Paige's Sophomore Year (Chapter 1)

Paige locked the U-Haul truck and sweating, moved around the front to climb into the driver’s seat. She had just spent all morning moving her modest belongings from her dorm room into the truck. She was entering her second year at the University of Alabama, and it was “goodbye dorms” and “hello, private room.” After an eventful first year in the dorms, during which time, according to her parents, she had had too much fun and done too little studying, the ‘rents had commanded that she move out. To tell the truth, they were just a little bit right. She had partied a lot, and had twice gotten in trouble for drinking with the dorm manager. Unfortunately, the dorm manager knew her mother, and had told all both times. And her grades had been B’s and C’s, whereas in high school she had received mostly A’s.

Anyway, Paiges’ mother and father had sat her down at the end of the semester and laid down the law. No more parties, no more drinking, and no more dorm! Now they were going to rent her a room at the house of her father’s business partner, Christian Carlsen. Paige knew this meant a lot of being watched and a lot less fun, but at least Christian was good looking, she laughed to herself. And truth be told, she looked forward to living in a private space with lots of amenities instead of the crowded and spartan dorms.

She knew that because of her first semester, her parents had probably asked Christian to be pretty strict with her, but then this still beat having to go home. She hoped he would go easy on her, since he seemed like such a nice guy, if a little bit intimidating at times. Anyway, whatever rules she couldn’t obey she would avoid, she laughed to herself. How bad could it be? She was 18 and smart, and well-practiced at charming her elders. And having a great body didn’t hurt with older guys like Christian, who was in his thirties. He would probably give her lots of slack once she showed him something to see, all by accident of course. She chuckled at the thought as she rounded the corner to Christian’ house. Of course, she would have to be smart about this. She was in hot water with her parents. And she couldn’t quite put out of her mind that Christian had already punished her once while she house sat for him over the summer. She really didn’t want to remember that, and consoled herself that it was an aberration and would never be permitted again at her age.

Christian welcomed her warmly with a hug at the gate, when she arrived. He was tall and blondish, with blue eyes and dressed in Levi’s. He sure was nice to look at, and she did secretly have a little thing for him, though she was careful never to let on. He helped her take all of her luggage into her new room, which was fabulous. A nice big wooden bed, large closet, and her own bathroom. Plus she had the run of the living room, kitchen, and back yard, all of which were well appointed. This was going to be better than she thought.

That evening, after she had rested and unpacked, Christian called her into dinner. Christian had a big yellow note pad next to his plate and kept studying it as they ate.

“I’ll bet you are wondering what’s on this pad I’ve got Paige.”
“Well, yeah, actually I was. What is it?”
“It’s your rules for living here, courtesy of me and your parents”
“Ohhh my god. How embarrassing. They really gave you rules for me?”
“Not exactly. They didn’t give me any specific rules, but left it up to me. But they told me all about you and some of your bad habits, so I took the liberty of addressing those in here”.
Christian chuckled knowingly, and Paige suddenly felt like she had been had. Her embarrassment grew as she contemplated what mortifying things her mother had no doubt told Christian.
“But, umm, so what are they please?”
“Well, you know you really messed up in school last semester, and your parents are VERY concerned, young lady! I understand you got three C’s and two D’s, is that right?”
“Uh, yeah, I know it wasn’t very good”, Paige looked doubtful.
“Not good? It was a disgrace!” Christian stared at Paige balefully, letting her feel his displeasure. Paige began feeling more uncomfortable and embarrassed.
“So you are going to have a curfew, young lady. You will be in this house every school night by 6:30 pm, and I expect you to be studying every school night from 8 pm until 10:30 pm. Got it?
“Yes, sir.”
“In your pj’s at 10:30 and lights out at 11:30 pm.”
“But –“
“No “buts” young lady. I mean that. Is that clear?

