New Prey Part 1

New Prey Part 1

It was the last period of the day, and Bridget was studying each of her classmates to find her next target. She even marked down her characteristics to compare to another:

Breasts: 38C
Ass: Huge and soft
Face: Pretty
Skin: Tanned and white
Thighs: Large and creamy
Hair: Silky dirty blonde

Bridget spent the first 30 minutes looking, until she spotted someone in the corner, Cameron:

Breasts: 34C
Ass: Large and firm
Face: Pretty and small
Skin: Light chocolate
Thighs: Large
Hair: Wavy and black

Bridget tried to think of a way to seduce her until Ms. Sellars spoke up and said
ÒAll right class, time for me to partner you up for your book reports on Shakespeare. Now letÕs see: Emma and Ethan, Sam and Tom, Harry and Phil, Gina and Frank, Cameron and Bridget, Simon and JohnÉÓ Bridget felt her heart skip a beat, she found her way to seduce Cameron.

Bridget approached Cameron after class:
ÒDo you wanna work on the report now?Ó Bridget asked eagerly. Cameron thought about it for a moment.
ÒSure.Ó So they both headed for the library. Bridget walked behind her the entire time, watching her ass bounce in her short-shorts.
When they finally got to the library, it was empty.
ÒI think the librarian is in the back.Ó Cameron said.
ÒOkay, so whereÕs the Shakespeare section?Ó Bridget asked. Cameron pointed at it. It was a small space behind another book case. Only two people could fit into it and you couldnÕt see into it because of all the books in front of it. The girls dropped their bags and squeezed into it.
Cameron started browsing when Bridget, ÒaccidentlyÓ squeezed her ass.
ÒHey!Ó She cried
ÒSorry, itÕs a cramped space, plus you have such a lovely butt.Ó She poked her ass affectionately.
ÒStop that!Ó
ÒOh my God, you are such a prude!Ó Bridget said.
ÒNo I am not!Ó
ÒYouÕre right, especially with this little thong. Bridget reached around and pulled on CameronÕs thong straps and let them snap. Cameron got a little aroused.
ÒOkay. LetÕs see how you like this.!Ó Cameron pulled Bridget down and slapped her ass hard. Bridget gasped, and looked up at Cameron with lust in her eyes.

Bridget turned over and squeezed CameronÕs tits, while Cameron began to remove BridgetÕs leggings. Bridget and Cameron locked each others tongues together as they laid there in just their bras and panties

Part 2 Coming Soon!

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