My Trip

My trip

Hello! I had a very peculiar trip to U.S.A. and I wanted to share it with you. As you propably know, some schools offer trips to foreign countrys to study in a different school. Well, I went to one of those and this is what happened:

I was walking down the corridor in my school when I saw several of my classmates looking at a pillboard. I asked them what they were looking for and they said that it was now possible to go a different countrys school. I got excited about this and waited until I had access to it. I took the last one of those notes and took it home.

When I showed it to my mom and dad they thought it was great. They were that kind of people that went for the ”Ten Things To Do In Life”. You know, study a foreign language, visit another country, etc., etc.

Before I knew it, I was in an airplane on my way to Texas. I had a hostfamily, wich was waiting going to meet me at the airport. I was nervous, since this was my first flight ever. My knuckles were white when we took off. One of the stewardess asked if I needed something. How the hell they can look so hot in those suits. I said that I needed something to relax. She offered some sleeping pills wich I gladly took. I went to sleep.

When I got to the airport I looked for the family. They helded a sign where my name was written. The father looked like an athlete with strong arms and legs. The mother had propably D-breasts and a very long golden hair. But that was nothing compared for her daughter. She had her hair going behind her knees and at least D-breasts. That was some family. I went to them and intoduced myself. They were Jacob, Priscilla and Janette. Oh, I’m David. Both women had tanktops and matching mini-skirts. Jacob was wearing jeans and T-shirt.

We talked while walking out of the terminal to their car. It beautifull sports car. I have no idea what it’s name was, but it sure as hell was beautifull. I didn’t pay much attention to the city, cause Janette was sitting next to me and her arm was on my leg very near my dick. Once we got out of the town, Jacob accerelated to full speed and we went. If a tire would have blown out we would have flown propably a mile or so forward and then died.

It didn’t take long until we were at their home. There were no houses anywhere. Only their home. It had three floors and one balcony. It looked great. I asked them how they had so much money to build this since I saw only empty fields. They said that they had a lot of ground for rent and that they were big players in the stockmarkets. That explained why they had so much money.

They had a swimming pool in the back, huge rooms and the room that was appointed to me had a computer. Hell, they were rich. And what the family was like. I saw it after a week or so when I was coming from school. Jacob and Priscilla were fucking on the dining table. They didn’t see me. Or I thought they didn’t see me.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Her breasts going up and down on her body as he fucked her pussy. I couldn’t stop thinking thet I was fucking her in there. Or that in her place was Janette.

If you want me to continue this story, let me know. This was just a start for what happened to on that trip. Please let me know.

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    u need to continue

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