“Ok” she mumbled. Paige thought it was ridiculous, but what could she do?
“Good. On weekends, you can be out until midnight, but I have to know where you are going. You are not to drink at parties, and you certainly are not to drink and drive. From now on, you are dry, my friend, unless we have a glass of wine for dinner.
“But what if people are going out later, can’t I go?”
“No way. I might give you permission, but I am not going to be too generous about exceptions. Ok?
“Yes sir.” Paige felt crestfallen, and couldn’t hide it. There went her social life on weekends. This would not do.
“Now, what else. You’ve got chores around here every week, like take out the garbage, clean your room, and do your laundry. And as you know, NO using my BMW like you did over the summer.”
Christian looked at Paige sternly but also teasingly. Paige shifted in her seat uncomfortably. She had conveniently locked away the memory of the embarrassing spanking Christian had given her for using his car without permission. So awfully humiliating to be put over his knee and have her panties yanked down, like he was her Dad. And a really hard painful spanking it had been too.
“Definitely no BMW, I think I learned my lesson on that one.”
“Good. I think this will work out fine Paige. Now, your Mom did have a few other rules for you, which you probably have heard a million times, but I am supposed to remind you, ok? I think they fall under the category of personal deportment of young ladies, so I am not going to embarrass you by reading them out loud. Your mom gave me this sheet to pass on to you, and you just read it. I am not going to be prying into your private life around here, but if I see one of these rules being broken, you will be in trouble with your mom, and therefore with me. So here you go, and just keep them in mind.”
Paige took the envelope from Christian, inwardly groaning at what ridiculous rules her Mom had probably put down. God knows what she told Christian about her personal habits in there! Impulsively, she ripped open the envelope and read:
“Dear Christian: Thanks so much for looking after Paige and taking her in. We were really at our wits end with her last semester, and we know you are the perfect choice to keep her on the right path. We do have a few personal rules for Paige which she needs to work on. They are: 1. No swearing. 2. Telephone calls at night limited to 30 minutes. 3. No sleeping in past 10 am on weekends. 4. Paige is expected to wear a bra, and to have on panties under her jeans or skirts so she doesn’t “flash skin” in the house or in public. I threw away all her thongs and she is not allowed to wear those. 5. No boys in the house without you being present, and certainly not in her room. 6. Good luck with our wild child, you have permission to discipline as you see fit! Love, Marianne and Frank”
Paige wanted to die with embarrassment and anger, but kept it inside except for her blushing ears. Did her Mom think she was 13? God, this was awful. But, she tried to be nonchalant in front of Christian.
“Wow, my Mom is so old-fashioned, what can I say.”
“Well Paige, I won’t comment except to say that your Mom may be old-fashioned, but her rules seem pretty reasonable to me given your conduct last semester. So let’s take every rule seriously, is that understood?”
“Yeah, yeah, I will.”
“No yeah yeahs, young lady. Have you got those
rules down?”
“Yes, sir. I will. Follow them, I mean.”
“Good! Because I r
eally don’t want to be worrying about such basics with you. You are old enough to handle this without me getting involved. I know you and I are going to enjoy getting to know each other better this semester, and I think you know what your parents are driving at. Anyway, let’s finish dinner and clean up these dishes before you explode.”
Christian winked cheerfully, and Paige couldn’t help smiling too, feeling relieved he didn’t want to belabor the “rules” anymore. They chit chatted while finishing up cleaning up the kitchen and then Paige went back to her room, to spend her first night in her new quarters.


Paige was watching television with Christian in the living room. She had just finished her studying and put her pajamas on, ready to spend an enjoyable hour before she had to go to bed. She missed her fun nights out when she used to live at the dorms, with no curfew and no one watching over her. But at least she got to watch part of the Tonight Show every evening before bedtime. And she found it was actually fun to visit with Christian and laugh with him over Leno’s jokes.

