Off to college III

My first semester at College was nothing like I had imagined it. I had the hottest roommates and I got to suck and lick the pussy that I wanted and I loved every minute of it. All four of us were the best of friends and lovers.

On my way home from my lecture, I was horny as hell. All I wanted to do was take my vibrator and turn it on high and slam it against my clit and run my fingers up and down my bright pink lips. My panties were moist and now with every thought I was more and more eager to get to my room. None of the girls would be home tonight because they all had to research lab that they had to catch up on. I would be home alone with my vibrator and have the whole room to myself to please myself and then surprise them with a welcome home shower fest.

I was about to enter my room when Tanner, a Junior who lived down the hall slid in between me and the door.
“You know I know what goes on in that pleasure palace in there. I can hear your bitches scream from across the hall. I bet that I could easily make you feel that good, just give me a chance? I have asked you out all semester and you say no! What is with you?”

Tanner could see that I was getting annoyed and I pushed him out of the way. I went to close the door behind me without a word but, he followed right behind me. “listen, can we just talk or something. I really like you and you’re hot as hell. Let me kiss you just once, if you hate it, I’ll go. If you like it, let me take you out on Friday night”.

“I have a boyfriend back home”. “He isn’t here and he hasn’t come to visit you either, now you can use all the strap-on’s in the world but nothing feels like or tastes like real dick!” Tanner moved closer to me and leaned over and gentley kissed my lips. My mouth fell over his and pressing softly against his. “You taste good he whispered”, “so, do you”. He did taste good and his tongue whirled in my tongue teasing and circling my lips. Tanner’s hand slid around my small waist and found their way over my curved hips and on to my ass. “You have an incredible ass, I love that you don’t wear panties!”. “How do you know”. I watch you do laundry, you don’t even own them.

His lips traced the line of my neck and his other hand made it’s way through my hair caress my neck and tugging on it softly. I was lost in his kisses and drank in the smell of him. Unbuttoning his chest exposed hi smooth cut chest and I took great pleasure in kissing and sucking on his left nipple. Feeling it harder in my mouth, I looked down and could see my own nipples darting out undermy sweater dancing on his chest as I licked and sucked. His hand cupped my face and brought me back up to kiss him. The free hand moved over my breast and nipped at my hard buds of flesh. His fingers pinched them until I squeled with pleasure and pain.

For a moment he stepped back to take off my sweater and explored my body with his eyes. I could feel them penetrating and concentrating in my pussy that was already moist and gooy with my sweet juice. Every moment he took without touching me I wanted him to even more. This was his game and he waited for me to make the next move.

I brought up my hand to grab the huge mound of flesh that bulged out from his gym shorts. His arched fleshed was pulsing and sprang to a nice 9 inches when set free from his pants. He wasn’t wearing underwear either. “I don’t believe in them either” he confessed as I began to stroke him hard member in my hand. “You do have a great dick, I have to say that it’s much bigger than..” He cut my off by saying, “I didn’t come here to hear about your boyfriend’s cock, I came here so you could suck mine and I can fuck you. So, don’t bring him up again!. Kind of offended, I shook it off and went back to sliding my hand up and down HIS cock and found that he had the kind of balls that were big and hard. I could only imagine what they were going to feel like slapping my face as I sucked this massive cock.

Without hesitation Tanner took off my skirt and bra and took me to the bed. He laid me on the bed and bed my legs apart and dove into my pussy. His long tongue fucked my cunt and I could see my juices shine on his face. He drank me in. Taking his hands, he spread my lips apart and took two fingers one in my cunt and the other in my ass. The sensation of him plowing both hole and suck on the clit sent me into spasm after spasm of climaxing. My juices were streaming out of me and the bed sheet were soaked beneath me. It was like I was paralyzed and all I wanted to do was have him fuck me more. Now I wanted his dick. If after minutes of his fingers and his tongue fucking me, what was his cock going to feel like.

“You are so fucking wet, I’ve never been with anyone who got so wet.” Smiling as he lashed his tongue into my pussy trap.

” I thought we weren’t” panting “going to talk about, Oooohhhhhh, shit that feels so good…Ex’s”. “I wasn’t I was paying you a compliment”. He grinned and continued to work on my pussy. The feeling was incredible it was as if he was latched on my clit and wouldn’t stop sucking on it until I came time after time until I almost fainted.

He rose up wiped the cunt juice that was splashed across his face, pulled my body close to his with my legs in a V and smiled. Slowly, he teased my cunt with the tip of his dick and slowly pushed it up into my cunt. Inch by inch, I thought I was going to be ripped in half. His dick was so wide and long, it was burning the inside of my walls with pleasure. The creeping cock went deeper and deeper and then I felt his hips pulse and rock into mine sending his hot burning rod further into my body. My legs were now wrapped around his neck and I knew that my grib was tight. There was so much pain running through me and I begged him to stop for moment to stop. He ignored me and told me to think about how good it felt. As I thought about his throbbing dick rocking me with pleasure, I could feel myself come alive even more. It felt so good and now I didn’t want it to stop.”Oh, yeah Tanner keep fuckin me, don’t stop. don’t stop, oh fuck my pussy, please fuck my tight cunt hole”. With every word, he fucked me harder and harder grabbing a tighter hold of my legs and slapping my ass with his other hand. So, much pain from his stinging slaps felt like electric currents going through me.”Do,you want me to stop fucking you”, “Please no, don’t stop fucking me, keep fucking my cunt,pleassssssse keep, keep, fucking meeeeeeee.” I begged and begged and he gave me so much pleasure, I could feel that throbbing dick slamming into my pussy wall. “yeah, you are so tight, I am going to keep fucking this hole, this tight fucking hole of your’s, yeah, you like it when I fuck you, like it better thant that fucking hick boyfriend of your. Right?. I whimpered, “Yes, you are better”, “Just better he yelled” as he pumped me harder. “Much better, Tanner, you are so fucking good, so fucking good. don’t stop please fuck me, please”. I began to cry with pleasure,”I am gonna cum baby, oh, I’m gonna cum. Please make me cum Tanner”. At that moment, he slowed his pace and slowly slid his cock back and forth. My pussy grabbed onto every inch of his hard cock.

Then he said, “Now it’s time for both of us to cum”. The pace quicked to full speed and My pussy was ready to explode and it did. I was wild with pain and pleasure, then I felt his hot load let off into my drenched pussy. Cum came spilling out from my cunt dripping everywhere. Tanner fell back and smeared the hot cum over my pussy and smiling from ear to ear.

“So, do we have a date on Friday”, as he kissed my forehead and then my cheek. I was flush and out of breath but managed to whisper, “yes, we have a date” and kissed him back.

A couple of hours later after doing it again with Tanner and doing some laundry to the sheets, the other girls came home.
“So, how was your night?” asked Melissa.
“Oh, it was fine”
d you miss us?” whispered Malorie as she bent over to kiss my puss
y. She giggled and slapped it hard. “By the looks of that puffed out clit, you were doing something girl?”

Great now, I had to tell the girls about Tanner and get all horny while telling it. At least there are 3 girls to finish the job!

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  1. Dennis North

    This is agood chapter in the continuing saga at college.

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