New Girl at College

Yuki felt intimidated by the spiraling stone towers and massive battlement-like dormitories that made up Yale; the Ivy League school was very much unlike the other colleges that she had checked out: Stanford, UCLA, basically every Western university and college. Yuki aspired to go to one of the West Coast party colleges; after all, California was far superior to the cold, rainy hills of New York, and with the recent attack on the Moscow airport by the mysterious terrorist known as Makarov, Yuki was nervous about living on the East Coast, especially with the growing threat of Russian attack. But her parents, thick-headed as they were, believed that the Californian schools weren’t good enough for their daughter, and had forced her to Yale.
Yuki felt a chill through her blood as a cool wind swept the campus; it was only September, but already a cold climate had settled into the Northeast. Pulling the slip of paper out her pocket, Yuki examined it to see what room and dormitory she was assigned to:


Room 895, Dormitory B. Yuki began dragging her luggage down the pathway, towards the massive main door of the college.
If the outside of the Yale main building was intimidating, the inside was welcoming; warm wood interior, a roaring fireplace in the common room, and almost completely quiet. Students, new and old, milled about here and there, hauling luggage or books towards their own dorms, settling in. Yuki noticed a well-trimmed young man in a tweed suit approach her.
“Yuki Asuaba?” the man asked. His voice was deep and welcoming; Yuki felt less and less nervous as she spoke to the newcomer. She nodded her head after a small delay.
“Mr. Vincent Morrison, the director of your dormitory tower. You are…” the man looked at the slip of paper Yuki still had in her hand.
“895. Follow me, please…I’ll be happy to take you to your dorm.” Setting off at a brisk pace, Mr. Morrison led Yuki through quiet halls and past empty classrooms, and finally up into a tall dorm tower, to a room with a brass 825 written on it.
“825B. Make yourself comfortable.”
Yuki turned around to thank the man, but he was already leaving by the time she prepared to speak. As he disappeared around a corner, Yuki found the door unlocked and walked inside. The dorm was already inhabited.
Two other girls, both blonde caucasian girls, were sitting on their beds, which were unusually close together. As soon as they heard the door open, their laughter ceased and they turned towards the newcomer: they examined her from head to toe in an instant, but focused more on her breasts. Yuki was abnormal amongst her old classmates; her breast size was enormous–about thirty inches, whereas her females classmates in highschool averaged at about ten to twelve inches.
“Well. Looks like that third bed will be full after all,” one of the girls broke the ice. They both laughed, and Yuki cracked a smile–just barely. She felt a little awkward with her new roomies, but she set her luggage down on the floor and set her shoes by the door.
“Well, well. An Asian girl–no offense meant, we just weren’t expecting a foreigner…”
“That’s all right,” Yuki smiled, trying to get comfortable with her new friends. “Are you both freshmen?”
The two blonde girls nodded. “Just started. I take it you’re freshman too?” Yuki nodded in response.
“Well, welcome…uh…”
“Yuki. Yuki Asuaba.”
“Cool name,” the other girl piped up. “I’m Melissa, and this is Ashley. Both New Yorkers.” Pride coursed through their veins as they told the newcomer they were from New York. It didn’t really matter to Yuki; she was just glad to be able to make friends with a few people already.
“Your bed’s over there,” the girl named Melissa pointed to the back of the room; beyond the first two beds, and beyond a massive drywall divider, another bed was barely visible. There was enough space back there, but Yuki still felt compacted between the wall and the divider. At least there was a window there; as Yuki began to unpack, she started feeling like she was at home again.
There were no classes the first day; it was orientation, a tour, dinner, and then time in the dorms. Ashley and Melissa had disappeared; Yuki fell asleep at around ten without her roommates, and woke back up an hour later to hear a noise coming from the other side of the divider. Yuki rubbed her eyes, heavy with sleep; a dim light shone from the other part of the room, reflected onto the window. As she did every night at home, Yuki slept completely nude; no panties, no bra, nothing on her. Despite this, she threw off the cover lightly, feeling a chill sweep her bones as she rose up out of bed and peeked around the divider. What she saw nearly floored her.
Ashley and Melissa were sitting on one bed, completely nude. A small laptop was sitting on the pillow, with a gay porn movie playing; Yuki could see nothing, but he could see the two girls hands moving rapidly back and forth beneath them. Yuki stepped back behind the divider; she had always been a sheltered, innocent girl back at home. The sight shocked her to the core; she could barely stop herself from looking back around; was this a dream?
It was entirely real; she looked around again, and heard a long, drawn-out moan rising from the two girls. As Yuki watched, they turned on their backs, their stomachs facing up into the air. A bright, shiny liquid was pasted onto their fingers and around their crotch; as Yuki watched, the two girls sucked the juices off each others fingers, moaning as they did so. Yuki fled back behind the divider again as Ashely rose up off the bed; desperate to forget the entire scene, Yuki threw herself back in bed, trying to minimize the noise she made, and covered her entire body up.
Tense moments passed; she heard the soft padding of feet on the carpet; a second later, cold air buffeted her body as the covers were ripped off; she could barely make out Ashley’s face in the darkness, illuminated by the laptop. Without a word, a snarl crossed Ashley’s face, and she violently threw Yuki off the bed.
Yuki landed hard on the floor; despite the fact that it was carpet, the breath was thrown out of her. She felt soft hands grasp her under the arm and yank her up into a standing position; still half-asleep, Yuki could make out Melissa, completely naked, still on the bed, looking at Ashley in confusion.