Paige got up, walked to the TV, and bent over with her behind to Christian, to turn up the volume. Christian immediately noticed something amiss. Before Paige could sit back down on the couch, he said,
“Uh, Paige honey, are you wearing underpants under those pj’s?”
Paige froze. She had peeled off her panties with her jeans and left them on the floor earlier. So much sexier to be nude underneath her pajamas, and who would ever know?. She made an impulsive decision to bluff.
“What? Sorry?”
“I said, are you wearing panties underneath your pajama bottoms?”
Paige feigned that an insult had been delivered.
“Yes, why do you ask?”
“Because excuse me, it sure does not look like it.” Christian had been admiring Paige’s young and athletic bottom under her cream paisley pajamas as she adjusted the television. But when she had bent over and her pajamas rode up her bottom slightly, he had not seen a single panty line.
“Are you wearing a thong, is that it?”
“No! I mean, my mom threw them all out and bought me white Jockey ones instead to wear. They’re bikini’s.”
“Well, if that’s the case, you won’t mind showing them to me for a second.”
Paige suddenly felt a wave of fear. She was now acutely aware of being bare naked under her pajama bottoms.
“Oh please, Christian, do I have to? I feel embarrassed.”
“I don’t think flashing me your underpants should be so bad. Come on, turn around, and pull down your pj’s in the back.”
Paige felt more panic, but turned her back to Christian as ordered. She started to reach for her waistband, but then couldn’t go through with it.
“Really, I have panties on! Please don’t make me!”
Christian now sensed Paige was fibbing and suddenly stood up from the couch and moved toward her with anger in his blue eyes. He grabbed her arm firmly and pulled her toward the couch.
“I will just get those pajamas down and check for myself then, young lady!”
“Nooooo! You can’t just pull my pants down whenever you want!”
Paige leaned back with all her weight, feeling like an animal being trapped. With her wrist firmly in Christian’s grip, there was a moment where the two struggled and Paige held her ground. But Christian stood over 6 feet tall and at 180 lbs, the struggle was quickly over. He pulled Paige to the couch, sat down, and jerked her face down over his lap.
“Oh god, please don’t Christian!”
Christian held both of Paige’s wrists high behind her back with one hand, and with his free hand, he took ahold of Paige’s pajamas and maneuvered them down with a couple of yanks, over her hips. Paige felt the warm air inside her pajamas escape, and her bare bottom fully exposed. With her hands pinned and her face in the couch, there was nothing she could do but cringe.
“Well well Paige, it seems your panties have gone missing. How could you have been so forgetful?” Christian admired Paige’s vulnerable and practically perfect ass. The tan on her muscular thighs became lighter where her shorts line started, and then lighter still where the sun rarely shone on her swelling bottom. The paleness of her slim cheeks contrasted with the furry dark brown pubic hair peeking from between her legs.
“Well, what do you have to say for yourself, young lady?”
“I’m sorry! Please let me go!”
“Paige, you are obviously not sorry enough. You lied to me! If you had told me you weren’t wearing panties, I would have sent you to your room and made you put them on, and maybe have given you a scolding. Instead you lied over and over. So now you’re getting a good spanking! And since you don’t like to wear panties, you can be spanked on your bare bottom!”
A spanking!?. She hadn’t considered this might happen until now. Paige reflexively struggled trying to get her hands free, and kicking her ankles up futilely.
“Noooo! Please, my Mom wouldn’t spank me for this!”
Christian held Paige down easily.
SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP. Christian landed five pounding spanks on Paige’s virgin ass.
“You bet she would, bad girl!” SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP
“owwwww!!!” The sting was sudden and so painful.
“Put your hands down your front, NOW! I don’t want to have to hold you. Go on, right under your tummy so you can’t move them.” Christian released Paige’s wrists.
Paige did as she was told, and shoved her hands down the front of her pj’s, between her legs, on top of her ample pubic hair. She grasped her sex and tried to cover her vagina with her fingers, so he could not see it from behind. Her chin touching the couch and her bottom and privates exposed, Paige felt those familiar spanking feelings: humiliation and fear of the pain.
“OWWW, NO!!”
Christian kept spanking harder and harder with his right hand, while holding Paige’s long brown hair firmly with his left. She struggled and kicked, but Christian kept finding his soft and defenseless target. Paiges’ white bottom had red hand prints all over.
“You WILL–” SLAP! “Wear panties–” SLAP! Under your pajamas! SLAP SLAP SLAP.
“You WILL–” SLAP! “Stop going around like a slut!!” SMACK SMACK SMACK
