No Other Teacher Can Be So Beautiful

My name is Jack. On my first day back at school, back from the summer holidays. I got a new math teacher Ms.Dubskis. I was 18 and she was probably 23. On that particular day she wore a mini skirt. Her legs look awsome. The next day and for the past month she had never wore another mini skirt. Then one day she wore one. I daydreamed all day. When the bell rang she asked me to stay after school. She knew i was daydreaming and wanted me to catch up on todays lesson. So after school i went to her class. All the windows were closed and as soon as i came in she locked the door behind me. “I know you want me you were staring at me all math class.” sh said seductively. I tried denying it. I knew it wasn’t right. “Have it your way” she told me. So i sat in a desk and she started to write notes on the board. When she was done she told me to copy it all down. She sat in her desk and moved it closer to mine. She spreadher legs wide i saw that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her clit was dripping. She started fingering herself and softly moaning with pleasure. I couldn’t take it anymore. I slid out of my desk and down to the ground so i could eat her pussy. I pushed her hand away and started to eat her pussy. She moaned a little louder. She reached down and pulled me up by the collar. I kissed her passionately. During the kiss i undid her blouse and bra. She must’ve been a 36D. I told her to stand. She did just that and to my surprise her skirt slid off her body she was completely nude. She went to her bag and emptied it. inside were vibrators, nipple clips…etc.
She wanted me to tie her to her desk and have fun with her. So i did just that i tied her arms and legs spread wide to get acsess to her wet pussy.i gagged her mouth and blindfolded her. First i took those nipple clips and clipped them onto her. It seemed to me that she like torture and stuff like that. i got nude myself and started to fuck her with my 9 inch cock. i could hear her moaning with delight. i went faster and faster and harder. We both reached our climaxes at the same time.i took off her nipple clip and clipped them to her pussy. She screamed through the gag in pure pleasure with the new found pain. Me i wanted to fist her. So thats exactly what i did. when i was done i went on top of her and took of her gag but before she could speak i put my cock into her mouth. She responded quickly and gave me a blowjob. i shot a load of cum into her and she greedily swallowed it all. For my finale i took her vibrator, put it on high speed. and fucked her with that. and yes i did take the nipple clips off her pussy and put them away. while i fucked her with the vibrator i sucked on her breasts. When i finished i took everything off her and put them away. she said that was the best time of her life. we put oyr clothes back on and left the school. A month later she went up to me after class and told me she was pregnant with my kid. So we got married and i still fuck her around alot. And yes we know have a girl name sam and we hope that she fuck like we do.

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