My orgasmic experience

I briskly walked along the hallway to theater 10, the whole time my eyes wandering towards Robert.
I knew what he wanted.
With a grim smile across my face, I slid through the door, my coffee colored hair flowing behind me. Robert followed close behind; every now and then he’d slide his hands around my slender waist, and slowly, as if to not draw any attention, he’d firmly grab my ass.

Although I was only in 11th grade, I was said to have an AMAZING BODY. I tried not to pay attention to the guys, but I noticed their stares as I walked by. To tell you the truth, I liked it. I had a “famous” ass (It was a lot bigger then most girls in high school, for a white girl I had a great ass), medium sized boobs that were so juicy you could devour them, and 4-pack abs. (I did a lot of athletics’ in my high school)

We took our seats, both of us knowing we had no interest in the movie. We made small talk, an attempt to break the ice, when finally (in the middle of my sentence) Robert gently turned my head to him and kissed me passionately. His warm tongue slid tenderly in and out of my mouth, in and out. After a while of our tongue hockey, I began to gently nibble on his lip, and lick it back into my mouth.
Robert died.
I slid my hands down to his enormous buldge, I could tell I was doing a good job because his cock throbbed through his jeans. I was ready to give him some action, but he stopped me from unzipping his pants and gently caressed my silky thigh. I was wearing a skirt, but no panties, and as Robert’s hand rubbed higher and higher, he became delighted to find the touch of a hot and wet pussy.
I threw my head back in ecstasy as he massaged the tender knob of my cunt, my breaths growing shorter and heavier. He shoved a finger into my begging pussy, then another, and then a third till I was overwhelmed in pleasure and a moan escaped my lips. A lady in the front row shot us a dirty look, but didn’t seem to notice Robert’s hand buried deep in my pussy. He began to draw back, but I quickly shoved hard on his hand, forcing his fingers deeper inside of me then ever before. I couldn’t help it. I threw my hands above my head and grasped the seat and my body arched forward, and I felt my orgasm coming so quickly. I began to feverishly grind against his fingers, and placed my lips against his hears and moaned “Robert, I’m coming! OOhhhh yes….fuck me harder. I want you deeper…GOD you feel so good.” With the sudden appraisal Robert took the hint and took both his hands and started rubbing my clit and fucking me with all 5 fingers at once. He kept going harder and faster, plunging into me so hard I saw stars…My breathing was so fast, all I could utter to him was “Oh god! IM COMING IM COMING!!!!” At that moment he buried his fingers deep inside me pussy and I orgasmed hard around his hand. My pussy pulsated and throbbed and a stream of juices flowed down his hand.

By this time, people had started to hear me, and kept looking back at us. We decided to take our sexual escapades to the privacy of my house, where no one was present to hear my moans and screams of pleasure…

Stay tuned for part 2

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  1. Icecraze

    Great story, can’t wait for part 2.

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