once in a life time?

it was a firday beforeschool ended, i had my last class math adn science. as i walked into the class i saw the one girl of my dreams Jessica. she was sititng right next to me wiht her beautiful long dark blond hair rounded breasts and her nice ass. I wisperd if she wanted to ditch this class and she said with a big smile sure. a few miutes later we were in a cab on the way to a restaurant and she siad right we got off “i wish to speak to you later on” i got excited (you know “excited”) my penis jumped like a kid caught ina candy store.

we were in the reastaruant i thought how did i endup here so quick and then there she is sitign legs corssed- mocing closer to me in the booth i move a bit closer to her, she put her hand into my pocket and grabbed my penis and with out a moment to spare i blurted out now -us-leave and then says sure. the waitress asks us if we are ready to order adn then i say no thanks we have some important tasks to attend to.

moments later we are at my house i invite her in she takes off her light jacket showing here perky breasts and small skirt you can jsut almsot see her ass. she says anything to drink, i say wiht a slight distinguish in my voice –water? she says fine with me..

i hand her the drink and she says boy is it hot in here or is it just me? i say it is prety hot. she says oh a pool i look @ her lip’s her teeth giving me a sign. i say “sure wanna go for a swim?” (oh god is this the first time ever) she says extending her arms inthe air Sure. i said well uhh i am nto sure but how are you going to go swimming? she strips down to her underware and says like this. i imediatly jsut jumped down to ym boxers and she jumped inthe pool and she said it soo cold. i look at her and i just walk in next to he and she says i am really cold and i say here and i ohld her in ym arms and for the first time she kissed me.Lust filled my mind and then she put her hand right into my boxers and started felling around my penis and the moment i had the thougt i took it i went underwater pulled her thong off and pulled her underwater with me. i started licking her pussy nd hse went up for air, i grabbed her from her backside and pulled her down she then took off my boxers and then sat on it. wiht ym fully erect penis she started oing faster and faster and then she gaped for air so i lean over to her and kiss her adn she then come back up and says i will be right back she brings a pen and paper and asks me to right down my name and number adn i said sure. i agev it to her and then she says hot tub? i go get up and say sure why not.

she the gets near me and i started kissing her breasts she then is nearing and orgasm and she startes jerking my penis back and forth, i asked if she wanted to do this my way and she “ohhhh whats that” “ill shwo you” i make her tsand dog on knees and hands adn then i give it to her dogy style. and she starts saying my naem louder and louder and i stop she says pleas my turna dn she quickly turns aroudna dn sits facign me kissing me constantly and i take her out of the hot tuba dn into the bedroom and ask her to do a boob job. she asks would you liek to take off my bra? i said wiht pleasur i undo her bra her oily smooth breats shining and jsut laying there i rgab her shoulders and press her down ot my crocth and say go. she then gives me a blow job and between her breats at the same time adn whiile she i doing this i sperm out and splatters al lover her. she then says anal? i i jsut say why not? she then is lyign on her stomach adn i press my self against her oging back and forth pullign her with me. she tells me to stop and lick her pussy so i did and the moment is tarted she lets it all out a truck load of cum spraying into ym face and then i kiss her sentualy and he says now fuck em like a rabbit and i anal give it to her agin as fast as i can she squirts everywhere and then she is panting and i say enough? and she grabs me by my crouch and says one alst request i sask waht and she satrts licking my penis and then i near orgasm i spray once more and i grab her and i started kissing her all over and she says it is time to leave, she gets her stuff ready and i am half naked she says i am going to need 1 thing i ask waht she goes to my kicthen and back with whip cream sprays it all over her breats and asks me to lick it off and with pleasure i lick it off and she says hat was the treat.

i ask whe i will see hher agina and she looks at me and says maybe next weekend.

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  1. disenchanted

    This story was worthless, the spelling was very distracting.

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