My hot English teacher

Changed names for safety reasons

It was the near the end of my senior year and I only had one week left till graduation.I had only to go to my English class 3 more times and it pained me. It was miss Johnson she was only 26 years old but man she had a nice figure.I would spend countless hours of me thinking about fucking her but I knew this wouldn’t happen.Guys wanted her bad and miss Johnson knew they wanted her it was her nice big round ass and her 36c breast.I was a really good student in that class until she told me to sit in the front because I couldn’t see.I could see everything from hereaaa she would bend down I would picture me banging that lucious ass of hers.”erick your going to have to go to my tutoring if you want to pass this class” miss Johnson said.”yes miss Johnson I will” the words barely came out of my mouth.The bell rang and I went to my house and quickly jerked off at thinking about her.The next day miss Johnson came in with shorts and all the guys awed in joy.

i secretly took out my phone and took pictures of her and added it to my collection so that I can jerk off to them.Someguy dropped his work and miss Johnson wanted to help and she Ben down I took pictures of this view while everyone saw.

“Erick.. Come here”she said.

I panicked and pressed all thebuttons on my phone to try and quit the app as I got up.”have you considered tutoring it’s today””ok ill be there” I replied.

i wanted to take a picture of miss Johnson’s rack and try to see I it can see her hard suckable tits from the room being cold.FLASH my phone took a flash picture my life completely sunk I didn’t know what to do.

She turned around and looked at me but no one seemed to notice the flash but her.The bell rang and I knew I was in trouble i sat and knew I had tutoring as well.

She got up”let me see your phone” I gave it to her and new my life was over.

“why were you takin pictures of me”

All I could say was “miss Johnson don’t we have tutoring”

She returned to her desk but kept looking at my phone it was past 20 minutes from the bell and no one was here.I noticed a note on the board “no tutoring anymore.”

I thought to myself then why am I here miss Johnson finally got up,I gulped and ready fora huge trouble.

“So,Erick your quite the photographer” I couldn’t say anything.

“So I’m guessing you masturbate to these” i was starting to get hard.”why’d you ask me to say for tutoring”

“i wanted you here I watched you stare at me.”

I Can see you want this.”Miss Johnson started to rub my hard cock I knew it was to full 9 inches.

“I want you to record me while we have some fun.”she unzipped my pants and my stood up and I wanted this bad.

She took off my boxers and precum was coming out of my cock. Her nice moist lips circled my head and she started to bob her head back and forth and I was about to cum.

“I’m going to cum” I pulled out “let’s not finish fast” miss Johnson said.

I picked her up and put her on the desk and started to pull down her shorts and I came across her white underwear.I saw a wet spot and got me even more turned on.

I started to pull and I stopped and saw her shaved pussy.It took me sometime to do something her pussy was moist .

I put my face between her legs and started To lick. She was moaning and having an orgasm my face was covered in her juices. I got my fingers ready and I started to finger her. She started to breathe heavily and I didn’t want to get her tired. She got up and took off her tank top and I saw her white bra I unhooked it and speechless I was of her nice perky tits and didn’t sag.

I caressed them and started to lick them one by one.

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