“Uh…a little explanation?” Melissa asked, confused but completely awake.
“This little Asian slut was watching us over there,” Ashley snarled, holding Yuki up. The latter was now awake; she struggled to free herself from Ashley’s grip, but was unable to. Her strength, what little she possessed, failed her, and she fell limp, giving up.

“She was watching us? Little bitch!!” Melissa snarled, moving menacingly towards Yuki.
“Is this true, bitch?” Melissa asked, closing in on Yuki’s face. Yuki did not answer, and a smart slap stung on her cheek the next second.
“I asked you a question–were you watching us, bitch?” Melissa asked again. She began to smile, taking a sadistic joy in this. Yuki was too terrified to answer; she began sputtering, but words failed her.
“Come on, use your words…looks like we’ll have to teach her a little lesson,” Melissa sneered. Ashley apparently knew exactly what to do; she threw Yuki onto the bed, and Melissa walked over to her suitcase. Yuki looked terrified as she saw a massive, eight-inch black dildo in Melissa’s hand.
“You never responded. It’s time to learn your lesson, bitch,” Melissa snarled. Ashley violently spread Yuki’s silky legs apart, revealing a small, tight, well-shaven pussy between her legs.
“The girl knows how to shave,” Ashley sneered.
Melissa acted slowly; she moved the dildo menacingly towards Yuki. Ashely pulled a roll of duct tape from her bag, and bound Yuki’s hands over her head, and held her down to the bed. As Melissa kept Yuki’s legs apart, she moved the dildo farther in, penetrating the girl’s pussy slowly. Yuki tried to struggle, groaning against the pleasure slowly rising in her pussy. She felt the need to orgasm; she had felt the urge before, but had never complied with it. This time, she was being forced to.
“Feel good, you little slut?” Ashley laughed. Both of the other girls were taking pleasure in fucking the newcomer. Yuki began to moan, but a strip of duct tape came down on her mouth.
“Shh,” Ashley said, her face alive with malevolence. The dildo went in until Melissa’s hand was in contact with Yuki’s soft clitoris, and that was when Melissa began moving her hand up and down violently, bringing Yuki to the point of orgasm.
“Don’t let her get the ultimate pleasure yet,” Ashley said. Melissa relented, slowing down just enough to keep Yuki from squirting. Slowly, ensuring that the pleasure and pain kept up for the girl, withdrew the dildo, and licked it clean of the juices from Yuki’s cunt. They gave the girl a breather, and then Ashley, leaving Yuki on the bed, went to her baggage and pulled out two strap-ons.
“Perfect,” Melissa laughed maliciously. The two other girls affixed the strap-ons to themselves and turned Yuki on her side; the latter was now in utter terror, but felt a pleasure growing in her vagina she had never felt before.
There was pain and pleasure at once; she felt like coming as Ashley drove the strap-on into her pussy, exploring the lips and clit gently and putting her lips gently to Yuki’s left tit. Melissa drove the other strap-on hard into Yuki’s unexplored asshole, bringing a measure of pain to the Asian girl, who was beginning to enjoy the S&M treatment. She was not allowed to orgasm yet, though; Ashley pulled the strap-on out before orgasm, although she continued to bite and suck Yuki’s stiff nipple; it was a full five minutes of torture after that in Yuki’s ass, and the only distraction came from her nipple being sucked.
“Time for the end,” Ashley moaned as she took the strap-on off; juices poured down her leg from her exposed pussy.
“Should we let her orgasm?” Ashley asked Melissa, who was positioning herself over Yuki’s face.
“Nah. She can do it on her own,” Melissa sneered. The two sat over Yuki’s face and began masturbating; Yuki wished she had a free hand of her own to try it out, but she was still bound and gagged. A few minutes passed; the two blondes began to moan and convulse with pleasure.
At the same time, the blondes squirted their juice onto Yuki’s face, all over her cheeks, across her forehead, and into her mouth. They squirted for a good ten seconds before the fountains died down, leaving Yuki coated in a translucent, shiny liquid. The girls unbound and ungagged their new roommate.
“Learned your lesson?” Melissa asked.
“Well..that was kinda fun…”
Ashley slapped Yuki’s naked ass, and moved her hand over her thigh.
“That’s what I want to hear,” Ashley smiled. Yuki wasn’t done yet; she moved closer to Ashley, desiring even more of the pleasure that was going to become her life.

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