with you yes mr moss I said everyone else got up and left I saw him lock the door I got scared now kitty I see the way you look at me he said mr moss I replied call me mike he said this is not tight I said as I saw him grab my right breast kitty I know you want me as I want you he said kissing me I felt his touge push into my mouth I kissed back as he started kissing my neck then he pulled at my shirt taking it off he stared at my lacy blue bra that was soon tossed to the floor then he removed my pants he was on his knees staring at my pussy he pulled off my panties and started teasing my pussy he did this till I cummed then he stood removed his clothes I looked at his cock he looked to be about 9 1/2 inches mr moss I’ve never done this I said in a shaky voice your a virgin he replied I nodded he picked me up carried me to his desk he teased my pussy with his dick the he pushed in hard oh god I yelled I felt like he was tearing me apart ready he ask I nodded he started fucking me as I moaned and screamed his name mike mike oh god harder harder I yelled he did that then he started grabbing at my nipples he put one in his mouth and pinched it this brought me to an orgasm he then flipped me over and fucked me harder kitty I’m cumming he said as he flooded my pussy with his cum that was amazing I said we got dressed here come by my house saturday so we can do this again he said ok I said we shared one last kiss then went our ways the next encounter is another story. Misssexkitty

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