“Owwww, I know I know, I won’t, I mean I will wear them! Paige yelped.
SLAP. Christian bellowed: “And, you will NEVER–” WHACK WHACK “Lie to me again!” SLAP SLAP.
“Oh nooo. I won’t I won’t, I swear!!”
The spanking went on for three minutes more of nonstop slaps. Paige started to cry after about 10 spanks, and her bottom turned a dark shade of red after 50. By one hundred hand spanks, Christian thought Paige had learned her lesson. She was sobbing and limp, and her bottom looked painfully red.
“Are you going to wear your underwear in this house, young lady?”
Paige mumbled a yes between sobs.
“Are you ever going to lie to me again, Paige Bentsen?
“Noooo, I won’t”
“What happens to bad girls who don’t wear their panties in my house like they’re told?”
“They get spanked.”
“Exactly. I think you’ve learned your lesson. Hopefully, we won’t ever have to do this again. Now stand up and pull up your pants.”
Paige slid off of Christian’s lap, fell to her knees on the floor and stood up, careful to turn her back so he could not see her privates. Sniffling and red eyed, she pulled up her pajamas over her sore red bottom, and waited for Christian to tell her to go to bed.
“One last thing before you go to sleep, young lady. Go fetch your Jockeys, two pairs, and bring them down here.”
“Two pairs?” she asked, puzzled.
“Yes! Go on!”
Paige went to her underwear drawer, wondering what was next. This was too humiliating to believe. But she had no way out. She selected two clean pairs of white bikini’s from her drawer, and took them downstairs.
Christian remained on the couch, arms folded.
“Down with the pajama bottoms Paige.”
“Are you going to spank me some more? Plea
se, no, don’t.”
“No young lady, your spanking is done. Just get them down.”
Paige blushed and unsnapped her pajama bottom
s, letting them fall to her ankles. Then she stepped out of them and stood naked below the waist. She tried to cover her big trimmed triangle of brown pubic hair, to no avail. Christian had obviously seen everything.
“Ok. Put on one pair of your panties.”
Paige slid them up her thighs, and bowed her legs quickly to get the white briefs over her hips and snugly covering her pussy as fast as possible. She looked expectantly at Christian.
“The other pair on top.”
“Like over these ones?”
“YES. Now, do it Paige.”
Feeling silly, Paige pulled on the other bikini briefs.
“But why do I have to put on two?”
“Paige, this is to remind you that you broke a rule and that you lied about it. Tonight and tomorrow morning I want you to wear two pairs of panties, so you never forget to wear them like a proper young lady. Is that clear?”
“Oh, okay. So like, its making up for when I didn’t put them on, kinda.”
“Exactly. Now get to bed.”
Paige fumbled with her pajama bottoms and pulled them over her two pairs of underwear. She tramped upstairs, her face still wet from the crying. She got into bed and tried to sleep on her stomach. Her bottom burned terribly underneath her panties, which were none too comfortable on her stinging skin. After a while though, the heat seemed to make its way from her bottom to her sex. She thought of her punishment, the sound of Christian’s hard palm landing on her bare bottom, and all the girly pleading she had done. Her pussy seemed to loosen, and then flood with wetness and pleasure. She couldn’t help moving her hand down inside her double underwear to rub and knead her slick sex. The pleasure came in waves, and Paige began to moan, surprised at how she was reacting to such a harsh punishment.

At that moment, Christian knocked on her door. She pulled her wet fingers out from her underwear and pretended to be roused from sleep.
“Paige, are you asleep”
“Kinda, I am just falling asleep.”
“I just came to say goodnight.”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Good night Paigey.”
“Good night. Oh, and Christian?
“I am sorry I lied to you. You were right to spank me.”
“Ok, all is forgiven now Paige. See you tomorrow.”
Christian shut the door and Paige became drowsy. Her bottom was still burning and painful to touch, but a sense of contentment and safety washed over her at the thought of her punishment. She had meant what she said.

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  1. kittyvamp

    liked your story and would like to read more please :)

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    I loved both of your stories you seriously need to write more.

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  3. Phantom

    I think it was mainly the sensuality of it. It was basically the fact that you were able to go so far without them acctually having sex was asonishing and alot more of a turn on. You are a very good writer and I hope to be reading more of your stuff very soon.

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  4. Please make the part 2 asap

    Please make the part 2 asap
    Please make the part 2 asap
    Please make the part 2 asap

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